How to do braids out?

How to achieve an awesome braid out on natural hair? That is not as difficult as you might think. Keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know about it.

how to do braids out

Getting perfect braid out effect is not an easy trick. However, it is also no a rocket science, so let’s learn how to do this together.

Start with getting all the proper materials you will need. To begin, take shea butter for natural hair. It should be creamy and specialized for conditioning curly and wavy hair. Also get some coconut oil. It should better be the pure extra virgin. It will serve as the natural energy source.  As a styler gel, you can take Argan oil by Eco Styler Professional. It should be compatible with your hair type. So, be careful when picking it.

Take a spray bottle with water, castor oil, and peppermint oil in it and spray it nicely all over your hair. Moisturize your hair with it. The extra effect this combination of oils brings is that hair after using this becomes very soft and easy to manage. And that is what you need to be able to braid your hair.

Bear in mind that you will work in small sections. So, take a quarter size amount of hair lotion and apply it to your hair. Right after this take a little bit of coconut oil to apply on top of your hair to keep the moisture in. Finally, take some eco styler gel to give your hair after the braids some hold.

how to do outside braids

Then proceed to braiding your hair down and use a hair tie if needed. Usually, ladies have at least twelve to twenty braids when preparing for the braid out. It is all very dependable of the thickness of one’s hair and its length. It might take ages to braid long hair in thin braids, so sometimes women opt to make thicker braids to save some time and effort.

You can also roll all the braids and secure them at the top. This way you will add more curls after your braid everything out. However, this part is optional.

Then take some eco style gel to lay down the edges and prevent any baby hairs on your forehead. Meanwhile, you can also take a hat or a scarf to wrap around your head. Most women sleep with them on to make sure no braids got all fluffy or unbraided in the sleep.

In the morning, take some nurturing sweet almond oil with vitamin E and out it on your braids to make them nice and shiny. Then take down each braid. You will be astonished by the result, as these braids usually look amazing.

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Thanks to the combination of the products used when braiding the hair, it gets very soft. Then, of course, you will need to separate your hair into three to four sections to create the volume.

Now your hair is done. Bear in mind that often results will depend on the hair type you have, so it might not be as it looks in the picture. But no matter what, it will still look gorgeous. So, go for it and enjoy beautiful hair after you moisturize it and add volume to it.

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