What are hijab styles?

Be in trend! What are hijab styles? Here are 23 seriously beautiful hijab styles to try! Check out from this article!

Here are 23 seriously beautiful hijab styles to try! Modest fashion that’s everything. Choose the best variant for you.

1. Sport a pale blue hijab with pink lipstick.

“There aren’t many colors that a bright pink lip doesn’t compliment, but pale colors especially do a great job of letting the bright pink speak for itself,” Haute Hijab CEO Melanie Elturk told BuzzFeed Life.

2. Look for gold details.

A silk scarf with warm gold details adds subtle highlights around your face. Plus blue tassel loafers. Plus a menswear watch. Plus a furry vest. This girl is killing it.

3. Wear a hijab a few shades lighter than your skin tone to look sun-kissed.

 “Wearing light beiges and other neutrals can help with the appearance of tanned skin,” says Elturk. “It’s the reason I don’t wear solid black hijabs all that much—they make me look pale and I feel the need to overcompensate with bronzer and blush!”

4. Go all out on lip color.

“Usually when I wear a bold lip color, I pair it with either a black, beige, white, or gray hijab,” Buttoned Up Mayhem style blogger Azba Khan told BuzzFeed Life. “The black lipstick was tricky to pull off, but with an all black outfit and a black hijab, it did not look out of place.”

5. Use a lot of shades of one color.

Keep the color all in one family and push boundaries. “I see a great deal of self-expression in these styles,” photographer Langston Hues of Modest Street Fashion told BuzzFeed Life.

6. Wear neon.

 “A neon hijab with neon lips is a great way to pump up an outfit,” style blogger Naballah Chi told BuzzFeed Life. “Neon lipstick is a surefire way to create a bold look.”

7. Get monochromatic.

Simple black and white is all it takes. There are no other words.

8. Tuck a headscarf into a belt to elongate your torso.

But take note of the length. “If the scarf ends at your waist, then it can actually make you look shorter,” says Elturk

9. Go for an androgynous look.

“The key to making your hijab look edgy and androgynous is to keep it simple and uncomplicated,” Khan says. “Neutral hijabs work well with androgynous clothing such as oversized blazers and boyfriend jeans.”

10. Try a different texture.

Experiment with a textured scarf to add a new element to your outfit. “The creativity of these styles are very enchanting,” says Hues.

11. Rock bright colors.

“A brightly-colored hijab adds the right amount of pop to an outfit,” says Chi. “And bright colors certainly can flatter your skin tone. Color theory suggests that people have two different categories of skin tone: warm complexion and cool complexion. Knowing your skin tone will help you dress well and use colors effectively.”

12. Dress down.

A jersey midi with high-top sneakers create a super cool vibe with a light blue hijab. And doesn’t this look so cozy for a fall day?!

13. Accessorize with oversized glasses.

“I like pairing them with a neutral hijab that is loosely wrapped around the face,” says Khan. “Also, wrapping the hijab loosely would work well with the casual look that oversized glasses add to an outfit. Using less pins is the key.”

14. Wear a colorful hijab with a black blazer.

Keep business casual looking so freaking cool with a pretty, patterned hijab.

15. Make it tropical.

“All black ensembles, while flattering, can be boring when paired with another solid. Complementing the outfit with patterns—like this beautiful tropical pattern in the Amaryllis Sunset Scarf—makes the whole outfit pop and gives it more dimension,” says Elturk.

16. Try a crepe material.

“It drapes well and is very light and airy—perfect for hot summer days and evenings,”Hijabilicious co-founder Samia told BuzzFeed Life.

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17. Match a hijab with an accessory.

 “This is a great way to create cohesion,” says Elturk. “Do this with caution though, as it can easily look too matchy-matchy. Also, I would recommend matching patterns on only 2 pieces in your outfit. The skinny belt and hijab are just enough to create that cohesion without being too much.”

18. Don’t be afraid of patterns.

“A patterned hijab is a great way to break up an otherwise monochromatic look and incorporate more dimension into the outfit,” Elturk says.

19. Try different techniques.

 “Just like how certain clothes may be more flattering for your body type, you have to experiment with different hijab styles and techniques depending on your face shape,” says Samia.

20. Wear a black hijab to add drama.

“The black color around my face make certain features stand out more and lacks the chaos and distractions certain printed scarves would add,” Khan says. “Hijab is an integral part of my confidence. When I wear the hijab, I’m reminded that I have enough confidence to be able to express my values and incorporate them into my appearance despite all pressure from society.”

21. Mix patterns.

“But to prevent you from looking like print explosion: 1) Wear something solid to break up the prints; 2) Keep the prints in the same plane; and 3) Keep the colors in the same family,” Elturk says.

22. Use a hijab to play with seasonality.

Change your color pallete for the season. Go for bolder colors like maroon and red in the fall and winter.

23. Add animal print to a casual look.

 “I like wearing animal print like a neutral,” Khan says. “A leopard printed hijab can easily turn a basic outfit into a trendy, edgy outfit.”

Express yourself. Love yourself. And have fun!

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