How to draw an eyebrow?

Why women change the shape of eyebrows? How can we make a beautiful shape of the eyebrows? How to draw an eyebrow? How to draw eyebrows with pencil? How to draw eyebrows with eyeshadow? Read below

draw an eyebrow

Fashion is not always constant. Time changes it fundamentally. Make-up is not exception. Last times the girls had thin, elegant eyebrows. Then the women carried away the brow arches in the shape of a house, which curved, giving the face an expression of surprise and distraction. Later, the natural form of the framing of a female eye came into vogue. Hair is not plucked, and only mild correction achieved the correct thickness. Today, in a fashion appear innovative directions of framing a female eye. Every morning woman looks at her reflection in a mirror and think what shape of eyebrows she can draw, make them look stylish and fashionable.

Why women change the shape of eyebrows

This ornament at a woman's face is very important. Every woman knows that changing eyebrow shape we can change the expression on the face.  Raised up, they completely change the appearance. For example, for a woman who has a large features, the best option will be the wide arc of the brow. If a woman has such a dense form of the brow arch, it would seem that her face is constantly frowning. If the cheerful, kind girl has a thick, wide brows, her sparkling eyes completely invisible. To make the look more open, eyebrow correction is needed. But for the most competent doing of this, we need training and knowledge of the rules that make women's jewelry face the correct form. Not every woman has the a beautiful arc shape of the brow from the nature. Therefore, the fairer half of humanity used different methods for their transformation.


How can we make a beautiful shape of the eyebrows

The most affordable way - use the services of experts in the beauty salon. There you can get professional help in changing their appearance. But you can do it at home by yourself. Epilation can help you to get rid of unwanted hair and make beautiful the brow arch. Using tongs  you will achieve the desired shape of your frame for the eyes. Plucking of excess hair can be and should be. The space between the brow arches must be clean, without hair. After that draw them by yourself. Plucking the hair - it's not a very pleasant thing. Therefore, we must first make the skin softer, that there will be no pain. Hot water treatments will help you relax facial skin.

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What can not we do, caring for eyebrows arcs? Hair in that area can not be cut out and shave. Because it can accelerate their growth and even change direction. Can start the formation of vortices, protruding hairs.

Draw beautiful eyebrows

  1. Determine the eyes landing. This can be done by measuring the width of each eye, and the distance between them. They find wide-set when the width therebetween greater than the width of the eye. They may be close together or have a normal distance therebetween.
  2. Visually divide the brow arch into three zones: where it originates, its peak (bending), the end (tail).
  3. Find the beginning of the brow arch. From the extreme point at the wing of the nose in minds draw a straight line perpendicular upwards.
  4. Find the peak of the arc. Mentally hold a straight line from the center of the chin through the pupil of the eye.
  5. Locate the point end of the arc. To do this, mentally draw a straight line from the nose edge of the wing through the outer corner of the eye.


How to draw an eyebrow

How to transform the face:

  1. Eyebrow located too close visually increase a woman's age and lengthen her nose.
  2. In close-set eyes tint tail of the brow arch darker than the main part.
  3. When the eyes planted widely you need to paint the tail of eyebrows  a lighter color.
  4. A round face looks good with raised eyebrows, having a break. Must be wide beginning and rather thin tail. It is important that the arc shape is not repeated round shape of the face.
  5. Women with oval face shape is recommended to have a straight, slightly rounded the brow arch. No need to make them too high. Eyebrows look better if they are thinner than the natural width. The facial expression looks too angry if the brow arc straight and wide.
  6. For the square face will suit almost raised upward curved arc over the eyes. But they should not be too thin.
  7. For a woman with a triangular face are recommended slightly raised the brow arch with a smooth, uniform bend. You need to be careful. Too sharp a bend arc will give a person constantly sad look.
  8. Women who have extended type of person who would look good with a curved edge in a straight line.

the shape of eyebrows

Draw eyebrows with pencil

  1. Use only well sharpened pencil.
  2. Choose the color close to your natural color.
  3. Pencil marks shall are placed in the direction of hair growth and shaded by the brush.
  4. Makeup artists recommend  to draw eyebrow arch by pencil only in the case of rare hairs.

Draw eyebrows with eyeshadow

  1. With the using of the shadows, they are more beautiful and expressive.
  2. Wide the brow arch made out by shadows, not pencil. Last gives them a rough appearance.
  3. For this more suitable are matt shade.
  4. On the eyebrows should not be too thick layer of makeup.
  5. Brush eyebrows hair. Apply makeup with strokes  by thin brush, point it at the end. Draw strokes should be from the nose to the temporal part of the head, in the direction of hair growth.


Using these techniques, you can update your face, drawing a gorgeous eyebrows. Now you know that you can draw beautiful eyebrows by yourself. Before you will draw a beautiful line, you need to learn the rules of registration of this important attribute of a female eye. You can make eyebrows by cosmetic pencil or shadows. Drawn brow arch should approach to your face.  To choose the right brow shape, review your photos. If a woman properly drawn an eyebrows, she will looks more youthful and attractive.

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