How to be well groomed man?

Wish to be popular and successful in dating? Find out how to look well groomed and desired.

Want to look fashionable? Eager to be adored by women? Then you must work on yourself! We will help with our best tips for male grooming. With the help of them, you'll become handsome and sexy. No girl will resist!

How to be well groomed man

How to look well-groomed man

If you consider it concerns only women, you are wrong. Forget about stereotypes. Modern males should take care of themselves as well. You possibly know, men fashion keeps developing. This is not coincidence. Let’s observe things, which are essential in men grooming:

  1.  well groomed manClothes. All well-dressed men always attract people’s attention. It does not necessarily mean that your outfit must be expensive. It should be clean, ironed, and correspond to the place you are in (work, theatre, concert, restaurant etc.). Go shopping and find something that fits you. Remember, even if you aren't very slender, the right attire might help to look wonderful and cover the defects.
  2. Skin care. It's vital for everyone. You should not only wash face, but also use special lotions and creams to make your skin soft and to avoid harmful impact of external factors (like strong and cold wind or sunlight). It is better to use sunscreen as well.
  3. Hair. It is extremely essential part of style. Good grooming always requires your hair to be accurately cut and brushed. You must keep it clean as well, of course. Apply special shampoos to get rid of dandruff and other problems.
  4. How to be groomed manHygiene. It's vital to keep it. Wash and scrub your face (at least twice during the day), brush and floss teeth, take a shower, and shave. Nowadays many people say that it is also necessary to manscape.
  5. Nails. Do not forget about them (both on arms and legs). Keep nails clean and cut them when necessary. Besides, it is important to get rid of dead skin on your feet. You can do it by means of pumice stone.

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These are essential things, which every male must always consider in his appearance. Take care of visual look and do not forget about details.

Men's fashion do's and don'ts

It is important not only to keep to the listed rules, but also to know about essential tips that can make you even more attractive. There are things that you should not do as well. Let’s consider them first:

  • Bad habits.Bad habits. When you, for example, smoke, it might spoil the whole look. It not only has bad effect on health, but affects hair, teeth, and clothes. You will smell of tobacco, your teeth with get yellow, and so on. Your voice will be unpleasant.
  • Avoid flossing. Remember that brushing isn't enough. Thus, you clean only the front parts. However, flossing might help to eliminate some food particles and to get rid of offensive breath.
  • Rear haircuts.Rear haircuts. You mustn’t miss visits to your barber. Your hear must be always all right.
  • Miss shower. It's advisable to have it first in the morning and last before going to sleep. Men usually sweat a lot, so it is necessary.

Avoid the things listed above and you'll always be neat and clean. And now let’s look at some more men’s fashion tips, which may add to your groomed look:

  • groomed manFind signature scent. It is not required to have plenty of bottles, which you apply randomly. Try to select one or two scents, which will complete the whole look. They might be different in various seasons. For instance, herby, spicy or woody scents are good for winter, while lighter, citrusy ones work during spring and summer.
  • Use electronic toothbrush. They are more effective, because they are able to do all work for you. They can reduce 10% more plaque than manual ones and have good effect on gums.
  •  how to shave properly.Learn how to shave properly. It is essential to prepare your skin before the procedure using oil or gel. It's advisable to soak the razor in warm water to let your pores expand. Besides, it allows to avoid irritation and redness.
  • Fight with dark circles. They might make you older as well as puffiness. That’s why it may be useful to apply eye roll.
  • nigerian man magazineTake care of brows. If they are just bushy, it is okay. But in the case, if they meet in the middle – it is already a problem. Thus, it is possible to ask your barber to tidy your brows up, or just pluck them yourself.
  • Read special magazines. You can find useful advice in them. Moreover, you can find out more about men’s fashion 2016. And it is vital if you want to have a trendy and stylish look. They also give some tips concerning your health.

Nowadays it's important to be a well-groomed man. It can help in relations not only with women, but also with other people. When you look untidy you can even lose the job or not to get it. That’s why try to follow our rules and apply useful tips. It might be a bit difficult first, but then, you will get accustomed to it. Remember that being neat and tidy does not require great amounts of money. All you need's to devote some time to yourself and take care of visual look.


By the way, yes, totally agree with the fact that women primarily attracts the look of men. This includes the way he dressed, tastefully chosen clothes there if everything neat, well, of course, estimated the approximate cost. Yes, women are) also in a man, I pay attention to shoes, whether it is clean, and of course in the hands and nails, in general - a manicure. That's the first impression of a man and what it represents. But this is only the cover, and to find the person you need to talk to him. It was after this person makes a choice, that is, whether to continue the communication and acquaintance in general.

Answered 1 year ago.

Although most people think that only women just have to look great, to do all the necessary things - haircuts, masks, look after their nails, be constantly on different diets to loose and not to gain weight and so on, to my mind, this all should men do also. Every person have to look after himself and to pay an attenion at his appearance. There are no ugly people, there are lazy people! Every women want so see her men looking good - to have a nice hair, to shave, to have a nice teeth, to have a clean nails and clean clothes. Also, I know that lots of women pay a big attention at shoes the men wearing - whether they are clean and nice. So, a nice appearance should have both - men and women.

Answered 2 years ago.

There is a misconception that care should only a woman. But it is not. This also applies to men. If a man wants to be popular among women, he must also take care of themselves. He should dress stylishly, always good to have clean shoes. Also, people should follow the hair to make it neat. You also need to exercise and have a good physical shape. You also need to look after their teeth had a good smile. I like when men of good smells. It is also an important point. Nice view will help improve relations not only with women but also with others.

Answered 2 years ago.

it is necessary to monitor the purity of his body, often bathe, shave, exercise, which is also useful for health and make the body beautiful and sexy. you need to choose for themselves a pleasant scent, to follow the breath, because when you see a beautiful person but I feel an unpleasant odor from him, immediately lost any interest to continue further communication. It's all basic things that you should try not to neglect, and to observe systematically, not to be lazy. all this can be achieved at home without spending a lot of money.

Answered 2 years ago.
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