How hair extensions are made?

What hair extensions are made of and where do they get the hair? Is it taken from humans or animals? Learn the facts now.

How hair extensions are made

Beauty is something that cannot be evaluated. Although there are some general criteria of it, espoused by everyone. The woman is considered to be beautiful if she has a smooth skin, deep eyes, a shiny smile… and beautiful hair. But what if her hair does not look too thick and gorgeous? It is not a problem indeed. All she needs is time to choose hair extensions and money to buy them. And as more and more women start to use this way to become prettier, some of them begin to think: how hair extensions are made?

Hair extensions: beauty that can be bought and sold

Many Nigerian ladies are unable to grow long natural hair. It breaks off and remains short regardless of the treatment and care you give it. In this case, you may use hair extensions. But before you do you better find out how these are made.

hair extensions are made

1. When somebody dies, their hair is cut off and sold

Well, it is one of those scaring versions that stay in memory for years. But in real life, all is much less horrible. When the one tries to suppose where do hair extensions come from, they start thinking things up. They cannot believe that someone readily cuts the hair, even for money, even for lots of money. And if no one does, how can we buy all those extensions to make hair thick? It means that the collectors deal with people who cannot object to getting their hair cut off; maybe even the dead ones.

It is an interesting version, but there isn’t any confirmed data on it. Furthermore, it is easier to work legally with women that want to change the hairstyle or get money than to set corpses at naught.

2. Hair from Brasilia. The most popular among the women

Dark-colored, coarse and dense, Brazilian hair extensions are the best to make the hair thick and add volume. So they are highly-prized by women.

 hair extensions

3. Hair from India. Market and religion

India is a very particular hair provider. Every year thousands of Indian people – men, women, and children,– cut their hair to thank the Heaven or to ask it for something important. They sacrifice their hair to gods and leave it at the temples. After the hair is cut off, it is collected and sold into other countries. What is more interesting, these Indians even do not know what happens with it after the cut. At the mean time, local priests make tons of money on such “donations” as they sell the hair for over 700 US dollars per pound!

It is not the only way to collect hair in India. Also, there exist hair fabrics. Women sign a contract and just look at their hair, grow it, take it clear. Instead, companies provide them with some money and sometimes even food – to know that they get all they need for life.

4. Chinese. Fake or quality?

China is a great world exporter of appliances, clothing, and hair. It provides all the world with things of best quality and forgeries. Chinese hair, even of good quality, has a lower price than Brazilian, so inventive Chinese started to take synthetic and fallen hair and fake it selling as Brazilian hair extensions. Such extensions do not have a good look; as if the hair is fallen – it is already dead.The fallen hair has lots of silicone on it and foul smell, too.


5. Hair from the Eastern Europe

Hair collectors from Russia and Ukraine say that it is a rarity when people really want to cut their hair to get money. But they haven’t another choice. It is just an opportunity to survive.

6. Synthetic hair. No women were harmed in making these extensions

If you do not want to use natural hair or its price is too high for you, the synthetic extensions will serve you well. Of course, the human hair may be utilized more various, and its look is better, but synthetic hair is also useful if you apply it accurately or with the help of professionals.

 hair extensions 2016

7. Animal hair

Some extensions look very natural, but they are not made out of the human hair. One of the animals that donate such hair is Yaki. These live high up in the mountains. They are ox-like beasts. Due to the extremely cold climate, they grow long and nice looking locks. They highly resemble human hair, and that’s why Yak hair is often used for extensions. At this, the animals do not suffer any inconveniences. 

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long hair

Some people are opposing of using extensions, as the price that is paid to the girls that cut it is much lower than a market price. Also, not everyone wants to part with their hair: often the reason of cutting is just poverty when women are ready to do anything to survive. It is not the only mind; others say that if women agree to sell their hair, there is nothing bad and, by the way, it is not the worse way to get money.

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