How Olajumoke Orisaguna become the most beautiful model in Nigeria 2016?

Fairy tales still happen even in our days. Learn how the bread seller girl has become a model in NIgeria.

Millions of girls in Nigeria dream of becoming a model. They think it’s a shortcut to fame, riches and glory. That might be true, but only few of them become able to fulfill their dream and enter modeling business or get on the runways. The story of Olajumoke Orisaguna is so different. All she was after is little money to sustain her family and kids. Yet, divine intervention and open heart and eyes TY Bello performed a miracle!

 Olajumoke Orisaguna most beautiful model

Olajumoke Orisaguna story

This woman is 27 years old and she’s got two kids and a husband. She used to live in Osun state and was doing hair styles for other women, even for those, who want to be a model in Nigeria. Most likely she never even dreamed of how to become a model, neither has she contacted any model agency Nigeria.

Olajumoke Orisaguna story

And yet… here she is – the new model star of the country! Surely, model jobs in Nigeria are scarce. Many beautiful girls come up with model kits and do everything they can to get on the runway or in front of camera.

 Olajumoke Orisaguna TY Bello performed

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This girl was just carrying some bread to make her living. She moved to Lagos and found a job at the bakery. That is where she has met her destiny. By a change she walked into one of TY Bello’s sciences. TY Bello photography is one of the best in Nigeria. This talented singer and performer is also an excellent photographer.

TY Bello performed a miracle!

The shots were made and later on TY Bello noticed how beautiful the girl was. She found her and offered to take more shots. Jumoke Orisagunaagreed and… the miracle happened. It’s like that modern version of Cinderella fairytale. From hard work and dust of the streets the bread seller got on the magazine cover.

TY Bello photography

Amazing but Jumoke hardly speaks any English. She is like that nugget of gold found in the dust and mud. She’s got her 14 months old daughter on hand. She has gone through a transformation, has been groomed and well-tended. But that is only a setting for this precious stone of Nigeria. A true queen of beauty!

We should enjoy TY Bello songs, but we also own her gratitude for discovering this jewel of Nigeria and share her beauty with all of us on Instagram and Internet.  

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Answered 1 year ago.

This girl I would have given 16 years more, despite her appearance. I also believe in miracles and fairy tales as a child. I believe that dreams come true. This girl is worth the best. I'm glad for her that her desire to become a failed model. And her husband was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. I think this is a happy family. Let kids know that their fellow mom. They are certainly proud of it. It's not every day a simple bread sold the office can be a model. Photographer master of his craft, if simple girl once saw a future model.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hi all who read this quite an interesting topic! Life and Work model is pretty heavy thing! When we sit at computers monitor or TV, it seems that these girls are all models, everything is great! But in reality all they are people like us! And they do not go in order to become famous, so we can admire them on the TV monitors! Saturated work schedules, low-calorie diet, exercise, displays, demonstrations, training - all career of tiny, slim and beautiful girls - models! Therefore, we should not envy their glory, but simply admire their beauty!

Answered 2 years ago.
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