Waist beads – 5 reasons to wear and a DIY tutorial

Learn why waist beads make you so special, how to craft them and why your grandmas used to wear them.

Nigeria is a home to many tribes and all of them have their traditions. It is believed that wearing waist beads is mostly a Yoruba tradition. In the past those beads were made out of glass, wood, leather or metal. Even today many girls wear them or even make their own beads.

Nigerian waist beads

Symbolism and history of Nigerian waist beads

There are many vital symbols hiding behind this tradition. Some of them are very practical.

  • Waist beads were used as scales
    Nigerians did not have proper scales, so ladies would see of the beads become rather tight, that means they are gaining weight and the other way around.
  • Social hierarchy
    Tribal king daughters or women from rich families would wear special pieces of jewelry on their waist beads. That would make them feel special.
  • Sexual attraction
    Most women would wear the beads underneath their closes. Those were like special signs for their lovers. They would make them want the woman even more. In most cases, only the lover would see the beads and that would highlight his special position.

Why wear waist beads:

  1. why wear waist beaksThey are sexy
    Beads highlight the waist line. They make your figure have more curves and that is exactly what Nigerian men like. They make them want to see more. So, Nigerian beads work like special attraction for males.
  2. They are trendy
    Gone are the times, when wearing such beads was considered to be frivolous. They are trendy now. Of course, the tops are getting shorter and the beads may be showing from underneath the clothes. It looks cute. 
  3. They help you stay fit
    Formerly they were used to measure one’s body weight. They can do that now, too. If you have them on and feel like they are getting a bit tight, it may stimulate you to work out more and keep your waist line fit.
  4. They are like the icing on the cake
    If you wear them underneath your clothes, they become a special attraction for your guy. You might use them to boost his sexual desires. Just whisper him: I have the beads on. That could work with your husband to keep him interested or to let him know you are ready for a special night.
  5. They make your man come back
    Women used to believe wearing waist beads could boost the loyalty of their men. They used them as a certain charm.  No one really knows if that works, but you can do many things with such beads to boost your and his sexuality.

DIY tutorial to make your own African traditional waist beads

Let’s find out how to make such Nigerian waist beads.

waist beads tutorial

  1. Measure the right size string
    Some ladies wear the beads on their waist line, while others prefer to have them on their hips (loosely hanging down). So, if you are making a string for yourself, just measure up the area, where you want them to be. You may use hemp string or any other kind of string. Make sure you pick the one that does not stretch.
  2. Pick the beads
    You may use the seed beads. They are tiny in size. You can find all kinds of colors and sizes, too. Some of them really small, while others are little larger. You may combine several bead colors on one string. You can pick the base color (let’s say red) and compliment it by blue or yellow beads.
  3. Get décor beads
    These are larger in size. They can vary in shape, too. They can be round, square or oval. They may look like crystals, etc.
  4. Start putting the beads on the string
    Just vary their size and color. In some shops there are automated machines that can string them up for you. But doing it with your hands makes the beads more special.
  5. Attach a clasp
    You may buy the ready-made one. They are not expensive, or you may take it from your old beads and use for your waist beads. Here you go, you can try them on.

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As you see, making and wearing waist beads is fun. You can make as many as you like to match all your outfits. You can wear them underneath the clothes for your significant person or on the top of jeans. Be cool and stay trendy. Watch the video on how to make the DIY waist beads: 

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