How to make up?

7 tips on how to make up will help you to look your best at work or on the dates!

How to make up 2016

Every woman wants to be beautiful and draw the eye of people whom she likes. And make-up is a wonderful way highlighting to her natural beauty. Of course, there are some other things that will certainly make you looking pretty: enough of sleep, healthy balanced food, low level of stress and a good mood.

They are even more important than make-up as the last one can hardly help when you feel dead tired or depressed, especially if it is your normal state of mind and body. Although this article is not about selfcare in this context, remember about these things. Now we move on to the main matter: how to make up and to do it well?

How to make up - Beauty and cosmetics tips

1. Cosmetics. How to choose it?

Do not use cheap, low grade cosmetics. The only profit you get is money but disadvantages are too many to count. Cheap cosmetics damages you skin and looks unnatural. Sometimes you even look better without such a make-up than with it. Also, it often causes allergy and worsens your appearance so that in future you need to cure the appeared problems or use cosmetics all the time.

Pay attention to the type of cosmetics you want to buy. The base for a dry skin will not fit oily one and vice versa. Suitable cosmetics may solve the present problems and unsuitable will worsen them or cause new ones. Be careful with your choice as it will influence your now and in the future.

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2. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil

It is better to make up your eyes before using a base because eyeshadows crumble and you need to refresh base on your face to look accurate. If you go to work, for example, do not use too bright colors. “Usual” make-up should not be as bright as the night one. Night make-up looks nice in twilight, but it seems to be massy by day. It does not mean you cannot make your face-printing colorful but be careful and do not go over the top.

It depends on you what type of eyeliner to use – liquid or in the shape of pencil. Not every woman can use a liquid eyeliner nattily, so they use a pencil and it is not worse.

Except eye pencil there is eyebrow one. I t is used for correcting the shape of your brows and making them thicker. Remember about the golden mean: do not make your brows thin like a thread or wider than the Niger river.

How to make up

3. Base

Base is not necessary for the make-up. Although it is useful if you want to even out skin tone. Choose your base thoroughly: remember about the type of your skin (oiled, normal, dry) and its color. To find out your skin type, ask a cosmetologist to help you.

4. Powder

Base itself disappears in a short time. To extend the period of its evening up effects on the skin and to make the skin velvety, give it a natural look, use the powder. Your powder (the same as with base) should correspond with your skin color. If it is too light or too dark, your face will look odd. In case you use inappropriate powder color for some aim, use it also for your neck and ear buds, it will look more natural.

Bleaching tools. Warning!

5. Blusher

Using blusher makes your cheek-bones awesome and adds the glow of health. Everything you need to know about how to make up with blusher is: use it no more than enough.

6. Lipstick

When making up, do not just walk the line. Some women use bright lipstick and it looks amazing. And some do not use it at all or use just a gloss, because they do not need a lipstick at all as it would be superfluous. All depends on your appearance. Look by yourself – what make-up is the best for you?

Bleaching tools

7. Bleaching tools. Warning!

Many women with dark skin use bleaching to impress people. They think, it makes them prettier. But bleaching tools are so harmful that they often get scars, cancer and other essential problems with skin. Even worse is that these women do not become prettier as a dark skin is also amazing and bleaching is just a movement, movement too injurious to be called a fashion.

Appreciate yourself and be happy – happiness is the main root of beauty. Do not allow commercials and society to dictate how you should look. But be attentive when thinking how to make up today, and cosmetics will become one of your best friends.

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