How to make flirt eyeshadow?

Interested in taking care of yourself and making your appearance breathtaking? Read the article to get to know how to make flirt eyeshadow.

So beautiful

We must always remember that color has a great importance and influence on the human mind, and that a certain proportion of adventurism in your make-up should definitely be present. Also, you must always take into account the fact that the eye makeup should be in harmony with the color of your eyes, as well as the shape of the face, the violation of this harmony can lead to very disappointing results. Therefore, to ensure that your appearance is attractive, and make-up is professional, you should learn how to properly mix and match different colors, to complement each other. Also, do not be afraid to experiment in the eye make-up, always try a new color, new color combinations, especially well combined to go out and get to a certain event. Naturally, if new ideas don’t appear on their own, then it is better to use as an example the images that you can see.

Starting with the "naked eyes" (one of the styles of make-up «nude eyes») and ending with a liner under the lower eyelid for "smoky" eyes - the lack of trendy destinations for eye makeup, decent flirtatious winks, today may not be enough! Regardless of what you need - making flirt eyeshadow for the perfect glamorous lunch with girlfriends or seductive eyes for night exit - you can pick up a trend by which your eyes will shine, even if you were on the red carpet.

Eyes "Dolce Vita" (the sweet life)

Maybe you are not a queen, but you can achieve the same classic elegance as the queen so easily. Simple thick line of black eyeliner (all the same diverging fashion of the 60s) creates the romantic image, reminiscent of La Dolce Vita, with whom Madonna recently "blew" the red carpet. To consolidate and intensify the image, drop the pencil and replace it with gel eyeliner.

Everything revolves around the false eyelashes


 As it is said, sometimes we just have to simulate it. Even Kim Kardashian, who is praised by nature with natural long eyelashes regularly has false ones, in order to enhance the effect of flirt eyeshadow. Wearing them should be done in a strip of lashes or even applying them in several layers, so that there are no doubts about their expressiveness.

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Sparkling eyes

Next, place the real glamor and let everyone shine! This trend can be used for flirt eyeshadow makeup both day and night. Play with sparkling shades among tin, gold, silver and bronze, or look for the metallic blue or green metallic, in order to make your eyes more deeper. What's the best? Blinking from the shadows will always brighten your eyes, so that you will provide a more fresh and vigorous appearance.

A new step in the «smokey»

Applying «smokey eyes» trend your eyes will definitely smoulder like embers. Just do a little of update to this proven sensual trend, playing with not the most habitual for «smokey» seductive shades. And while Lea Michelle attracts us with dark blue «smokey», and Nicole Richie literally knocks down with her gray-brown version, Mila Kunis turns to the trend using plum / purple-dark image.

Clear, large and beautiful eyebrows

Great way to attract attention to your shining eyes is to create a beautiful frame for them. Megan Fox coped with the task perfectly - plucked her brows and created a bright image, which even the "Queen of the eyebrows" from the 80s Brooke Shields would be envious of.

Full guide

Less - is, as usual, new is longer

Do not hide your eyes behind tons of make-up. Sometimes the gaze is "naked eyes". All you need - a disguise in order to hide the blue under the eyes, neutral shade and your favorite mascara. Drag the trend from day to night, replacing lipstick with a pale pink to deep cherry red color.

Blue steel

Sometimes it is possible to get everything at once. Combine «smoky» trend with gleaming trend and the trend on bright colors. What do we get? Blue steel «smoky» style of Blake Lively, worthy of the red carpet. If you do not believe in this trend, start with small-scale experiments with budgetary shadows from the nearest supermarket.

Using a liner under the lower eyelid

One of the biggest up-to-date trends - lower eyeliner. Stars like Emma Stone, Rihanna, Jessica Szohr and Corrine Bailey Rae - all of them have adapted a liner under the lower eyelid in shades of blue, green and pink. For more modest ways to wear this image try a thin colored line under the eyelid. For a brighter application, of course, choose a thicker, but less clear line.

Although you are the boss in making lines from above, try to contrive to draw a line along the ciliary contour of the lower eyelid. Make the island "tails" as in the outer and in the inner corners of the eyes (this technique, by the way, will be particularly useful to those who want to visually make the eyes more and more wide). However, do not leave the upper eyelid completely without make-up, otherwise the makeup will look incomplete. This version of "cat's eye" promises to be quite expressive and dramatic, so in the end it is necessary to tint your eyelashes with mascara. For fine lines, we recommend you to use a liquid black eyeliner.

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