How to relax afro hair at home naturally?

What are the most efficient harmless ways to relax the afro hair at home? What do the specialists say about it? Here is what we managed to gather about this question so far.

Relax afro hair at home

Afro hair is beautiful and stylish in its own specific way. However, a lot of ladies are willing to relax it. The artificial and super expensive cosmetic is not for everyone. That is why we will present you ways of how to relax curly hair without applying any dangerous or harmful materials.

So. let’s start with the first way of doing it.

Relaxing Afro hair in a safe and harmless way

To relax afro hair at home, you will need to start with washing your hair till no oil is left. Then let it dry a little bit and apply enough virgin olive oil to the scalp. Don’t put too much of it, as it will be too difficult to wash it off.

Here is how the procedure is explained: “Divide each part of your hair until your entire scalp has been covered. Divide the hair into four sections, using hair clips or pins. After you divide it all up, the hair will look like a cross.”

relax afro hair at home naturally

Then proceed to relax one part. Take the relaxer and to the new growth with a relaxer brush without missing spots. Do not touch your skin on the scalp with these chemicals, as it might itch and burn. After all, they are chemicals, so beware of the possible consequences.

Do the same with each of the parts of your hair. Once you applied all the cream on the hair, make sure to take a comb and spread the relaxer throughout your hair without missing important parts. Do it gently not to damage your hair and read the instructions carefully to find out how long the relaxer has to stay on your hair. If you leave it there for too long, it can cause bright significant damage to your hair. So, keep that in mind when applying the chemicals to your hair.

Wash the cream off without leaving any of it on your hair. As the specialists say, after applying the relaxer, one should use the neutralizing shampoo. In between these two procedures, hair stylists also mention that one should add some protein conditioner on the hair before washing it with the shampoo in question. It is essential, as the relaxing process is likely to damage at some level the shaft structure. So, once you apply at least some of the relaxer, you need to take measures to restore the shaft structure.

After washing your hair, pat dry the excess water from the hair. Apply deep conditioner to all parts of the hair. Comb it through and let it sit for three to five minutes. Hot oil can also be of much help to you here.

Then do the same procedure you always do when washing your hair. No details or specific restrictions are added.

how to relax afro hair naturally

However, relaxing hair is one thing, but how can one make sure that it is healthy and thick after its structure was changed and influenced by the chemicals added? This is not an easy question.

Of course relaxing your afro hair at home or a beauty parlor means that you put too much pressure and discomfort on it. Once in contact with the chemicals, hair gets stress that it is not willing to experience. However, there are still ways to make it thicker and healthier than it now.

So, once you realized how to relax your hair at home naturally, let’s proceed to the ways of how to improve the health condition of the relaxed afro hair.

According to the “Black Hair” blog, “secret to having long relaxed hair is knowledge. It’s all about knowing how to care for your relaxed or permed hair for yourself and understanding your strands. Relaxed hair is processed with chemicals to make it straight or to smooth out the kinks in natural hair, once this is done a relaxed hair will require a different level of care than natural hair, it cannot be business as usual for your new hair. The problem is, persons with relaxed hair have no idea what to do with their new hair and so they lose it.”

However, the specialists state that having gorgeous hair after it was relaxed is possible with no problems at all. How is it possible? Here is what we know.

relaxed hair natural treatment

How to improve relaxed afro hair condition and general look?

Relaxed hair treatment in a few sentences

There are several things you should either stop or start doing to improve your hair’s condition. The first one on our list will be combing and brushing your hair less frequently. Frequent contact with a brush causes and stimulates breakage of the hair shaft. Therefore, avoiding combing it every now and then can save you much effort and help your hair grow and feel better.

The next thing you should keep in mind is that you should not relax your hair too often. The chemicals that are in the relaxers work in such a way that they change the structure of the previously curly hair. Thus, you end up having unnaturally for you straight hair.

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The hair specialists state that you should only relax your hair once every four months and not more than that. Otherwise, you will end up losing hair massively. This has already happened to other people. And out of their sad experience, they do not recommend having it relaxed more than that.

Another thing you can do is to choose a different relaxer. “If you have a bottle of liquid drain cleaner check the label. It contains hydroxide (sodium or calcium) which is magnificent for breaking down hair and other things; this is what is in most of your relaxers. If you overlap relaxers, the chemicals can break down hair faster than it should and cause severe hair loss. If you are switching relaxers, make sure that the base compound is the same.”

how to relax afro hair at home

Also, you should have a range of conditioners to help you improve the way your hair looks and feels. The blog we were referring to above says that it is a peculiarity of the dark hair that it has to be conditioned on the regular basis. Otherwise, it will not be moisturized enough. “It is the best product that could ever happen to our hair; we need it like grass needs water after a drought. However, not all conditioners were created equal; some have ingredients to coat the hair shaft, and others were designed to go deep into the hair shaft. Deep conditioners need heat to swell the hair shaft so that it can enter the hair and repair any nicks or scratches on the hair surface from within. On the other hand, regular conditioners coat the hair so that it is easy to handle and comb. They both serve a paramount function in hair growth and retention and should never be overlooked. It is better for you to condition your hair than to shampoo it.”

Finally, you should also opt for having masks all the times before shampooing or conditioning your hair. The masks will keep your hair moisture and happy. Among the masks you can do are:

  • Milk and honey mask – All need is to mix up a teaspoon of honey and a glass of milk then massage it into your hair all the way from the top down.
  • Coconut cream mask – This cream should also be massaged into your hair, then put a towel on your hair to warm it up and leave it all there for at least an hour.
  • Strawberry mask – Mix a cup of strawberries, a yolk of one egg, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Then apply it on your hair and leave it there for at least a quarter an hour.
     how to relax afro hair
  • Egg mask – Whisk several eggs and then apply to your hair. Leave it to absorb for twenty minutes.
  • Mayonnaise Mask – Take a quarter cup mayonnaise and mix it up with a few drops of essential oil and cover your hair with it from the top down. Leave it there for the quarter an hour.
  • Yogurt and vinegar mask – Take half a cup of yogurt some honey, and a spoon of vinegar and leave it on your hair for twenty minutes.

These are our best tips on how to keep your hair healthy even after artificial, and unnatural relaxer was used to make it straight and shiny. Take good care of your hair and enjoy the results.

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