Nigerian traditional clothing – Are they a part of Nigerian fashion?

Fashion is crucial for Nigerians. Every tribe has its amazing and unique fashion styles. Get the top of them.

It is known that Nigeria is inhabited by many tribes. Each of them has its own culture and clothes. What do you know about it? Let's look up the most widespread Nigerian traditional clothing and tribes.

Nigerian traditional clothing

Traditional Igbo clothing

Igbo are one of the largest and most influential ethnic groups in Nigeria. Due to the consequences of migration and a transatlantic slave trade, descendants of ethnic groups of Igbo have settled in such countries as Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and outside Africa. Their exact number outside Africa is unknown, but today many Afro-Americans and Afro-Caribbean people are Igbo. In rural areas, they are generally farmers.

Traditional Igbo clothing

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Traditional clothes of Igbo are the following. Men put on a wide spacious cape over a shirt. They also like caps (usually red). Women wear jackets. As a skirt, they use the piece of matter, which is covered around the hips. They also love bright massive jewelry and headdresses.
 Igbo clothing

Earlier girls attached big plates on anklebones, which made their gait more attractive. Also by tradition, many women didn't use a top to cover a breast. It wasn't condemned in society any way.

The European clothes are widespread in the cities. It’s because of European influence during colonization.

Traditional clothing in Nigeria

Traditional Yoruba clothing

People of Yoruba live in the west of Africa. The culture of these people, unlike the majority of the African cultures, hasn't undergone invasion of white emigrants. British, whose colonies covered the earth of Yoruba people, didn't support emigration in these colonies. That's why traditions of Yoruba remain almost invariable.

Yoruba wear rather specific clothes, which differ from other cultures. For example, in the tribe it is admissible that the man wears women's clothing.

Traditional Yoruba clothing

To do the clothes, they used thick ibante fabric. It is also used for creation of headdresses. It also covers genitals of the man and woman. Recently in their clothes such things as a bra and trousers have appeared. Of course, it loans of Europeans.

Dresses of women remind a long blouse. They also put on headdresses. These are fabric, which is wrapped around the head twice. Women also have expensive apron, in which they hide valuable things.

Yoruba clothing

Traditional Fulani/Hausa clothing

Fulani are the people extended in the extensive territory of Western Africa.

In the tribe of Hausa, men’s beauty is appreciated. Since the moment when the boy is born, his mother does frenetic efforts to make him the irresistible handsome man.

Traditional Fulani/Hausa clothing

Men wear wide clothes with long sleeves, which can be put to show hands. It is very long. These dresses remind clothes of Yoruba. For formal cases, they carry babban Riga, though this clothing is considered Muslim. A headdress of these men is Fula cap. Women wear bright skirts with blouses.

 Fulani/Hausa clothing

One of the most popular and bright accessories of this tribe are Fulani earrings. They could be very massive. For example, its diameter reaches about 30 cm. These gold earrings at women are a sign of solvency and indicate of certain status. They reflect the importance of gold in trade of the country.

The tribe is also an owner of tattoos.

Hausa clothing

Nigerian traditional wedding dress

Weddings in Nigeria are as various and bright as tribes of this country. The most widespread wedding clothes for woman are long bright dress, which emphasizes a waist. The woman also puts on a massive headdress and jewelry. Usually it is the bracelets made of gold or ivory. The bride uses expensive perfume.

Nigerian traditional wedding dress

The groom's suit is usually white, with gold elements. They also put on a cap.


Many know about fashion , style , often write articles on this subject . But with the Nigerian national clothing worn in different tribes - with this theme I encounter the first time . For me was the amazing fact that at the time of the wedding , the bride is always in expensive perfumes . And every day she had some perfume? I understand that the salaries are not all great , but expensive perfume lasts for a long time . And it was not clear that almost all people are headdress . This is what has caused ?!

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