What are best tips on how to look classy on a budget?

Ladies like to look flawless, so they wonder how they can look classy and elegant on a budget. After searching for answers, we found several ways to look classy and not waste a fortunate on it.

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Following women re considered to be women with class: Catherin Zeta-Jones, Kate Middleton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Kidman. They are believed to be an example for many young girl in the way they dress up and “sell” themselves. Whatever it is they do, they are loved, even adored and looked up to by a younger generation as those whose style and character is worth being followed.

If you already know how to behave, what and when to say to be looked at as a classy woman, here is a list of tips on how to look classy even if you do not have millions to be invested into your wardrobe.

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  1. Start with your face. It won’t matter that you are dressed up like Kate Middleton if your makeup is inappropriate, too bright or does not really match your personality. Moreover, there is no such makeup that can cover anger, discomfort or even irritation. So start with working on the things that disappoint you the most and make you feel uncomfortable in order to look better. Your outside beauty starts on the inside. So wearing makeup will not help to mask things that bother you deep in your heart. And one more tip while still on this topic: clean hair and an easy yet neat hairstyle will make you look classy even though you did not spend a cent on it.
  2. Remember that getting classy does not mean that you have to renew your wardrobe every season. Al you need to do is make sure that your clothes fit properly in case you lost or gained weight, take your clothes to a tailor. Surely, you can wear your favorite hoodie from time to time, but remember that it should be more like an exception than a rule to your everyday outfit. It might the most comfortable outfit ever; however, it does not add you style.
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  3. An easy way to look classy on a budget is purchasing clothes at a thrift shop. Do not be afraid: celebrities do that all the time, especially when the thing they wanted so badly by a certain designer was all sold out: that is when they go to a thrift shop to find something looking exactly like the thing they wanted to get.
  4. In case you decided to go to the thrift shop, make sure to check out or even to print out things you are looking for. Surely, you might not necessarily find an exact thing you were looking for, but you have all the chances to find something close to it. If you have an image of what you need or a printed out sample of the pattern or color, you will waste less time, won’t get distracted and are more likely to find a classy thing that is missing from your wardrobe. Looking classy for a lady means being elegant and stylish; therefore, after you purchase a thing you like at the thrift shop, take it to the tailor to make it fit.
  5. Another tip on ho wot look classy for a lady is quite cheap: you can take your old blazer and change buttons on them. It might seem like a waste of time; however, buttons is what makes clothes look brand-new. Check out a website of the prominent designers and have a closer look to buttons on things in trend right now. Remember that blazers go with almost every outfit and make a lady look elegant and stunning. I think you will agree that you can both wear a blazer with jeans and a white blouse and a classy shirt with popular prints on it.
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  6. Ladies! Looking classy is not about a designer label on your shirt. It is about the way you feel when wearing it, and the combination you choose for it. Sometimes even designers’ clothes lose their “face” when combined with things that do not even match together. Therefore, do not just grab random clothes from your wardrobe, but rather think twice before wearing loose shirts if you are slightly in shape or even when you are skinny.
  7. Furthermore, be simple! Do not try wearing all the jewelry in your house. It will not make you look classy, since it is not about the amount but about its quality. Make sure the accessories match the style and color of your outfit. Specialists and fashion advisers state that neutral colors are the best ones and they fit almost all the time. Moreover, jewelry and accessories will make you look polished and classy even if your budget is tight.
  8. Lipstick is a must-have for every woman with class. It makes your lips attractive and emphasizes your beauty. So use a lipstick with colors that you like and that actually go with your outfit and it will make you look classy and hot!
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  9. While we are still talking about accessories, looking classy on a budget is possible even if you do not have last versions of bags and shoes by prominent fashion designers. However, no matter what bags and shoes you have, make sure they match each other by color, texture or main attributes.
  10. I do not know what you think of this, but prominent bloggers note that classy look is not complete without pointed shoes. You should be careful when picking high heels or flat shoes, but make sure they are pointed.
  11. Since we already mentioned shoes, classy look is not possible with cheap old shoes. Moreover, buy quality shoes in order for them to last and for you not to worry about having to buy a new pair again so soon. Shoes are one thing that is worth paying much money for. So be careful when considering what kind of shoes you will get.
    Ladies do like to have at least a few pairs, so choose two most popular ones if you know they won’t go out of style next year and buy them in the best quality possible.
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  12. Pay more attention to forming the “basics” section in your wardrobe. Basic should include those that are truly timeless, like black dress pants (at least a few pairs) as well as tops of neutral colors and different shapes (for instance, v-neck and round neck as well as long sleeve, short sleeve or ¾ sleeve).Such things are easy to be combined with something and you won’t have to purchase new ones every year. Therefore, consider buying quality ones.
    Your basics should also contain skirts (pencil one and A-skirt, with flower print and single-color).
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  13. Seems to be easy but not all women get it: looking classy on a budget means that you should look flawless whatever you wear. All you need to make your outfit flawless is ironed things (or steamed, for example).
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  14. Finally, if you got a nice thing, take care of it. Do not wash it too often. Of you want ot get rid of a stain, wash only the piece around the stain. Or if you want to get rid of the odor, leave it in a freezer for just one night: it really does work!

General rules for looking classy for guys are pretty much the same as for women (except for the parts with makeup and high heels). The point of this article is to show the readers that looking classy, hot and elegant at the same time while being on a budget is possible. So stick to our tips and enjoy the eye worship.

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