What are 3 top reasons to get the news from Paris Fashion week?

Love fashion? Learn all the latest treands from Paris fashion week 2016.

What is Paris Fashion week for everybody? First of all, it is final and the most important of four world Weeks. Editors-in-chief of glossy magazines, experts, critics and admirers of fashion from all countries gather here. “When is Paris fashion week 2016?” – is one more question, which asks everybody, who is interested in stylish clothes. This year the show takes place in March from 1 to 9. Let's find out 3 reasons for which it is worth watching news about Fashion Week.

Paris fashion week 2016

1. You have an excellent opportunity to see the photos from displays in detail and to learn about Paris fashion week 2016 trends, what tendencies wait for admirers of beautiful clothes in this season. In addition, it is an excellent chance to enjoy creative scenery, which is performed by famous brands.

Paris fashion week 2016 trends

For example, Louis Vuitton remains one of the main actions for all the monthly fashion-marathon. This time the scenery for display is the huge installations in the form of crystals, which Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris have decorated. In addition, you have an opportunity to watch shows of collections of such old and well-known fashion houses as Chanel, Christian Dior, Balmain, Chloé, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Balenciaga and tens of others.

2. Besides photos, the websites provide online broadcastings from Fashion week.

Paris fashion week 2016 news

You see, it is better to look on the models walking on a podium at video. It allows to make out a texture of dresses, to understand how it looks from outside. Besides, it helps to plunge into magnificent atmosphere of the show. Far better than just seeing photos, isn't it? This year videos of broadcasting were presented by several world-popular brands.

3. It is worth remembering that besides models, many fans of beautiful attires come on a fashion week.

Paris fashion week 2016 events

They don't lag behind stars of this industry. News gives an opportunity to look at the brightest images and to admire remarkable taste of these people. For this purpose, photographers do special “street-style” photos. In them, you will notice the best of looks, which can be seen on streets of Paris during displays of new collections. Bright coats, magnificent and little strange headdresses, sunglasses, which remind about approach of summer – all this things don't have to be disregarded.

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Paris fashion week 2016 show

In general, if you really are a great admirer of stylish clothes, you simply obliged to watch news from Paris Fashion week. It will help you not only to learn all useful information about the trends, but also to get an esthetic pleasure.


Yes, Paris Fashion Week - this is probably a pipe dream. I am very happy for those who have managed at least once to visit the haute couture week. This is something incredible. Around the high-ranking guests, stars, spotlights, a foretaste of something brilliant. Naturally, this is a great chance to see the works of great designers. Maybe once I get a chance to go to the Paris haute couture week. To be honest, not really love Paris, it is beautiful, yes, but it's not my town does not lie in my soul to him. By the way, if someone is going to go on this grand event, do not forget that you need to choose the appropriate attire.

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