Most beautiful face in Nigeria – 3 top men and women

What person in NIgeria has the most beautiful face? Find out now and compare.

What is the true Nigerian beauty, you will ask? The answer is hidden in one simple concept:  pride of the body is the key to success. It is common to consider curvy figure more sensual and attractive. The fattening tradition is also very popular, as the round lustrous body implies the woman’s desirability. However, the modern society dictates new rules, which more and more Nigerian ladies strive to follow. The list of most beautiful face in Nigeria – 3 top men and women proves this fact. The task to both preserve ethnic identity as well as cultural heritage and correspond contemporary beauty standards is rather complicateв, though it is indispensable for Nigerians to be socially accepted in different countries.

Most beautiful face in Nigeria

Being a well-developed nation with impressive culture and progressive showbiz Nigeria can boast of the success flocking modern trends. It is the second largest film maker in the world, with Nollywood and professional and attractive mostly dark skinned actors that popularize the movies and earn them worldwide fame.

The magnificent physique, exemplary behaviors and charisma are embodied in the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Priding such a diversity of attractive people, it’s rather difficult to judge who is more or less charming. Following the opinion of a great number of people, we have compiled the list of top 3 most beautiful women and men in Nigeria.

Successful person, alluring face: top 3 prettiest Nigerian women

  • Rebecca Arikpo Sekemi.  Actually, it is fair to mention this lady first, as she deserves the title of the most attractive face in Nigeria not only referring to our subjective opinion, but due to the common choice.  Rebecca was voted The Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria 2015, on the yearly competition taking place in different states.
    Rebecca Arikpo Sekemi
    This time Uyo Akwa Ibom State was honored to accept the beauty queen. Rebecca has not only fascinating natural beauty, but also great inner world. She is considered to be strong-willed, determined and self-confident. She comes from Benin, Cross River State and currently studies biochemistry in the University of Benin.
    Despite her young age she has a clear and distinct ambitions and life goals. Her biggest wish now is to overcome the gender inequality and she will use the crown to fight for Nigerian women attain their rights.  This stunning and magnetic girl proves that African ladies manage to combine inner and outer beauty.
    Rebecca Arikpo

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  • Genevieve Nnaji.  Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji is a contemporary, famous and prosperous actress, model and artist. The lady began her acting career when she was 8 and continued to work hard on the goal’s achievement. In 2005 she was awarded with the title of the Best Actress in a Leading Role by African Movie Academy Award. Besides, she was called one of the most beautiful women in Nigeria.  
    Genevieve Nnaji.
    Suring her career she has already starred at more than 50 monies, such as “Death Warrant” and “Stand by Me”.  Genevieve is the sample of beauty, success and talent among the Nigerian ladies and she inspires them to change and develop. 
    Pretty lady is considered to be the secret weapon of the Nollywood and a scree idol of the Nigerian movie industry. Chimebuka is a wonderful unity of the visage, charm and motivation, and of course, among top Nigerian ladies.
    Genevieve Nnaji 2016
  • Rita Dominic. Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha is an outstanding, well-known Nigerian actress, producer and one of the prettiest women of the country.  The lady comes from the royal kin, associated with Aboh Mbaise area.  Being the youngest child she lacked nothing in the childhood. She was brought up in the family of healthcare workers, a nurse and a doctor, so following her parents’ pace she had to become a physician.  However, the life changed the route of her life and she entered the relevant Nigerian Federal Government College. Finally, she received a degree in Theater Art.
    Rita Dominic
    Her acting career started during the school years. From the very childhood she had skills in this sphere, and with the help of fortune, she became a super star.  In 1998 the girl made a debut appearance in the movie “A time to kill”.  All her adult life is dedicated to the showbiz. In 2012 Rita was nominated the Nest Actress in a Leading Role by the African Movie Academy Award. Her collection hosts around 100 Nollywood films with her participation, the most popular being “Where Money Sleep”.  Nowadays, girls and women from all around the Africa strive to resemble Rita outwardly and inwardly and achieve success the way she did.
    Rita Dominic 2016

Male beauty: top 3 most handsome men in Nigeria

Comparing to the women, it is more exacting task to claim men to be either attractive or not. There are no even smallest hints that presuppose one is nice or not, that is why the list of the most beautiful men faces is highly subjective though to some extend show the public opinion.

  • D’banj.  Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is modern musician from Kaduna State. Daniel grew up in the family of military officer that is why when he was 11, he was admitted to the Nigerian Military School. All his education was connected with army, and finished studies in the Nigerian Navy Secondary School. In 1999 he entered University of Lagos to learn Mechanical Engineering.
    Apart from being cute, Daniel was always smart and intelligent. At the age of 14 he picked up the harmonica. Besides, he performs freely in three languages that include English, Yoruba and Pidgin English.
    His music career also serves an example for many people lost without an aim.Daniel worked hard and made a lot of efforts to achieve the popularity and fame he has nowadays. Among his most famous sinngles are “Socor”, “Tongolo”, “Run Down” ,  “Mobolowowon” etc.  He also possesses the number of titles and awards that include Artiste of the Year, Listeners Choice, Hip Hop World Revelation and many others. All in all, D’banj is one of the most popular, beautiful and beloved Nigerian men and the most stylish musician.
    D’banj 2016
  • Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr. is the native of Edo State. Famous actor and impressive, highly professional director is also nominated one of the most beautiful male faces in Nigera. Ramsey has a degree in mass communication that helped him develop the career. He knows and speaks 3 languages, such as English, Ibo and Yoruba.
    Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr
    The Figurine movie brought fim fame and boosted the Best Actor in a Leading Role Award. Starring at different romantic films, he was called “Lover-Boy”. However, this nickname probably concludes the common opinion about Ramsley as for one of the most handome Nigeriam men.
    Ramsey Tokunbo
  • Joseph Van Vicker. Famous ator is one of the most widely reconnized faces both in Nigeria and all Africa. His career started from the television and radio connected jobs, however, in a few years he changed the direction and moved to acting business.
    Joseph Van Vicker.
    Van has won numerous awards for his acting. He manages to receive numerous honors of the Best Male Actor in various years. His main achievement nowadays is the Van Vicker Foundation that aims at helping young people discover the talent.
    Joseph Van Vicker 2016

Nevertheless,Most beautiful face in Nigeria – 3 top men and women is a subjactive list, it gives a perfect opportnity to evaluate the lives of the prettiest people around Africa. Besides, they serve great exapmles to follow and achieve goals. 


It is always interesting to see the most beautiful people in one country or another. There is no doubt in my country, too, have a beautiful personality, which is known all over the world. Sometimes it seems to me that Nigerian girls and boys whose faces are represented by - especially beautiful because they stand out because of their appearance. To become so attractive, it is not sufficient to be so by nature. Beauty - this is a big job, and to be beautiful, we must always take care of yourself, go to beauty salons and gyms. Then the beauty will not be stored for one year. Dear girls, do not forget to look after themselves!

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