What are hairstyles for a fat face?

Haircut is truly important detail of an image of every woman. Sometimes it is difficult to select the perfect one for yourself. In this article you will find ideas of hairstyles for women with fat face. If you are of this face type, try to find something for you!


It is difficult to imagine a truly gorgeous woman without stylishly coiffed hair. It is extremely important to choose the right haircut, which will make a person attractive as well as beneficial to "balance" the proportions of the figure, for fat women, who aim to look well-groomed and beautiful. After all, a bad hair will only emphasize the shortcomings, focusing on the fatness of the face and visually "enlarge" the silhouette.

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We suggest you familiarizing with some possible options of hairstyles for fat faces with pictures!

Haircuts for fat face

Long or short haircut for fat face should attract attention to the face, not to the figure. Accordingly, the hair needs to be voluminous. Discard sleek hairstyles and tight beams.

Remember that oblique or milled bangs balances out the proportion of fat face, while straight or too short focuses on the cheeks and cheekbones, visually emphasizing completeness.

Avoid symmetry when choosing haircuts for a fat face. Straight hair of the same length, hanging along the cheeks – this style will not pass for the majority of women "plus size." On the contrary, easy artistic mess, asymmetrical bangs, side-parted, layered cascade hairstyle makes a face younger and thinner and distracts attention from problem areas of the figure.


For a fat round face, hairstylists recommended selecting those that cover the cheeks - avoid hairstyles that reveal the "whole face."

Colouring hair, prefer natural shades that match your complexion. Remember, that too dark color visually makes a face thicker and makes you look older. Refresh the image and disguise the fatness of the cheeks by using a heterogeneous hair color – coloring or bleaching. Avoid experimenting with colors far from your natural along with the extreme youth of color, especially if you are over 25 years old.

Short haircuts for overweight women in pictures:


Asymmetrical haircuts for fat faces with bangs

How to choose a hairstyle for overweight women?

Choice of hairstyle for the fat face is better to start with a definition of your color type and shape of the cheekbones and nose. The "softer" line of the face, the longer should be the haircut. Fat women with a round face should choose cascading haircuts of medium length, but "care," as well as from ultrashort hairstyles should be abandoned. The ladies of the triangle or oval face can experiment with short hairstyles and soft curls.


Choosing women hairstyle for a fat face, it is important to consider the age, height, degree of thickness and a way of life: trendy haircuts for fat girls can look ridiculous on a business the middle-aged women. Pay attention to the style of fat celebrities – not on those you like, but those with whom you have at least some resemblance. If you are uncertain, you can try to choose a hairstyle with a hairstylist, or in a special program, which now exists in many beauty salons.

Haircuts for fat faces for long hair

Remember that it is impossible to choose a hairstyle for a fat face just on the basis of recommendations of the fashion magazines. A haircut should mask not only the thickness of the face and figure but also match your age, style, color type, and the internal sense of yourself to please you.


Be prepared for the fact that the search for "perfect haircuts for fat" will take some time. Explore yourself, try different styles, experiment – and you surely will find a haircut that will make you irresistible.

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