How to make your lipstick last longer?

Do you have a favorite lipstick but it doesn’t stay on your lips for the whole day or not as long as you would want it to? Here are a few tips that will make your lipstick last on your lips longer.

long lasting lipstick

It is almost impossible to look gorgeous when your lipstick does not last. You need to pay too much attention to it, but since your lips are constant o the move, you will lose the color all the time. Every time you go for a coffee with friends or drink tea at work, or kiss your beloved ones on the cheek, your lipstick will disappear. Unfortunately, that is why the girls have to carry a lipstick with them all the time and go to the bathroom every thirty minutes. That is so annoying, is not it?

However, there is an answer to all these sufferings. You can make your lipstick last longer by following these easy steps every time you want to put your lipstick on. Just save these steps and use them for your benefit. So, let’s start. To make the lipstick last all day, you need to start with exfoliating your lips’ surface. For that, some people use an mild old toothbrush. Try to peel anything staying on the surface of your lips to make your lipstick last. Make sure to give enough time to preparing your lips for outing make-up on, otherwise; it will be more difficult to make it last.

long lasting lipsticks

After exfoliating the lips with your toothbrush, you need to use something to soften your lips’ surface. That is why you can take some lip balm or cream and out it on your lips. Leave it there for some time to let it get absorbed, and then use a cotton ball to take off the rest of the balm before applying makeup. If you leave some of this lip balm on your lips, the lipstick will not stick and stay, and you will have to put it on again and again as always.

These two procedures might take up to ten minutes. That is why you might consider doing it in the evening before going to bed. Even so, in the morning right after you wake, take a cotton ball and make sure to get rid of the remnants of the balm on your lips. Take it off carefully to prevent lipstick’s sliding off your lips.

The next thing you should do to make your lipstick last all day is keeping your lips clean. If you eat in the morning, you can apply some cotton balls to get rid of the oil that might have left on your lips after breakfast. This same rule goes for all kinds of liquids that can stand in a way of making the lipstick last longer. In case you did exfoliate them and pout some balm on, make sure also to clean your lips with warm water afterward just in case something is left there. This way the lipstick will apply very smoothly.

lipstick that last all day

Some ladies also use lip liner to make their lipstick last. The lip liner can be of any color that matches your lipstick shade, or it can as well be transparent. The lip liner should be put on the outside line of your lips and in most cases is used to underline the natural shape of your lips as well as sometimes to make them look bigger. Nevertheless, those girls that do not suffer from the dry lips can also use lip liner as a pre-lipstick measure. They can get out it on their lips to serve as an undercoat for the lipstick. This way the makeup for the lips will look smooth and attractive.

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Specialists also recommend wearing a layer of a lipstick primer if you want to get an effect of a long-lasting lipstick. This primer is usually colorless and is used to fill in all the clefts and uneven surface on your lips. However, make sure not to put on too much of it, as шt will make your lips look huge and artificial. The lipstick primer is waxy and is used to keep the lipstick on your lips. It might not be easy to find one in your local store, but take time, as a lipstick primer is your key to a long-lasting lipstick.

make lipstick last

It might sound crazy, but the darker your lipstick shade is, the longer it will last on your lips. The specialists explain that this is true since the darker lipsticks contain a greater number of pigments in it; that is why it stays on your lips longer. The lighter the lipstick is, the easier it is for it to come off your lips.

Make sure to buy lipsticks of the brands you know are trustworthy. The cheaper your lipstick is, the less likely it is to contain natural components that are good for your lips and not otherwise. And also the more expensive lipsticks are more likely to last all day, as that is what the brands get their money for. So save some money and get a lipstick that will last instead of a cheap one that will finish up soon as you will have to use it more frequently.

The other secret for a long-lasting lipstick effect is in the lipstick brush. Remember not to use the lipstick right from the box or a tube. Put some lipstick on your hand, then take a brush and apply lipstick with small strokes on your lips. The short strokes will ensure that your lips are thoroughly brushed and covered with a sufficient layer of lipstick to last all day. Take your time and apply it carefully to stay within the edges and in between the lines of the lipstick liner.

make lipstick last longer

After the lipstick was applied, give it some time and add one more layer. Several layers are likely to stay there longer. The prominent specialists even recommend wearing two or three layers. After this use powder to make your lips look matte. You can use both a regular powder you apply to your face and a special powder for your lips. However, do not just cover your lips with powder. It is better to do this with a tissue to avoid uneven surface. Press the sponge with it against the facial tissue and even the surface up with a brush afterward.

As you see, there are ways that will make your lipstick last for as long as you want it. All you need to do for it is to apply these basic tips to your daily makeup routine. It will take some time until you get used to doing this every day. However, with time you will get your professional skills of doing all these procedures fast and careful at the same time.

And remember to use some ground rules to make your lipstick last longer in your day-to-day life. Among these rules are drinking with a straw instead of drinking from a cup which is not okay for your lipstick and eating with a fork even that kind of food that can be eaten with your hands. This way simple habits will help you prevent lipstick coming off from your lips. Be beautiful!

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