How to make a necklace using Ankara fabric?

DIY Ankara necklace. Full tutorial with photos! Get some Ankara fabric and start right now! Do not miss you chance to get beautiful and unique handmade accessorize!

Ankara fabric

Have you ever wanted to make a necklace yourself? Ankara fabric may be very useful for this purpose! What to start with?

So what is Ankara Fabric?

what is Ankara Fabric

This fabric is commonly known as ‘African Wax Prints’, ‘African Prints’, ‘Dutch Wax’ and ‘Holland Wax’ is a 100% cotton fabric with different interesting patterns.

It is as a rule colorful fabric and usually associated with Africa because of its similar to African patterns and motifs. It is very versatile cloth, so a lot of things can be made: earrings, hats, shoes, blazers, necklace and others.

In order to make Ankara more versatile cloth, the companies have recently decided to include Ankara prints on chiffon clothing, for example coats & socks.

ankara cloth

Ankara has become a new fashion stream, which originally came from the Lagos streets. After a few years as a national African fashion style become popular, Ankara became a real worldwide mainstream being seen on different catwalks throughout the fashion world. Also countless celebrities are spotted wearing beautiful Ankara designs as more and more people consider this new style as their choice for glamorous look. Nowadays, you can see Ankara on the streets and also in the fashion boutiques. This stunning fabric has already become very popular.

For those people, who still can’t get what Ankara really is, in general we can say that it is the word, which used to describe the colorful, bright printed cloth that is much inspired by African motives. For this reason Ankara style is often in different clothes and also on bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and even home decor.

ankara fabric fashion

Now that Ankara is ‘in line’, the perception ‘Ankara meaning’ has changed much. In the past, Ankara cloth was produced mainly in Africa, in order to manufacture the traditional costumes. Now, everyone is doing their own version of popular Ankara prints for different clothing or other special purposes. Nevertheless, cheap ‘knock-off’ Ankara pieces are not the same as the original ones of Ankara, which you can buy in African, from the local designers. Buying traditional Ankara cloth helps support the whole textile industry in Africa and also to support the labor market in general.

Why Is It So Important To Buy Authentic Ankara from Africa?

Ankara from Africa

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Since the introduction of Ankara prints in the popular culture of the 1980s, an increase in demand for authentic fabrics Ankara from Africa appeared. This greatly affected the economy of West Africa, as well as the Nigerian economy also for the better. Manufacturing Ankara cloth needs millions of African people employed. It has also created new opportunities for local designers to show their works at the international level.

Because of the growing popularity, Ankara prints appeared on the global fashion catwalk, the textile industry is developing very rapidly in certain areas of Africa. It means a lot for countries that has struggled economically and been fighting poverty for a lot of years.

african fashion

This is why we encourage all people to buy only authentic Ankara here in Africa, on the Ankara marketplace.

We also hope that Ankara will still make emerging designers to support Ankara cloth when creating fashionable clothes so that this new fashion trend may continue to have a positive impact on the whole African economy.

If you are willing to buy a real Ankara cloth to spruce up your look and participate in this new fashion stream, well, then you really need to check out the Ankcara marketplace and learn what real Ankara fabtiv designs look like. However, you may see some cheap Ankara pieces at your local market, but no of it meets the real thing, believe us!

Do It Yourself!

beautiful ankara cloth

Nigerian women love handmade. Ankara cloth is one of the best for that! Necklaces for women are very popular in Africa. But what about getting a necklace handmade right now? Grab all your energy and imagination and start!

Fabric necklaces are so very cute, super easy and fasr to make and also has versatile wear. It is very useful and unique project as the parts that you make up can be turned into any other jewelry pieces, for example earrings or rings.

List of tools you need:

tools for ankara necklace

~ scissors

~ measuring tape

~ ribbon in choice color

~ sewing needle

~ buttons or any other embellishments

~ thread, the same color as your fabric

~ fabric pen (optional)

~ 1/4 yard of fabric


1. Cut out a few circles different in sizes from Ankara fabric. In order to make it quickly, you can take some round thing (like a glass) in your house, put it on the cloth and trace it around with your fabric pen or if you are sure you have steady hands, you can cut it out without drawing freehand.

necklace tutorial

2. Cut out some circles, indeed, as many as you wish. We cut 5 ones in various sizes

necklace guide

3. Begin to fold and sew together the edges of the circle. Make sure to have the dull side of the cloth facing you.

how to do necklace

4. Sew all.

5. When you come back to your starting position, pull the thread out. This will make the cloth to create some folds along the edges. But be careful pulling the thread out, prevent breaks, do everything gently.

DIY necklace

6. Now you should get a cute pouch. Make a little knot to finish it.

7. Repeat the steps from 3 to 6 for all circles

necklace parts

8. This is the coolest part now! Here you should decide how you would like your final necklace to look like. You can put all of them side by side or stack some on each other and even create a few layers of a deep V design.

9. Sew on buttons or any other embellishments on a small hole, which was formed in the middle of the pouch.

10. Sew the places, where each pouch meets one other in your necklace.

11. Cut out 2 pieces of the same 9″ ribbon and sew them on the top edges of your new accessorize.

12. Wow! It’s ready! Try it on right now!

necklace using ankara

As you can see it’s very easy and quickly! And, of course, much cheaper than to buy from a popular African fashion designer! Such necklace is a great choice for your friend’s or relatives’ present. People say that handmade things have special positive energy. Do you want to check it up? Make yourself a necklace right now! Change your look!

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