What accessories make a man look successful?

Looking for accessories that will perfectly suit your costume? Read the article and get to know more about the accessories that will help you be successful.


Top 5 Accessories for successful men

To look stylish and modern, it is not enough to wear an expensive suit or branded shoes. Indeed harmonious way of adding the small details - is accessories.

 We present our 5 attributes that must be present in the wardrobe of every business man.

  •  Shawl

The universal thing. In addition to being practical, handkerchief is useful in case of an emergency, it is also a stylish accessory for a gentleman. Perfectly looks in top pocket of the jacket.

  • Card holder

It will save not only your cards, but also the image. To pull them from a small purse or trousers pocket - bad manner. When choosing the product pay attention to the inner part of the card holder. If it's metal, there is a high probability that, due to the oxidation of iron, card edge will be painted.

Quite comfortable

  • Convenient briefcase

We are not talking about a diplomat or other official accessory. Get a universal bag that fits different dress code, from business to the cocktail. Prefer black or brown skin.

  •  Belt

Classic design and strict buckle. It must be in harmony with the suit and shoes, but do not stand out. The main rule - belt must be always darker than clothes. If possible, it can be combined with the strap of your watch.

  • Umbrella

In the office or at a business meeting choose a collapsible umbrella, which is able to fit in a briefcase. At an informal event use umbrella walking stick.

Modern man has to look good, but it does not have to make an impression of the person who thinks too much about his appearance. His hair must be perfect, but it should not look like just from the hairdresser. His clothes should attract attention, but not at the expense of brightness, but at the expense of a perfect fit. It looks good - it should be just a habit, how to clean your teeth in the morning, but do not do it by force, and especially fighting against yourself. How to achieve casual elegance?


1. The face and hair. Facial features determine the perception of the entire image. Should I have a beard, or it is needed to shave every day? What hairstyle will make your face the most expressive and brave?

2. Height and stature. There are no figure drawbacks - there are features that you can hide or make use of. Male silhouette perception depends on the successful selection of clothes.

3. The base of the wardrobe. You need 5 items that can form the basis of your wardrobe and decide once and for all the important question "What to wear?".

That's not all things you should have to become a successful man. One more essential "live" accessory is the presence of a woman that can make your moving in the career ladder much better and faster.

To be successful for a man - is his main mission in life. That man, who did not realize themselves, have not been successful - will never be happy and confident in their abilities! He needs to feel that he something depends on his responsibility for their actions and for other people: his wife and children. At the same time it is important to be evaluated. For a man it is important when he is praised for the real deal, and the qualities that he was able to develop on his own.

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You aren't likely to achieve success living alone without praise and support of his woman. For any independent and wealthy man, a woman, who will believe in him from the beginning, is a must have item. This may be a woman, a wife, sister or mother. She inspires him and believe in him.


Here are some simple tips that will not only make your family life better, but also make your husband a successful person, and you - the wife of a really skillful and knowledgeable person, who is confident in himself:

  1. Believe in your man. Believe in yourself and in every way show him that you believe in him, in his abilities, his ideas and the best qualities.Try to replace negative words with the positive. Give your loved one respect, gratitude for the good things, love, and admiration. The wife must see in her husband what did not notice the other people. Do not attempt to alter him for yourself.
  2. Tell about your husband only good things. Show interest in his work, try to get to the core issues, help him set goals and look for solutions. Men love and appreciate sincere interest in their affairs. If you asked him about the situation at work and without waiting, began to chatter about it, he will not trust you and accept your advice seriously.
  3. Remember this. If you want to succeed - give him the right for mistake. Be grateful for what he is doing for the family. Believe me, if he feels appreciation, he will strive to do for you more.
  4. When next to a man is a woman who constantly complains about life, indecisive, has permanent depression, constantly condemns and criticizes everything - the man beside her would be unsure of their abilities and will feel aggressive.
  5. You have to match the status of a successful and self-confident man who you want to see next to you. Have a real interesting hobby, develop yourself, read books. For your man it is necessary to talk to you about the work with ease. Find common interests with your man. Anyway, believing in your man is the most precious what you can give him.


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