How to grow long hair – 5 best recommendations for Nigerian ladies

Long hair is beautiful. You can grow it, if you know a number of secrets and tips. Get them now and look your best.

Today women have the liberty to cut off their hair and make short haircuts. In the past they were bereft of such a liberty. Still may wish to know how to grow long hair as an attribute of their womanly beauty and uniqueness.
How to grow long hair

How to grow long natural hair:

  1. Best diet

    long hair 2Groceries abounding in omega 3 fatty acids are terrific for your locks and its fast growth. One of the best sources of this nutrient is salmon (or any red) fish. You may also get them from eggs, which is better, as this food is more affordable. Another key element needed for healthy and quickly growing hair is Vitamin C.

    You may get it from oranges, of course. However, did you know that yellow sweet pepper is five times more saturated with Vitamin C than the oranges? You can make pepper salads or cook them and make your hair grow faster.

    Sweet potato is another key hair growth food. It is rich in beta carotene and other great nutrients that abet your hair in growth. Avocado and almost are also on our list. Eating them will help you make your hair denser and glossier.
  2. Best topicals

    long hairThere are many foods in your home you can use as topicals to fuel the hair growth. One of such foods is eggs. You can use just the yokes for this purpose. Just break the eggs and separate the yokes. Apply them to your dry hair and rub into the head skin.

    Leave on for 5 mins and wash off with warm water. No need to use shampoo after such hair mask. The yokes shampoo your hair and nurture it, stimulating its growth.

    Another DIY topical is banana. It is rich in vitamins, such as C, A and E. Plus, it contains potassium. Here is how you use it for your hair. Mesh one banana, smear it over your hair and rub it into the head skin. Give yourself a quick head massage. Wrap a plastic bag around your hair and leave on for 45 minutes. Then wash off and shampoo the hair.
  3. Best massages

    Doing scalp massage is a good idea for hair growth. You may start from your brow and go all the way down to the nape. You may also use some essential oil or coconut oil for this type of massage. Apply it to your fingers and gently massage into the scalp. Go in round motions, massage your ears, too. Go all the way down to the neck and on the head sides. Rub your neck, too. Keep on doing so for 20 mins and then shampoo your hair or leave the essential oil on for the night.

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  4. Best washing 

    long hair Nigerian ladiesHow to have long hair? Give it some special care, such as proper and good washing. The first question is: how often to wash the hair. Daily bathing of it is not a good thing. It can actually dry up the scalp skin and damage your hair, especially if you are using readymade shampoos with no conditioner.

    You should determine an optimal routine for washing it: once in 3 days or even once a week, if your hair does not turn oily before that. The hotter water you use to wash hair, the more sebum the skin would produce.

    So, colder is better than hotter. Plus, you may use contrast temperature water for washing. Use warm water when washing off the shampoo and then rinse off with cold water to tone up the scalp skin. You may also resort to various DIY shampoos to grow longer hair. One good remedy is rye bread. Just use the soft part of it to apply to wet hair and rub in a bit. Then keep on for 10 minutes and wash off. It would make your hair extra soft and nice to touch and stimulate its growth.
  5. Best haircuts

    How to grow long hair 1Should you cut your hair to make it grow longer?

    A good question! In some cultures people believe that cutting off the ends of hair may promote its growth. In reality it has nothing to do with it, but there are many profits of regular trimming.
    One of them is getting rid of dead and split hair ends.

    If you do not cut them off regularly, that split can go up the hair shaft and damage it. Thus, later on you would have two choices: either to walk around with bad looking long hair or to cut it off.

    So, once a month you should tidy up the ends of the hair to keep it healthy and good looking.

These recommendations would help you to have gorgeous hair, even if you wear it short. It would be shiny and smooth and just amazing.
Nigerian ladies 2

Here is a list of the loveliest Nigerian celebrities with gorgeous long hair:

  • Tiva Savage
  • Genevieve Nnaji
  • TY Bello
  • Chimanda Adichie
  • Toke Makinwa

Some of these ladies are models, others are actresses and singers. Some of them wear straight long hair, while others prefer natural style curly long hair. They all look just astonishing and their hair contributes to their gorgeous looks. Of course, it takes lots of grooming and hair care, but you can do it at home with affordable DIY remedies and tricks. Just love yourself enough to take good care of yourself, give yourself some time and eat well. 


Many girls and women trying to grow long hair, get one very grave error: they fail to get a haircut. How can you grow long hair if you keep cutting them? Very simple! The fact that cutting hair always need regardless, grow you hair or want to go with short hair.

If you have long hair, the ends are split almost always, if them in time not to shear off and not care for them. Lubrication of the head, which is produced naturally lubricates the hair, smoothing down their scales, and if the hair is too long, it is not enough for the entire length. As the hair are in constant motion and interaction with each other, rasstraivatsya scales, the hairs start to split in two, the cross section rises higher.

Answered 1 year ago.

The women with a long hair have always been attractive. Men always prefer when their women wear a long and nice hair. But sometimes its very hard to look after such hair and most of woman have their hair cut. Ofcourse you should take a good care for your hair. In my childhood my mother washed my hair at first with the shampoo and then with the fresh and mixed egg. It helps a lot when you want your hair to be strong and shinning and to glitter and also to grow very fast. Take care of your beauty.

Answered 2 years ago.

In order for hair grew fast and the hair was sturdy, you need to first observe a proper diet, endowed with vitamins. And all the hair mask is a secondary means. There is an effective mask with a warming effect on the basis of red pepper, is very good. Also useful massage scalp with salt. You need to take 2 tablespoons of regular table salt, add olive oil and this mixture to RUB salt into the scalp. So the skin is cleaned from dirt and hair will be easier to grow.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hair reflect inner psychological and emotional state. Stress, emotions, constant nervous tension leads hair lose healthy shine, become brittle and begin fall. Therefore, you have treat nerves, balance diet and nutrition, pay attention to presence in food of vitamins and minerals. In addition, required number of cosmetic and special procedures. Only healthy hair can be beautiful, so we must take care of good condition of scalp. Dry hair dryer is very convenient, but abuse this method - is unwise. Try give hair dry yourself.

Answered 2 years ago.

These women are truly beautiful and their hair is so beautiful and gorgeous. I envy them so much. it is actually very difficult to grow a long hair but it is 100 % worth all the efforts. I found this unique article extremely interesting and actually fascinating. I have been longing for long hair since the day i realized how beautiful it is. Just gorgeous one may say. So Hope that after following all the advices i will be able to grow hair that will be that beautiful. I hope that these pieces of advices will prove to work

Answered 2 years ago.

The foods of phytogenous are another helper for the good height of hair.Also I use oils A, Е and В6.The best of all to use them in a complex, both inwardly and to do the massage of head with them.

Answered 2 years ago.
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