How to grow a beard in four weeks?

Do you desire to boost up your manhood? Then you should definitely grow a beard. Here you find some guidance how to do that!

grow a beard

Do you desire to look more masculine and illuminate your baby face for some time? It`s a nice time that you have decided to grow a beard. You may be quite dizzy as you are venturing into a quite new territory of hair grooming. Nevertheless, just little guidance would be enough for you to grow a fantastic beard that would allow you to look handsome and more masculine. No matter which style of beard you are thinking right now.  The first thing you would need to know is in this four weeks’ guidance system. Just follow the instructions and everything will be fine.

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Set goals

Set goals

Unfortunately, the mastering of the beard is not an easy task and requires some efforts. Growing the beard depends on from several factors. Usually, it means genetics, health, age and individual features of growing hair. Nevertheless, several major factors contribute you beard growing. You would require getting enough sleep. You should sleep at least eight hours per day. Moreover, avoid stress as it provides hair loss. You are required to eat a protein rich diet. It also requires eating food rich in zinc and other metals as it helps to grow the hair. You would need to drink at least four liters of water for continuance support of hair development.

First week

When the first hair appears on you, face you may feel a little bit itchy. That`s fine cause in next several days you will feel the things get itchy as hell. Do not fall into the temptation to destroy your magnificent beard. You are a man, be patient about this thing. You can apply moistures if the itchiness is insufferable.

Second week

You are on the right way. You have suffered one week of itchiness to get a beard for you. Now you have entered the second stage. Keep resisting to shave or tide the beard. On this stage, you may witness the week points of beard growing. You can also add moistures and apply it to the skin of your face. Remember that your beard requires minerals, like E, B6, and C.

Third week

It`s the half way from the required fully scaled beard. Just keep working on it and keep resisting the temptations of shaving. In this stage, you might have already learnt how to coexist with itchiness. It`s a good sign as now you have almost fully grown a beard. If you wish, you can cut some edges and patches, but do not destroy your beard.

Fourth week

The hard work that you have done in previous three weeks can be finally paid off. On this week, you may continue to help your beard grow. You may also witness, that there is no more itchiness. Your facial skin has fully adapted to a beard. You can start shaving some edges, patches and start work with a trimmer. You may choose from several options, like:

The professional. It`s a neat beard style. It`s perfect for men who desire to save some elegance in style.

The professional

The Lumberjack. It represents a strong and a little bit unruly beard style. It shows your manhood.


The Dude. Be relaxed and always with the trend. This style of beard can show girls that you are a cool guy who knows how to relax.

The Dude

There are whole other options for your beard. Be creative with your facial hair.

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