How to flat iron black hair by yourself?

Many women who have curly hair sometimes dream about having straight hair.

If you are ready to change your appearance and make your hair unrecognizable, you have a significant quantity of different methods from which to choose. You can use a silicone straightener, blow-drying or a flat iron to straighten your curls. You can also flat your hair with the chemical straighteners in a case if you want permanent smooth styling.As you see, there are a lot of ways to flat your hair. Read this article to answer how to straight hair with flat iron.

black hair

Are your hair are curly and unruly?  These cute curls are sticking out at the different sides. Are you dream about straight and luxurious tresses, but the usual remedies do not help you to flatten them? Hot dryer, spray hair tools, and even brushing can not assist you in? Flipping through fashion magazines and browsing websites where women with perfectly straight hair advertise something, can cause in you just envy? You think that nothing can`t help you, but it isn`t the truth! Try to use special flat to iron hair. Through this article, you will learn the basic methods with which your hair will gain a new, beautiful view, resorting only to the use of flat irons.


  1. The look of your hair often depends on a quality of the tool you use. If you are going to buy it, pay attention to the surface, the protection and overall usability design. The most popular material for the flat iron is considered to be ceramics. What is more, devices with an additional coating are a bit more expensive, but, for example, silver ions will make the hair more smooth and shiny.
  2. Another important condition is the length of the plates. The choice of the length depends on hair type: for long and coarse hair use the flat iron with plates of 5-7cm, mild and short — 2.5 cm.
  3. Finally, the third condition: the flat iron should be with the thermostat, i.e. the flat iron must be possible to adjust the degree of heating of the plates.
  4. It is desirable that the flat iron had more devices that facilitate the process of installation: power cord, 360 degrees rotating, and auto-disconnect mode, fixing of the plates in a closed form, heat-resistant bag.

flat iron

Remember: when you often use a flat iron, it`s vital to use a remedy of protection for your hair. As you know, high temperature has a negative influence on your hair. It damages it and sometimes can lead to split hair. Therefore, using protection plays a meaningful role here.

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How to choose thermal protection for hair?

Despite the material you wish, to avoid overheating is quite difficult. Therefore, thermal protection for hair is a critical part of any styling, especially straightening by irons. They are divided:

  • Rinse off thermal protection

Thermal protection can be included in your shampoo, balm or conditioner.  You can protect your hair from overheating with vitamins E and B5. Also, protein and green tea extract can help your hair. If your cosmetics consist of such nutrients, it shouldn't use additional tools.

  • Lean on thermal protection 

This category includes various creams, mousses, foams, and sprays. Usually, the packaging of a device indicates whether it has a protective effect when or not.

thermal protection for hair

How to strengthen curly hair?

The curlier your hair is, the longer it will have to straight up each strand of hair. Accordingly, you will need a stronger tool, like a mask or nourishing serum. For smooth hair, you can use a light spray.
When all the necessary items bought, you can start to make your styling. You have to go step by step, to simplify your task and get the desired result.

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Step-by-step instructions how to straighten hair with a flat iron

  • Carefully wash your hair with shampoo, then apply a mask genuinely for treatment with protection. By the way, if you have dandruff, you should use essential tools during washing to avoid it. 
  • With a hair dryer or brushing dry your hair. The second device should be applied in cases when your significantly twisted in the curls but you dream of a genuinely straight hair.
  • It`s important to note, you can use a flat iron only when your hair is completely dry. Otherwise, you may harm your tresses.
  • It`s more comfortable to start straightening from the nape, dividing the hair into several strands. To facilitate the process, you can use the clip for easy selection of layers. Try to take thinner strands; it is a more efficient effect on the iron flattening. Try to move the iron from root to tips.
  • Having finished with the back of the head, remove all clips and go to the top of the head. During such process, you shouldn`t stay too long in one place, because the temperature of the flat iron will be enough to straighten the strands through a couple of minutes. Of course, it depends on the quality and possible settings of a flat iron.
  • When all the hair is straightened, you have to comb, style and apply a hairspray on them.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron without damaging them

Even when using all the advanced tools, sooner or later, the use of a flat iron will have an adverse impact on your hair. The tips of hair are determined when finding split hairs, go to your hairdresser and safely dispose of them. Do not feel sorry – this hair only detracts from the appearance of the styling.

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Expert advice for safe hair straightening

  • If the primary goal of styling is not only to make hair smooth but also add volume, you should only straighten hair and curls at the top. You can see them. Strands that are inside the hairstyle must not touch. Additionally, at the end of styling add a bit of mousse or any other remedy for volume. In the result inside the raw strands of hair will create visible volume and treated above – the effect of smoothness and gloss.
  • The rule which every girl have to keep in mind: you can straighten hair with a flat iron no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • You should not heat your flat iron to the maximum, hoping that the specified temperature is not harmful to the locks. In fact, to change the degree of heating should depending on what part of the hair straightens.

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All of these simple rules and pieces of advises of experienced professionals will help every girl to properly care for hair and protect them from overheating and other negative influences. The result of this care will be beautiful, healthy curls!


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