Nigerian fashion designers – 10 top

Best Nigerian fashion designers create amazing outfits worn by the top African models. Get their names and take a look at the most beautiful model photo collection.

Fashion is an essential part of our everyday life. It concerns people all over the world. Nigerian fashion designers create new ideas and trends every day. And people are trying not to lag behind.

nigerian fashion designers

Fashion itself appeared long time ago. It has been changing through years. Let us, first, look at the term definition. Fashion considered a popular widespread style or practice, which influences clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, and sometimes even furniture. Of course, a definite style cannot appear without any reasons. Thus, some factors affect its development. They usually include:

  • music (as the new genres are being created, they produce some extraordinary and unique trends),
  • culture (people are mostly led by it, though they can create it themselves),
  • famous people (once a certain pop or movie star wears anything beautiful or “new” it can immediately become a trend),
  • social media (services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have changed the way how fashion is being created, because now the designers can get a direct response from the consumers and even some kind of inspiration).

African fashion

Despite of the public thinking fashion and design are not only European and US prerogative. African people are also very interested in the modern trends and styles. The designers create their own unique conceptions. Besides, there is great number of magazines devoted to the topic. Among the most popular ones, you’ll find the following:

african fashion week

  • Genevieve,
  • Be You!,
  • Bubbles,
  • Complete Fashion,
  • Exquisite,
  • OK! (the Nigerianfashion magazine),
  • Arise,
  • Zen, and many others.

You should also know that likewise in the West there are fashion icons in Africa. Fashion is unthinkable without the models. Take a look at the most beautiful of them in Africa. 

Top fashion African models: 

  1. Herieth Paul
    fashion model herieth paul
    Born in Tanzania, she’s worked with Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, One Colour Cosmetics, and so on.
  2. Maria Borges
    maria borges fashion model
    Originated from Angola she has already collaborated with Givenchy, Banana Republic, and some other companies.
  3. Betty Adewole
    betty adewole fashion model
    She is known as Nigerian-British model. She is the Tom Ford Beauty face and has participated in number of fashion weeks including one in New York.
  4. Ajak Deng
    ajak deng african model
    Her native country is Southern Sudan. She is quite a new person in the industry; however, she’s already become the face of Kate Spade’s campaign in 2013.
  5. Roberta Narciso
    fashion model roberta narciso

    Another girl from Angola. She's taken part in the Banana Republic campaign.
  6. Malaika Firth
    african model Malika firth

    Was born in Kenya. After Naomi Campbell, she has become the first black woman to clinch Prada campaign. She’s the face for Valentino 2014 campaign as well.
  7. Liya Kebede
    african model Liya Kebede

    This girl originated from Ethiopia. She’s listed in Zen Magazine Top 10 African women. Despite of 17 years of work she isn’t going to quit.
  8. Candice Swanepoel
    african model candice swanepoel

    She is from South Africa. She works as Victoria’s Secret model. Besides, she’s got covers of such popular magazine as Vogue. Candice has participated in Swarovski, Gucci, Diesel, and some other campaigns. The Forbes has ranked her one of top ten earning models.
  9. Fatima Siad
    fatima siad fashion model
    A model from Somalia. She has managed to become third in America’s Next Top Model show. Among the campaigns she’s taken part in are Avon, Ralph Lauren, and Pantene.
  10. Alek Wek
    alek wek fashion model
    A South Sudan model, who has been shot for Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Victoria’s Secret.

Thus, you see that many girls originated from Africa have gained success and have become icons.

Nigerian fashion designers - 10 top

nigerian fashion designers 2

As there are divas, there are their own creators in this country. Among the most famous ones, you’ll see:

  1. Onwuka Onyeka Paschal 

    He's a creative director of Royal Couture, officially launched this year. He graduated the Babcock University and then started to make male clothing. The style he creates is very strict. He has already participated in Babcock University Uninfluenced Fashion Show and displayed himself as a gifted and prominent designer.
  2. Adepeju Okunuga

    She the founder of Oza Couture started in 2012. As she tells, she’s always had passion for fashion. The company designs stylish, well-tailored, and unique women outfit (dresses in particular). Their first collection was presented in 2014 and was called “The Nightingale Collection” during the shows organized by Babcock University (which she actually graduated).

    Her new collection of this year has the title “The Versatile Collection”. Besides, during the last years she has taken part in several competitions. Adepeju also got Accounting Students League of Babcock’s Departmental Awards for Entrepreneur of the year in 2014 and 2013. This year she’s received African Diamonds Award for Fashion Designer of the year.
  3. Gbenga Luke-Adetule

    He is NVO APPAREL creative director (launched in 2013). They offer luxury bespoke clothing. They are remarkable for their quality and high style. These features have made them popular within the country and abroad.  The year of 2014 was highlighted by Gbenga’s first collection at the Winasbet Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week, or NSFDW (the biggest in Africa). It gave an impulse to his career. In August of the same year, he became one of the most creative designers during the Nubian Runway and Fashion Show. He has worked with several celebrities, musicians, TV stars. His last collection will be shown in the end of October in the Lagos Fashion And Design Week, LFDW.
  4. Modupe Adeoti

    She is a former student of Ado-Ekiti University. Her fashion brand, known as 17.09 Couture, was launched in 2013. They have already has three presented collections, the latest of which was in 2014 during the NSFDW. Besides, she has managed to become the finalist of the Game On house for fashion.
  5. Adebola Adebowale

    Her brand Derb’s Signature is gaining its success very fast. She says she’s always adored fashion and dreamt of creating a unique brand. Her collections were presented in 2011, 2012, and 2013 during the Bristol Fashion Week in England. Prominent Nigerian and UK magazines have noticed her work. Moreover, she's one of the finalists of the Zinkata Red Carpet Challenge.
    nigerian fashion designers 3
  6. Vovwe Omoko

    As in the case of many other female designers, love for fashion takes its roots from her childhood. That is why she entered Delta State University having chosen the Department of Textile art. Her brand Ovems Fashion was created to express aesthetics and style. She became the most creative designer of NSFDW in 2014. She won David Wej Half a Million Naira Fashion Competition after that and the BlackNBold Fashion Awards for Young Designer. She has already styled several Nigerian celebrities and TV personalities.
  7. Bimbo Oye-Akinnifesi

    She's got a diploma in fashion styling at Instituto di Moda Burgo. She presented Reni Smiths in 2013 LFDW. She’s been featured in top fashion magazines and styled several celebrities within the country.
  8. Folu Ajayi

    She created her brand, named “House of Dabira”, in 2011. Her collection has been presented in Nigerian TV Fashion Show, The Dreams Come True Show With Jazzyb, Miss Heritage Competition, and Ife Runway Show. In 2013 during the NSFDW her brand was officially launched.
  9. Akabogu Ogochukwu

    This designer’s brand called “Lines by Chaab” offers various clothing with different patterns and colors. She is the winner of the Nigeria’s Next Top Designer Competition and the Music Runway ‘Rising Icon Competition’.
  10. Oluwatobi Akintoye

    Her brand T16 World of Fashion reflects her own style and herself. She was also the finalist at LFDW and at the Fashion Protégé Contest.

There are quite lots of fashion designers and icons within Africa. Besides, they hold their fashion weeks where you can know more about new directions. Everyone cares about the way he or she dresses, and it’s essential to know everything about trends and styles and be aware of the latest Nigerian fashion. Magazines, mass and social media will help you to be always well informed. Besides, you can influence the fashion development and give inspiration to the creators.

Fashion week

nigerian fashion week

Talking about such occasion, we must have an idea what it is. Fashion week’s a special event, which lasts during about one week (as a rule). Here famous designers and fashion houses present their latest collections to the people and mass media in runway shows. Thus, spectators may also know what is in trend now. The most outstanding and striking ones are held in fashion capitals – Milan, Paris, New York and London. However, there’re much more of them taking place in the other countries. African ones are no exception.

African fashion week may be held not only within the continent. One of the most impressive ones has taken place in London in August 2015. It is described as an image of cross-cultural harmony and not just plain show. More than 50 designers from Africa, Asia and Europe have participated in the event. One pavilion has represented one country with the typical accessories, crafts, and wears. South African designers have taken two days of the whole this country.


Another fashion week has been held in Nigeria in 2015. It’s been created to provide talented people with the national attention. Besides, they have shown what African fashion is actually about. Famous designers have also played an important part of the show.

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