How to do perfect eyebrows?

Do you know five easiest steps to make perfect eyebrows? In this article, you will learn how to make perfect eyebrows with the minimal effort and maximum effect. Check it out!

how to do eyebrowsThe first thing that people notice when meeting you for the first time is your eyes and your eyebrows, as they are very close to the eyes. You just cannot afford to look less than perfect and flawless if you want to make the greatest first impression on someone. Therefore, you need to take good care of your eyebrows.

To do that, you should either go to a salon and ask a professional to either wax them for your or thread or try to do it yourself at home. It is not as hard as it might seem to be at first, though it might take more time to get the shape done at first.

We will not discuss how to decide on the best shape of the eyebrows for your face; you should research about that first. However, as soon as you know what shape is perfect for you, here are few steps you should follow to do perfect eyebrows.

how to do perfect eyebrows

First of all, start with measuring. Remember that you need to find the perfect starting and ending point for your eyebrows. As long as you know where it should start and end, it is more likely to be flawless. The inner brow is supposed to start as follows: you need to take an eyebrow pencil. Make a line to connect the corner of your eye and a tip of your nose. The point where the pencil overlaps your brow is the place where your eyebrow is supposed to begin. This applies to both eyes.

Next, you need to find where the eyebrow arch should peak. This arch peak is one of the most important things about your eyebrows. Therefore, take your time to find the place where it rises. To find the location where the eyebrow arch peaks you need to take the same eyebrow pencil and put it in a way that it will connect the outer edge of your nostril and the outer edge of your iris. During this procedure, you need to look emotionless into the mirror being as calm as possible. This is important for you to keep the focus. As soon as you find a place where the pencil crosses your eyebrow, mark this point somehow, as it will be considered the place where your eyebrow arch will peak.

The third step for you is to find a perfect place for your eyebrows to end. In a famous tutorial on how to make perfect eyebrows, the specialist recommended doing the measurements carefully, as both the beginning and the end of your eyebrows are important. The eyebrows can either emphasize your eyes r make them look poorly, so try your best to make them look stunning.

perfect eyebrows

To find where your eyebrows have to end, you should do the following: take a pencil you used before, and make an imaginary line with me between the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Your eyebrow should end in the place where a pencil touches the outer eyebrow. Make sure to mark that place and move on to the next step.

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Right now is the time for you to find out how thick you want your eyebrows to be. This decision is absolutely up to you. You can make a decision based on the way you feel about certain thickness and the way you think you look. However, make sure to take into account the size of your eyes when choosing the thickness of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows should be thinner than your eyes’ size. It is so because the thick eyebrows can overshadow small eyes.

eyebrows tutorial

Moreover, you will never make a mistake if you choose to make an eyebrow as thick as your upper lip. This way your whole look will be completed and balanced. Also, consider the style that is on trend right now.

To make your eyebrows look perfect and flawless, follow these steps. First of all, you should brush your eyebrows up with  the special eyebrow brush. This is usually done to find the hairs that have to be “fixed.” Draw a line around the eyebrows that you consider perfect for you, and then tweeze the hairs that do not get into the line. The specialists recommend first tweezing the areas closest to one’s nose, then proceed to the field of the inner brow, later on, the arch area, and finally in the outer brow. You may find it difficult to make the eyebrows match, and it definitely takes the time to make them match. However, the beauty needs sacrifice, so consider your time and effort as a sacrifice in the name of perfect eyebrows.

eyebrows brush

Finally, you can fill in the gaps in you eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Some people also use eyebrow el to fixate the result; however, this is absolutely up to you.

Now you know how to do your eyebrows and make them look flawless. Save this tutorial to apply to your eyebrows. And remember that beauty will save the world!

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