How to do flexi rods on natural hair?

What is the secret of gorgeous flexi rods celebrities have all the time? How do they achieve such a perfect effect? How can you do these curls on natural hair? Learn more here!

how to do flexi rods on natural hair

Flexi rods are getting very popular these days considering that they create a stunning look and make you stand out of the crowd. However, the art of making them can seem to be a tricky business.

How can you make beautiful flexi rods on dry natural hair? Or also what if your hair is straight, is it possible to make them there too? We have answers here.

Start with washing your hair very carefully. Use enough shampoo to wash the oil off your hair. Detangle your hair and use some conditioner to style it.

Here is how you can make heatless spiral curls. You need to use these curls products: blueberry bliss, curl soufflé, and goddess curl. Then take flexi rods of several colors to mark different areas of your head.

flexi rods on natural black hair

Then prepare a bottle of water with spray instruments, a comb or a brush, and clips. So, now as your hair is nicely washed, you should proceed to dividing the hair into several parts to make it easier to deal with.

Put some curl soufflé on your hair. It is rather creamy and can moisturize your hair apart from doing its part in creating nice flexi rods. Once you complete putting it on each of the sections of hair, take the Goddess curls as a styler. It is jelly, so take just a little bit of it for each part of your hair. It will make your hair shine and hold the curls without the flaking effect.

Once you put sufficient amount of soufflé on your hair, proceed to the actual hair wrapping process. Take each part of the hair and wrap it around the biggest flexi rods you have. Wrap them into a spiral formation, and then bend the ends of the flexi rods to secure it.

flexi rods on straight natural hair

Use a little bit of curl styler on each hair section you are wrapping around the flexi rods to smooth your hair and avoid flaking. Remember that you should not take too much of hair for each flexi rod and make them all even for a better look.

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While wrapping your hair around make sure to smooth it out to have a beautiful spiral curl at the end. This is a perfect way of creating a stunning image without having to use heat or any other things that can damage your hair structure.

Apart from that, one should also use some soufflé to put on the ends of curls, as extra weight and it will prevent the ends from going all fluffy and out of place.

Another important thing to remember about the hairstyles with flexi rods is that hair that is being wrapped up around it must be very smooth. One can use fingers, or special combs to do it. No matter what you choose, make sure your hair is smooth to create a perfect hairstyle.

On average ladies have around fifty to seventy rods by the end of the procedure. This is how many flexi rods you need to prepare before you start creating your style. And also, this is how you should separate the hair into sections to create a beautiful effect.

flexi rods on wet natural hair

Once all the hair is wrapped around, you need to sit under the dryer for around two hours until they are all done. The next thing to do is to unwrap the hair. Roll the flexi rods in the opposite direction. Do not get disappointed once you unwrap the flexi rods, as there won’t be much volume. To get the volume, you will have to divide each curl into three or four sections. This is what you have to do to create a better impression.

Do that until you achieve the look you wanted to have. After this take some bliss control paste to lay down all the edges and avoid having any baby hairs on your forehead.

Then proceed to fluff and teasing your hair with a comb. Do this until your hair gets an impression of a big balloon-like shape (if that is what you want, of course). Also remember to shake your head. Don’t worry for the curls: hey will stay thanks to all the cosmetics we used to style them. So, your hairstyle is done.

The estimated duration of creating this hairstyle is around three hours. So, probably you will not do it every da. However, it is perfect for some special occasions, as it makes you look stunning and outstanding. We hope you enjoyed this tip. Let us know what you think and what hairstyles you pick for special occasions. Remember that these flexi rods work on dry hair and do no harm to it. If you have natural straight hair, these flexi rods will work too, but you will probably need more time with the drier. Know you know the principle of work of flexi rods on natural hair, so go for it and try it out yourself.

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