How to create your own fashion look?

How to create your own style? How to look unique? Read our advice about making a perfect image.

Everyone is looking for an opportunity to be unique and to stand out in the crowd. Creating a fashion look, which will be in harmony with your inner state, is just what each of us needs. However, this task is not that easy. You should understand the basics of style and learn the steps, which will allow you to reach your purpose.

fashion look

Fashion looks basics

There are things, which make up the style. You should know the following issues:
•    Clothes. What you are wearing is important. You cannot just take and put on the first thing you see. Everything in your wardrobe must correspond to the chosen style.

fashion looks

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•    Makeup. How your face looks like is another essential thing, as unappropriated colors and unnatural appearance will spoil the entire look.
•    Accessories. They are always required. Moreover, they should be carefully selected and match the clothes.
•    Footwear. If you are wearing an evening dress, you cannot choose boots or running shoes. So, pay attention to the style and occasion.

Types of styles

Everyone will be able to define their fashion looks for less than a minute, if they know the most common ones. Consider them:
1.    Vintage. It is mostly appropriate for 25-30-year-old people. However, it has recently become popular among the younger generation as well. This style reflects the fashion of the past, creating a kind of romantic look.                                                                                                                                                                                                               fashion new look,
2.    Punk. There used to be so-called anti-fashion or torn fashion, which soon became punk. It creates an aggressive and sexy look.
3.    Casual. It includes plain outfit, denoting relaxation. It is appropriate as everyday style. Such clothes mean seriousness, superiority and youthfulness.
4.    Elegant. Compared to the previous style, this one is completely opposite. It offers formal dresses and costumes, such as long gowns and black ties. It also shows status of a person.fashion looks for less
5.    Gothic. It is usually dark and mysterious style. Makeup is, as a rule, too excessive and full of black/dark blue colors.
These are the most well known styles. Every person may also wear girlish or boyish, military or romantic. 

How to create fashion new look?

 If you want to change your appearance and your image in the eyes of other people, you can try to make your own new look. We offer the key steps, which can help you in it:
•    Identification of the style. This is the first and the most important stage. It should suit you. Make sure you are really able to follow it. If you want, you can mix several styles in your look, but they still must match. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can create an ideal image for yourself.
•    Shopping. Find out, what clothes and accessories you might need. Then find the shops, where you can buy all those things. Before starting, consider your budget. You should do it, because expenses may be quite high. Write a list of the first necessities and go. It is better to take a friend with you to give an advice from the side.
•    Dressing. When you have all you need, put it on! Nevertheless, there can be a difficulty here. You must know how to combine those things together in order to make them look perfectly. Spend some time trying various combinations of clothes and accessories.
•    Feeling of confidence. Feel proud and empowered, wearing the selected style. The key thing is that you should like it yourself. Stay self-confident and you will look even greater!
Hope, you will be able to choose the fashion style you prefer. Follow our tips and create an outstanding image!

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