How football boots are made?

What materials are used in creation of sports footwear? Read the article and you’ll learn all secrets of production of popular football boots.

Most likely, any fan of soccer was interested of football boots – how are they made. This knowledge is necessary not only for satisfaction of own interest, but also to make a right choice in favor of some sneakers in shop.

How Nike football boots are made?

Nike GS or Green Speed is football footwear of new generation. Nike GS is the fastest, easiest and most technological boots, which Nike ever made. The unique synthetic material Kanga-Lite of which the top is made, provides an ideal contact with ball. Especially located thorns allow distributing loading so that boots sensitively reacted to each movement of a player.

During creation of GS, the processed materials were used to make Nike GS harmless for environment. Let’s learn where and how this sports footwear was created. First of all, what football boots are made of?

football boots – how are they made

In any footwear, material of surface is one of the most important components. Good elements are responsible for comfort and protection from influences of environment. Leather is processed by special structure for resistance from friction and water. Then skin is placed under special freights to be pressed and become softer.

Then processed leather is sent to other shop where workers do preparations for assembly of footwear of it. First of all, it is put in special machine, which settings allow to receive models of necessary sizes without special hard work. However, it is very difficult to do some details of footwear by means of machine. For this purpose, preparations go to employees of fabric. There they eliminate defects on the details processed by machines and also create small elements of footwear.

How Nike football boots are made

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Details are an integral part of any clothes and boots. Usually they are printed in special department. Contrary to popular belief that all decorative details of sneakers are made manually, they are often produced by means of printers. If they are made by the worker, then such detail is put by means of cliché. Usually manual skills are applied when drawing details from silk. Further sneakers are sewed, using leg clichés. The ready footwear is placed in boxes.

what football boots are made of

How Adidas football boots are made?

Unlike their competitors, sneakers of Adidas are made manually almost completely. At first workers cut pieces of skin by means of special clichés. Then they prepare a form from material similar to rubber, on which they attach or sew patterns on special machine. After that, the turned-out boots are dried. Upon termination of drying, they attach a sole with thorns to them. At the end of process, employees of factory put various fine details, insert insoles, and at last pack and send boots to the shops.


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