Wedding colors 2016: how to pick yours?

What shades are popular on weddings in 2016? How to choose it? Read the article to make your wedding unforgettable!

It is very important to choose a correct color scale of your celebration. It should be a part of your wedding plan. The shade palette, which you will prefer, should set the tone and mood for all holiday.

wedding colors

Pink quartz is the most popular of all wedding colors. Soft and calming, it reminds a natural flush and will look perfectly in a wedding dress and bride's accessories (a bouquet, flowers in a hair dress, shoes etc.). Dresses of bridesmaids, accessories, cake and of course, a wedding décor looks also fantastic with it. It gives romanticism and tenderness to the entire celebration. It also can be used in wedding makeup. Pink can be combined with gold, dark gray and olive colors.

wedding outfit

Bright red is suitable for cheerful and colorful weddings. In such color it is possible to make wedding outfits, in particular shoes, make-up, flowers, accessories and elements of a decor which will give to a holiday positive and bright paints. Gentle-pink, light green, blue can be combined with this color.

wedding makeup

Blue is a fashionable color for weddings 2016 reminding sea depths. It is the most mysterious and attracting among all wedding colors and themes. It is an ideal palette for weddings on the coast of the ocean, and also thematic weddings in the sea style. It can be used everywhere. This really attracting sea shade will be pertinent in any subject. Gentle-pink, chocolate and gold colors will perfectly add it.

wedding colors and themes

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Limpet Shell is a shade of light turquoise, a color of transparent water which can be seen against snow-white sand on the sea coast. This air color will refresh an image of the bride and her friends, and will perfectly fit into a decor of spring or summer wedding on the beach.

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Lilac is a true color of ripen love and attachment. There is a certain note of nostalgia and mysteriousness. Therefore, choosing this color as the basic at your wedding, you'll create special fantastic atmosphere.

wedding dress

Peach hints remind of warm sun and summer. It is ideal for using in spring and mid-year weddings. Certainly, it is necessary to involve peach color in images of guests, groom and bride. For bridesmaids it is optional to choose exclusively peach identical dresses. You can ask them to put on shoes in this color scale, hats or accessories. By the way, peaches in combination with peonies are often used as print for dresses of bridesmaids. It looks just as the summer. One peach accent will be enough.


The wedding day - this is a special day! Usually, on such a day, each of the girls is all reality ideal, so everything is as it should be. Choosing the color of bridesmaids dress, I'd stood on a purple or lavender. This is an incredibly gentle color that fits perfectly to any facial features women, in contrast, for example, from red, which only emphasizes the beauty of brunettes. Nice to see everyone in the same dresses and the same color, this harmony in colors, I think, bring harmony in family life. But be that as it may, the main thing - sparkling with happiness newlyweds eyes, and the rest - it's just the entourage, though very beautiful)

Answered 1 year ago.

Indeed, the choice of wedding dresses huge , and every bride to himself will choose . The only thing that under the dress will need to arrange a banquet hall , look for a suit the groom . But , by the way , as a wedding dress and a suit newlyweds can sew to order . It will not be a problem either . Personally, I prefer the ordinary , classic wedding dress , which in turn can be supplemented with bright accessories in the form of a necklace , the bride's bouquet , earrings and bracelets . That's all.

Answered 1 year ago.

Now a large selection of wedding dresses for every taste, and every bride always wants to be at the wedding unique and not resistible, and therefore with the choice of a long thought. When I got married, just picked up something original that I remember everything, but then there was a fashion for such plitru dresses, now it can be made easier, because the choice has become more and more comfortable. But now the price of course adults are not necessarily those wedding dresses that not all people can afford. But the course of such beauty is difficult to refuse, especially in such a special day like a wedding.

Answered 1 year ago.
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