Top 10 fashion schools in Nigeria

Nigerians love fashion, no wonder it has become a lucrative business in the country. Discover the best fashion schools to enter and become a designer.

In the course of time, fashion has changed. However, it is always has been very popular. There used to be various trends and style. Many people in Nigeria are very interested in fashion. Nowadays they like not only to wear something original, extraordinary, and beautiful, but also to create it. That’s why plenty of us are eager to find out top 10 fashion schools.

Top 10 fashion schools in Nigeria

You need to know that fashion industry is a great part of Nigerian life. There are lots of fashion designers in Nigeria, who have managed to gain success and worldwide fame. For them, it is not only business. According to the existing definition, fashion design’s an art of aesthetics, natural beauty, and design application in clothing and accessories. Thus, any fashion designer might be considered an artist.

Reasons for popularity

There exist several reasons why profession of designer is so popular. Among them, there are:

Top 10 fashion Salary. Any good specialist always makes good income. However, it isn’t easy to become one. First of all, you need creativity. Besides, it’s necessary to get proper education. However, if you work really hard you’ll be well-paid.

Fame. A lot of people want to be popular and well-known all over the world. Fashion makes it possible. Nevertheless, you still must be very good at design and be creative and extraordinary enough. Then, the others may notice your talent.

Expression. Such profession is a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Gifted people are always looking for a way of it. And fashion design is one of the best methods to feel like a real artist.

Top 10 fashion schools Employment. Those people, who’ve got their education in one of the fashion colleges, are very likely to be hired by an agency. You will not probably become very famous, but you’ll have a very nice job anyway.

Making people beautiful. There are people, who want to make our world nicer. That’s why they choose this profession. Sometimes, how we look reflects how we feel and who we really are.

These are common reasons of becoming a designer. They depend on a person, so there might be much more of them.

Types of designers

There are several kinds of creators in fashion industry. Their list contains:

Top fashion schools in NigeriaClothing. This type of designers creates any type of women’s, men’s and children outfits. They might be of various styles, including casual and eveningwear, suits, sportswear, outerwear, and even intimate apparel.

Footwear. They produce different shoes and boots. Various materials are used for them. More and more new ones appear every day.

 fashion schools in NigeriaAccessory. They usually produce such things as handbags, eyewear, suitcases, belts, hosiery, scarves, hats, and so on. However, such items might be created by clothing designers as well.

Costume. This is a very interesting type. Such people created outfits for TV shows, performances, and even movies. This is probably the most creative work.

These are the most widespread varieties. As we’ve mentioned, they may be mixed.

How to become a fashion designer

You already know that fashion in Nigeria is quite popular. Many people are in search of a way to become a part of the industry. We offer the following steps:

  1. Developing. In order to become a good designer, you should improve your skills. The list of necessary ones for this profession includes:

  2. drawing,Top fashion schools

  3. visualization of concepts,

  4. having an eye for color and texture,

  5. ability of sewing and cutting any types of fabrics.

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You need learning a lot to achieve your purpose. You can, for example, select one of the top 10 fashion schools (we’ll observe later) and get an appropriate education. A degree in fashion you can get in such school will be quite helpful.

  1. Top 10 fashion schools in Nigeria 1Find out your passion. Decide what type of design you like the most and which style you prefer. It’s also possible to create your own, but be aware of the latest trends. After selecting a field, choose the concrete division. You can create evening outfit for women or teenagers’ school wear. Everything is up to you.

  2. Assess your skills and desires. Be honest to yourself and decide whether you are ready to become a part of fashion industry or not. It’s the best choice for you if:

  3. you want to devote all your life to it,

  4. you’re ready to stand up for what you believe in,Top fashion schools in Nigeria 2

  5. you have a clear vision what fashion is and what it means,

  6. you live, eat, and breathe fashion,

  7. you can manage stress,

  8. you are ready for highs or lows in your career.

  9. Work on your success. Find out more about business side of the industry. Marketing aspects are essential as well as your creativity and talent. It is also important to be aware of what’s happening in fashion. If you’re going to get education, for instance, in one of the fashion schools in Abuja, they will teach you all the things you should know (including marketing and finances). You’ll also learn about professions beyond fashion design, such as merchandisers, PR people, fashion journalists, fabric technologists, stylists, and many others. Another thing you must know about is your competitors. You should at least keep up to them. And don’t forget that your clothing must be affordable for the clients you are aimed at.

  10.  fashion schools in NigeriaCreate a portfolio. Tale all your works before to apply for a job. Remember, your portfolio must contain sketches (or photos of them), CV, computer-drawn designs, explanation of your concept, color or textile presentation, etc. You may add anything else you think important. Some popular and successful agency can enroll you in this case.

International fashion schools in Nigeria

In order to become good at fashion and style, you should know about the best schools, where you’ll be able to learn the most essential fundamentals. We offer the following ones:

Celebrity's Fashion Academy.

  1. Celebrity's Fashion Academy. This school is situated in Lagos. It provides courses for baby’s gown, pattern making, professional tailoring, and special training services.

  2.  Fashion Academy.Nobel Afrik Fashion Training. It’s also in Lagos. This is a wonderful centre for beginners. They’ll give you all the necessary basics.

  3. TFA. It is located in Abuja. It’s not only school, but also good workshop. They’ll give you all the appropriate professional skills and practice for starting your career.

  4. Hats of the Best Fit. Here you may get enough knowledge of accessories. They teach hat making, necklace, wire jewelry, etc. The school is in Lagos.

  5. Addurrah Creations. It is a nice choice for those, who haven’t decided which field they are good at of prefer. It’s located in Lagos as well, and they’ll teach everything from tailoring to accessories making.

  6. Top 10 fashion schools 3Fashion and Art Academy (Lagos). This Lagos school specializes in general fashion design and other related disciplines. It’s the best African institution.

  7. Valisimo Fashion School (Lagos). The following styles are in focus there: wedding, casuals, and runway. You will learn how to make clothing for men, women, and kids.

  8. KG School of Fashion (Lagos). They provide sewing and pattern making courses. Besides, there exist online education opportunities in this school.

  9. Cheryl Cold Fashion School (Lagos). It’s a vocational institute for general training in fashion.

  10. Ginani Fashion Academy. Lagos-based school, offering wide range of trainings, including garment patterns, pattern making, and sewing ones.

Top 10 fashion schools in NigeriaYou see that most fashion schools in Nigeria are in Lagos, because it’s one of the biggest and developed cities in the country.

In Nigeria, there are lots of opportunities to become a good fashion designer. Many people in this country have managed to reach success and many of them have been noticed during the latest fashion week in Africa.

That’s why you can make efforts, choose an appropriate school, and have a chance.

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Seems the entire Eastern Nigeria has been forgotten.

Answered 4 months ago.

For informations on modelling jobs, trainings,scouts, audition and beauty pageants please visit http://placeofmodels.com.ng/

Answered 6 months ago.

Not enough schools in Abuja. Can you help with that? Thanks

Answered 9 months ago.

I also know of "Martwayne", an amazing fashion training center located in Surulere, Lagos. It isn't just any fashion school, but a fashion training center that offers power through fashion, from learning how to sew, pattern making, designing and also offers courses on fashion entrepreneurship which assist exciting and aspiring fashion designers on how to start and manage their fashion / ready-to-wear businesses, from the business side of fashion to the general issues a fashion designer faces.

Visit their site.


Instagram: @martwayne

Facebook: @martwaynedotcom

Answered 1 year ago.

How many comments sparked this article! Well, I, too, share your opinion. So, I believe that in order to become a good designer, a person must have a sense of style and good taste. Second, it must have its own ideas to produce new, unique and exclusive models in clothes or shoes. Nice, beautiful, stylish and high quality (made from natural fibers) clothes will always be in demand in the fashion industry and fashion industry. So, those who have the talent and confident in his abilities, in that all will turn out, and that person becomes famous designer!

Answered 1 year ago.

This profession as fashion designer, was and will be fashionable at all times. However, way designer or designer is not so simple as it seems. Before you plunge into world of fashion, weigh all "pros and cons". Of course, without appropriate training, take start in this profession is virtually impossible. Designer - is not only naked enthusiasm, but also knowledge, practice, constant movement forward. Well, in Nigeria many new fashion schools. This will enable many people realize their dreams!!!

Answered 2 years ago.

Lamoda in the life evry person plays an imporrtant role. Even if a person is not folowing the fasheon trends - still buying his clothes, he looks at what other walkc, or some fashionable color this seasson. And exclusive designer clothes - it's expensive, definitely, but there are no analogues of such things. Apparently, for this & pay lot money. Educatiion in school fashion is very useful & interesting knowledge of secrets of beauty & gait, and different techniques of make-up, the ability to take picturs, to present themselves. Fashion - for me this importantt!

Answered 2 years ago.

Everybody wants to wear nice, practical and fashional clothes. This is the reason of such a great popularity of the designer profession. Today's tendency demands to have stylish and just comfortable clothes even at work or for a simple walk in the park. The profession of designer gives to every, even ordinary or not very rich person an opportunity to look nice, attractive and stylish in everyday life. This profession demands a big creativity and a rather big love to the things what you do to gain success.

Answered 2 years ago.

I love nigerian fashion. It's really special and extraordinary. Nigerian models look so cute and sexy. Sometimes I cannot understand the designer's choice but I find its newest. Designers use so many kinds of color and types of material in designing garments. Fashion business in Nigeria develops very quickly. I think new schools of fashion get us new great designers, new look on nigerian fashion. Fashion and Art Academy in Lagos of course still remains the best place for this type of education in Nigeria. But I believe that new schools will be full of talent designers as well.

Answered 2 years ago.

Fashion is one of the most popular thing in every country, region of our diverse and big world. I should say, fashion, style of clothes in Nigeria (and African continent on the whole) is really different from European moda. African people prefer colorful, bright colours of clothes. To my thinking, it is fine, that fashion develops everywhere, in any states of the world.

Job of designer is a very engrossing, really creative profession. As I think, a skillful designer has to have some exceptional inclination for this profession, extraordinary intellection, maybe even talent. Not every designer is able to be an excellent one, that why professions of designer and stylist are highly paid and very desired.

Answered 2 years ago.
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