What are female body types and shapes?

What do you know about female types and shapes? And what is your type or the type of your beloved one? Learn more from the article.

female shapesFemale body is a real masterpiece. As Jess C. Scott once said, “The human body is the best work of art.” Moreover, it was also once mentioned that “A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement.” Therefore, it does not matter what body shape you really have; but what does matter is the self-image of a woman.

Even women with flawless shapes and types can feel insecure; meanwhile women with just an average body building can look better since they feel better about themselves. The reasons behind such different attitudes are quite somple: women need to know that there is no better shape but there are ways to underline those parts of your body that are most attractive in the view of your curves and shapes.

Specialists often state that there are three main body types of a woman. The fact is that one woman can belong to more than just one such type. Therefore, go through the female body types, and find out hwich one(s) is(are) yours.

kinds of female shapes

The first female body type is known as Ectomorph. This body type is associated with angular shapes. Women that belong to Ectomorph body type are usually slim and you can often hear them complaining that they want to gain some weight and even though trying very hard, cannot do that.

The second one is also known as Mesomorph. Such women usually have athletic shapes and curves, strong muscles especially in shoulders and hips. They have no problems with losing or gaining weight thanks to great metabolism.

Finally, the last female body type is Endomorph. Women with such type, have round shapes. Endomorphic women tend to be plump and have difficulties with losing weight. However, endomorphic body type has all the chances of building muscles with time.

Specifics of the female body building also led specialists to dividing their shapes into several groups. Some specialists claim there are four main femaly body shapes, others state that there are 12. Let’s start with exploring 4 most commonly accepted body shapes and proceed to 12 more specific ones.

women shapes types

  1. It is believed that female body can be of an hourglass shape. Women with such forms tend to have well-proportioned upper and lower body parts and slim waist. In case you have this shape, be careful with gaining weigth: you will gain it both in the chest and hips areas. People familiar with this issue state that Marilyn Monroe was a right “hourglass-shape” woman. In order to put your shape in a favorable light, try wearing v-neck shirts and pencil skirts/dresses. In case you like wearing high heels, make sure to choose rounded ones or peeptoes.

  2. Next female body shape is known as a “pear” shape. Women with such shapes usually have skinny shoulders and wide hips. The great point of this shape is that women usually have flat stomachs and rarely gain weigth in that area. The best advice for women with “pear” shape is to avoid clothes that have side pockets or any other details in that area. Instead, put focus on your waist by belting coats and cardigans as well as straight boots that will allow you wearing skirts and dresses.
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  3. The third female body shape is known as an “apple”. Women with this shape are usually wider at the upper part of their body and narrower at the lower parts. Basically, this means that such women are likely to have narrow hips and wide chest or large stomach. Clothes that suit women of this shape are wide legged jeans (do not wear skinny ones!) and side-fastening skirts. However, try not to add bulk to your look.
    female body types

  4. The last of the four general female body shapes is known as a “banana” shape. Women that have this shape are normally very well-proportioned meaning that there is no big difference in the width of their hips and shoulders. They do not have a significant difference in their area as well. However, some people consider this body shape to be a perfect one. Ladies with “banana” shape are recommended wearing light chiffon dresses and printed shirts to break up the sameness of the bode shape. Nicole Kidman has a “banana” shape: you must be pleased to learn this!

  5. Despite the fact that these body shapes are most commonly agreed on, certain specialists suggest eight more female body shapes with more specific characteristics.

  6. Therefore, the fifth body shape is known as a “brick”. Women with this shape usually have no waist, chunky calves and broad shoulders. The examples of this shape are the bodies of Marc Jacobs and Kim Catrall. What makes these celebrities look stuning with this shape is bright round-neck tops that will create an illusion of roundness of one’s neck and dresses and skirts with assymetrical prints and details on them to lift one’s hips and bottom.

  7. The next female body shape, namely “the skittle” is very close to the “pear”one: the same small breasts, slim waist and flat tummy. However, what makes it different is larger thighs and chunky calves that are not present at the “pear”. Women with this shape are recommended wearing patterns that will visually make your thighs look smaller and dresses/shirts with broad lapels. They are also recommended wearing high heels to make their legs look slim. Meryl London is the owner of this shape and always looks fantastic!
    female curves

  8. You would also want to know that the eighth femaly body shape is called “lollipop” and its owners have bigger breasts and a very slight waist compared to the “hourglass” body shape. What also makes it different from the shape mentioned above is slimmer hips. In order to look stunning with this body shape, just like Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman do, by the way, wear slim-heeled high heels that will put focus on how slim your legs are and dresses with special gathering on the waist tomake it stand out.

  9. Number nine body shape on our list is referred to as a “cornet’. Its owner will have small breasts, long legs and almost invisible waist. This shape has proven to be perfect when you dress up properly. Therefore, please wear dresses that will emphasize or create curves on your waist. Moreover, you can try wearing skinny jeans that will put more focus on your long legs.

  10. The other body shape women claim to have is called “cello”. Women that have it usually have short but beautiful waist, large thighs and hips and legs that get slimmer from top to the bottom. To look good with such a body shape one should consider wearing shirts that put focus on your breasts and consider shoes that will emphasize slim part of your ankle. At least that is what Oprah is doing to look as stunning as always!
    female body forms

  11. One of the last female body shapes is known as “Goblet”. Women with this shape usually have athletic bodies with broad shoulders and no waist. They tend to have very narrow hips and, not the best part, bu they are more likely to have a small belly. To make this body shape work for you, make sure to wear v-neck shirts and dresses belted on the bottom part of th ewaist. This will create an image of curves and will put emphasize on your slimness. Catherine Zeta Jones could not feel better with thi sshape.

  12. And finally, the last female body shape is called a “bell”. There are jokes that this shape is a later version of the “pear” body shape. Women with shape have smal breasts, long waist and large thighs and bottom. An example of a woman with this body shape is Hilary Clinton. If you have this body shape consider wearing clothes that will make your shoulders look broader and free skirts and dresses with an effect of thigh-skimming to balance your shapes.
    female body shape

As you see, women are different in the body shapes and types they belong to. There is no good and bad when it comes to the body shape. However, there ways to make the best out of the shape you have by following tips on how to make your best body parts a focus. So follow these instructions and remeber that the beauty will save the world!

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