How to look younger: 10 tips for women from Nigeria

Youth is fashionable and in high demand. Learn how to preserve it and look younger at any age of your life.

Young look is always fashionable and trendy. Many women wish to know how to look younger using various things: makeup, clothes, skin care cosmetics, hairstyles, etc. In fact Nigeria women spend a fortune on their monthly makeup shopping. So, let us get some usable ideas for women from Nigeria on how to get a fresher look.
How to look younger

  1. Do proper skin care

    Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is like a mirror – it reflects the health and age of a person. Skin is essential for beauty and young look. The best thing about a young female is her fresh and shining skin.

    Skin care has to provide your skin with three essential steps: cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing. Living in Africa you get exposed much to the sun and wind. Such environmental factors may get your skin aged early. It needs a lot of moisturizing to look younger.

    You may use ready-made cosmetics for this purpose or the things you have right in your kitchen. For instance, goat milk applied to clean skin would keep it moist, nourished and fresh looking.
  2. Do masks

    look younger
    This is a part of skin care, but there are certain skin masks that can give you an instant lifting effect. Wrinkles are the things that mar the young look of a female. Quick lifting can significantly improve one’s look.

    Here is one good example: use fresh curd and egg yoke for an instant lift mask. Mix these two ingredients (adding a bit of vegetable oil for dry skin) and apply to clean skin. Leave on for 20 mins and remove with lukewarm water. You’d get an instant effect and a young look of skin. 
  3. Take good care of your hair

    Your hair can make you look young or old. Young hair looks shiny and alive. When we age, our hair ages too. Plus, we get so many treatments, styling, hair dryer use and other stuff that makes hair look deem and old. It needs additional hair to look young.

    Do not overdo with washing your hair. Once a week is enough and sometimes is even more than enough. Use a hair conditioner every time you wash it. It prevents drying up and weary hair look. Plus, get a moisturizing shampoo to help your hair stay vibrant.
  4. Pick the right hairstyle
    women from Nigeria

    Today the choice of hairstyles is huge. Do not stick with something you used to wear for years. Get a new and more trendy style for your hair. You may even consider dying it. If you have a longer hair do not hesitate and style it in some fancy way. It would help you looking younger than your age.

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  5. Use contour for your face

    Proper face contouring is crucial for a younger look. This is an answer to how to look younger. You should use two or three shades of the pallet to do that.

    You should use a lighter shade to contour the parts of the face that stand out: nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. The high parts should stand out, so you should use the darker shade around the standing out parts of the face.

    You can also place little dubs of light shade in the corners of the eyes, lips and around the nostrils. They would make face look younger and more shining.
  6. Get the right kind of bra
     younger women
    Lifted up breasts can make you younger and more appetizing.
    It’s not enough to follow the number or just to try something on.
    Visit a professional store at least for once and get a consultation of a pro fitter.
  7. Use bright accents in your outfits

    Sometimes women getting up in age tend to wear less color. Youth is vibrant that is why younger people pick fancier and more colorful dresses. Want to stay young? Dress young.

    Even if you wear something decent and conservative, you can throw in at least one bright accent: shoes, purse, necklace, flower pin, etc.
  8. Do not overdo with glitter
     look younger: 10 tips

    Yes, many women love glitter in lipsticks or on eyes shadows. But here is the trick: glitter on the aging skin makes it look even older. So, one has to use it very moderately, if using at all when creating a younger look.
  9. Eye brow shape

    The shape of the eyes can make you look older or younger. With age eye corners tend to drop and create more worn out look. Picking the right shape for the brows can fix it.

    The best option is to avoid curving it down, but rather make a slow upping line with hardly any curve at all.
  10. Take care of the décolletage area and hands
    10 tips for women

    The skin in these areas of body is gentle and ages fast. This means you need to take special extra care of it. It requires lots of moisturizing (at least twice a day). Plus, it needs to be protected from sun and other environmental impacts.

All these natural ways to look younger will help you enjoy the life and look your best at any age.

However, the key trick is to stay younger at your soul, because there is no cure for the aging of it. Young heart makes you vibrant and energetic and the rest ceases to matter. 


Start with your hair - first, should be abandoned too dark hair color, which is sure to add a few extra years. Try to choose to paint one or two shades lighter than usual. Also refresh the face. to look younger, there are several bright (but not gray and not white) strands.

Hair style is very important and the most visible part of our appearance. Well-chosen, appropriate to the occasion, it will emphasize the natural beauty of the face, hides minor flaws, and you will look years younger.

Short hair makes a woman younger. However, if you have long hair and you are not ready for such a radical change to your image, choose bangs. It can help to hide wrinkles on the forehead, accentuate the eyes, to divert attention from the lower circuits. Bangs can be of different length, thick, jagged, straight, asymmetrical - the options are endless. Also keep in mind that bangs are generally not suitable for owners of curly hair.

Answered 1 year ago.

Every woman wants to look good. Her dream is to look younger than it is. For skin can determine the age of the person, and even nicer when you do not give pedestrians more years than you really are. For twenty five years, not pay attention to their skin did not appear until the first signs of skin aging. Good tips on how to properly and effectively care for your skin is always good to have a youthful look. Repeatedly watching the street go by mother and daughter, mother and daughter that look great, female jealousy creeps. And I want to look like a decent man and that children proud of you. Now, thanks to the advice from the text I know how.

Answered 2 years ago.

To my mind, the main thing is the inner beauty and the self feeling. If the person is happy and cheerfull, he or she will have a glitter in the eyes, a nice appearance and a good look without any cosmetics at all. From the other hand, if the person is always tired, upset, has a bad mood, in such way not any cosmetics will help you. So the main thing is to find you inner source of energy and to be happy and cheerfull. And ofcourse to follow all these advices in order to look nice, beautiful and young.

Answered 2 years ago.

Our appearance depends on internal state. If you are cheerful, your eyes shine, you smile, then you definitely will look younger. So you need get rid of stress, enough sleep, lot of walking, drinking water. Pamper yourself, arrange surprises and gifts. Be sure enjoy workout, your body needs be strong and flexible. Take care of skin and hair. Less react external stimuli. Ignore situation, that you are not pleasant. Less nervous over nothing and get rid of negative emotions. Nervous tension quickly body ages.

Answered 2 years ago.

the age of the woman, as they say, gives her a skin of hands and neck. This is also an important area of the body which should be cared for. because apart from the face they are also open for public viewing. proper sleep also affects the external appearance. You need to eat right, sleep well, clean, and do face masks and also exercise for the whole body, as if face will look really young and ass hanging to the heels it will look ugly. Than before to take care of yourself, the more the skin and body will thank you.

Answered 2 years ago.
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