How to wear black lipstick?

Want to be the most stylish lady? The black lipstick will help you, but you need to know how to use it! Read these six steps and learn how to look amazing with black lips.

rihanna black lips

Previously the black lipstick was mostly used by biker ladies, rock stars, Gothic folks, runway models and for Halloween. But this is all in the past because black lipstick became mainstream in the beauty industry.

On the one hand, dark lipstick can be fun and exciting, but on the other hand, it has a lot of hassles. It 's hard to apply, flaky, too much drying and not opaque enough.

beautiful black lips

The perfect black lipstick is very similar to a little black dress. It is stylish, universally flattering, but, like a little dress, one size does not fit all. So follow these six steps and get the perfect black lips!

1.    Take a special care of your black lips

Black lips require more care in comparison to others. You can apply a little black with a brush on your lips, then buff with a tissue till it looks like a stain and repeat it again. Also, you can use a black lip-liner to establish a canvas. Overall these tips will help your lipstick to stay longer. 

Take a special care of your black lips

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2.    Choose attire appropriately

If you don’t want to look as Halloween monster, take care of your clothes. Pink and neon go well with black lipstick as well as nudes.

Choose attire appropriately

3.    Choose quality and brand of the lipstick properly

It is important to find the right lipstick because there are matte versions which are different from the drug store waxy crayons. Also, there are different brands and qualities. So try everything and choose what you like.

Choose quality and brand of the lipstick properly

4.    Create perfect balance

To create a perfect look, you should keep everything classic and soft. Thus you need to choose your style, clothes and makeup properly so together it will look harmoniously. This way you will create a perfect balance.

Create perfect balance

5.    Keep your black lips the main focus of attention

Black lips is a very bright element on your face, so it should be the primary focus of attention. So keep the rest of the face in neutral tones.

main focus

6.    Have a smooth canvas

The dark lipstick will emphasize every corner of your mouth. You need to make your canvas smooth. There are few effective ways to do that.

For example, you can exfoliate your lips by using a gentle scrub, or you can replace it with sugar. It will help you to get rid of the dry skin. After that, you should moisturize lips with a lip balm or coconut oil.

Have a smooth canvas

 Watch the video below and learn how to apply a make up with a black lipstick!

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