New Tattoo Removal Methods – 6 Best Methods for Nigeria

Life changes and the old tattoos may not be wanted on your body anymore. Find out how to get rid of them.

Tattoo culture is one of the most ancient ones. It appeared about 5 000 years ago. The meaning of tattoo has been changing. At the beginning of its way tattoo was just the symbol of the tribe or family. Nowadays many people, especially young ones, make tattoos just for fun. “Can tattoos be removed?” is one the most popular questions asked by users of forums and chats. The importance of tattoo art has decreased as well as the amount of cases when tattoos are made without proper thinking. That is why new tattoo removal methods are so popular among people of all ages. Some people want to get rid of the mistakes of the youth, the others just begin to dislike their tattoos.

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Tattoo removal methods

As soon as the level of demand has increased, the level of offer has done the same. Over a hundred years ago, the most common way of removing tattoos was cutting a piece of skin from body surface. Nowadays the methods are much more humane.

The most common methods nowadays

  1. Camouflage is a way of hiding anNew Tattoo Removal Methods Nigeria old tattoo by injection of new color, which is very similar to natural skin color. This method has a lot of pros and cons. The first advantage is the price. It costs the same as another tattoo because it is not a surgery method of removal. The main drawback is that this method is appropriate only for small tattoos. It is impossible to cover a huge painting.
  2. Skin excision is an old method. The biggest disadvantage is scars, which are left on the skin. Therefore, this way is not definitely the best one for the open skin surface.
  3. Cryosurgery is a very painful method. Cloth soaked with liquid nitrogen and put on the place with the tattoo. After some time, the skin gets deeply frozen. Then a big bubble appears on the tattoo and in a few days, it dries out and falls off. Under this bubble there will be a pink scar made of new skin. Then it becomes paler and less noticeable. The main drawbacks of this way are duration and painfulness.
  4.  Tattoo Removal – 6 Best Methods for NigeriaElectrocoagulation seems to be not a very modern method. It uses electricity to have effect on your tattoo. As in the cryo method, there are scars that start to become paler and after a while, they get almost unnoticeable. There are some possible risks related if the surgeon is not very experienced. They can leave some scars after burning. These are more difficult to get rid of.
  5. Dermabrasion is a way of tattoo removal with the help of diamond polishing technology. This procedure takes long time and demands a few visits. Its point is cutting off the skin layers one by one until the tattoo finally disappears. The main disadvantage is the danger of leaving scars on the skin, which are very difficult to get rid of.
  6. Laser tattoo removal is the most effective but also the most expensive method. Modern lasers can remove a tattoo during one visit by influencing different skin layers. This method rarely leaves any scars and its only drawback is the price.

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Pieces of advice

If you want to know how to remove tattoo you should be ready for a complicated procedure, whatever method you choose.

Medical Contraindications

  • skin diseases,
  • infections,
  • heart or vascular diseases,
  • cancer,
  • epilepsy,
  • pregnancy.

The worst methods

  1. Different gels, New Tattoo Removal Methods for Nigeriaincluding “Tattoo remover” gel. It is put under the skin using tattoo machine. Gel must remove the inks and make your skin clear. Actually it works as an acid and can leave a lot of scars with almost no removal effect.
  2. Incorrect lasers that are not appropriate for tattoo removal. There is only one laser that can remove tattoos. It is called neodymium laser. The other ones have too short or too long waves and cannot help to get rid of the pigment or can remove it with the skin and become a cause of a serious burn.
  3. Using different acids to clean the skin surface can also lead to unpredictable consequences. If you want to remove a tattoo, do not do it at home, even if the tattoo is very small and seems to be not very deep.
  4.  Tattoo Removal – 6 Best MethodsPutting a thin paint layer on a very dark or black tattoo can become a cause of a terrible tattoo look. After a while, the top paint layer will start losing its color and you will get a dirty spot of it under your skin.
  5. Cutting the piece of skin off. It is too ancient method and can make damage by different infections.

More tips

  • If there less than 48 hours passed after the tattoo had been made, you can simply wash off about 70-80% of all inks,
  • If a tattoo is on an opened skin space then there is another suitable method called skin transplantation. But it is apt only for small tattoos,
  • If the tattoo is thin (no more than 1 cm) then a piece of skin can be cut and the borders of a wound sewn.

How to prevent tattoo removal

New Tattoo Removal Methods 1When you feel that you want to make a new tattoo, never mind if it is the first or the next one, you should think if you really want it. The most popular tattoos for removal are ex-lovers names or tattoos made by inexperienced tattoo master. Such tattoos usually remind us of something or someone not very pleasant or the paintings just seem not very attractive.

Careful treatment of everything that is important and that will stay with you for the rest of your life is the best way to prevent tattoo removal.

Moreover, imagine all the consequences you can get after a tattoo removal procedure. Maybe the final result will be worse than the tattoo itself.

 Tattoo Removal Methods 2Anyway, if you decided to remove a tattoo or had already have the operation, than do not forget to take care of the damaged skin. Otherwise, you risk getting infections and the healing process will be longer than expected.

The most harmful and wild ways of tattoo removing are practiced in the jails. Pieces of tattooed skin are just removed by cutting off or made suppurating in order to provoke skin regeneration. The scars are often left on the ex-tattooed places. Such barbaric methods can be also used in the tribes where surgery is unavailable.

How not to be fooled

 Tattoo Removal Best MethodsThere are some specialists who use lasers for tattoo removal and who fool their clients. The method is very simple. After the first few visits, the client usually sees that the tattoo becomes much paler. It seems that there are no more than a couple of procedures left to get clean skin. However, the paler inks become, the less effect all the next visits have. So the tattoo needs more and more procedures to be completely removed. Many people continue these procedures believing that every next visit will be the last one. As a result, there is plenty of money wasted.

Tatt Tattoo Removal 1oo is a symbol, a mark on the skin made to emphasize something that is important for the owner. If you decide to make a tattoo, think twice. First of all, think of the place, where tattoo would be located. Imagine what would happen to it after five, ten, or twenty years. Would it be suitable to appear on public with such a tattoo?

Try to avoid making tattoos on your face or neck, as it is too opened surface. Besides, tattoos on such places can become a cause of a biased attitude. Sometimes tattoos can have bad influence, for instance, in the situations when you try to get a job or to make a good impression on someone more conservative.

In the nearest future, there will probably appear more effective, cheap and harmless new tattoo removal methods. But now the best method is the laser and it is the most expensive one. Treat your body carefully and do not make mistakes that would remind of themselves after a few years passed. 

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There is still a cryosurgical method in which the tattooed tissue frozen with liquid nitrogen. Skin subjected to this treatment, covered with a crust that peels off after a couple of weeks, and in its place remains the same scar.

Laser elimination of tattoos with the use of selective laser leaves virtually no trace behind. The laser beam acts selectively, it destroys the dye and does not damage the skin. The dye is sprayed on the fine particles that are in a position to withdraw the lymphatic system of the body. Of course, in the case of complex battle scenes or imprinted in tattoo historical events, it will take several procedures, but the process itself is without much pain. Regeneration occurs quite quickly and within a week, the client is ready for application to more great stories on their skin.

Answered 2 years ago.

Tattoo currently stopped wearing its responsible nature. Now people often get tattoos without thinking, and only after some time, they realize that they made what they now do not need. Today there are many ways of tattoo removal while none of them can be safe. Tattoo removal by medical laser is high-quality, but how safe is it for health will show only the years of practice. People have not yet invented a perfect method of tattoo removal because I think that here it is necessary to provide the ground for scientists and expect them to present breakthrough.

Answered 2 years ago.

I have several tattoos and I like this kind of body art very much. Unfortunately a lot of people do their first tattoo not by a specialist. I have a friend, who made a tatoo of rabbit on the leg. She made it at the age of 16 and the master who did it was not a good specialist at all. Now my friend is 32 and her rabbit doesn't look like a rabbit anymore... Friend says that it was a mistake and she is ashamed to show her tattoo. I really don't understand why not to draw something beautiful on top and cover this "piece of art" or not to remove it at all. Nowadays there are so much methods of removing tattoos and people have choice.

Answered 2 years ago.

Tattooing is a kind of drawing on the human body. Many people make a tattoo. As they come out of someone beautiful and pleasing to the eye not only owners but also passers-by who see them. But there are cases where the tattoo goes wide. And what should I do? Tattoos are not so easy to remove as apply to the skin. I think it is unfortunate if the man is notwant wear more tattoos you can try to get rid of it. The least painful it will Reshaping, selection and application over the existing tattoo of love that man. Thus combining two tattoos can get a good picture.

Answered 2 years ago.

To my mind tatoo is a real work of art. It is the mean of expressing your character, your tastes and your soul. Tastes differ, and the same thing may appear nice or ugly for different people. Also human grows and changes during all his life so the tastes of one particular person may also change a lot. That is why people start to like or more often dislike the tatoos whis they have done in their youth and try to remove them or to change. It's good that nowadays there are lots of ways to do that.

Answered 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, often case, that tattoo is no longer like it or get bored. Sometimes there are cases where tattoo makes bad master, it turns ugly and poor quality. Of all ways give best result - removal laser. But this procedure is costly and it is too painful. And after such tattoo removal will remain ugly scars, that will spoil skin. I think, that best solution is make new tattoo over old one. Main thing is choose good master and decide choose pattern. And I think tattoos - art form, as well as great way express your inner self.

Answered 2 years ago.

Tattoos - a self-expression of people. They are made order / to someehow distinguish himself from crowd or stand out, be like everyone else or just proves everyone that it s not coward and u can stuff your tattoo. But for whatever reason people does not have stuffed tattoo - print them in most cases - is meaningles. Why then fill them yourself, then to withdraw? The only way is if you filled a tattoo, and it made Krivorukov master curve or not beautiful, then it can be removed and a new fill, for example. In any cases, the tattoo - its great, ass long as its done wisely and effficiently.

Answered 2 years ago.

For me those strange people who after tattooing, beginning to remove it. Why then do we had to do a tattoo? It is quite an important step, because the pattern always remains on the skin and difficult to remove. But if it happened and the tattoo bothered, probably the most effective way to get rid of it, to do laser removal, though the cost is not cheap. Not worth it to do the removal. Sometimes it's better to leave a tattoo than going with a scar, and the article shows many ways, but generally try to avoid stupidity.

Answered 2 years ago.
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