What are interesting Miss Universe winners' stories?

What do you know about Miss Universe winners' stories? How did they become The Misses of their countries? Was it a difficult path? Read to find more!

Miss Universe

The Miss Universe is one of the contests that breaks the country borders and brings all the beauties in one place. The contestants of The Miss Universe pageant are real people with real stories. Some of them made mistakes in their life. All of the had to bridge down obstacles to come to the Miss Universe contest. People may think that they just won a genetic lottery but most of them did their best to be part of The Miss Universe 2015. Nevertheless, some stories can truly help people to understand that there are no barriers for a dream. The Miss Universe 2015 was also one of unusual as the host of the contest made a mistake by naming the winner, but let`s start with victory stories then a mistake.

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Miss Guyana

Miss Universe

Niketa Barker who is 24 now had to start a new life in her fifteen. Her house was burned when she was only a teenager without savings, her family was completely broken and homeless. Two years later she lost her father after a tragic accident. She did not lose her spirit and now she is a student of Guyana Medical Institute where she is happy to deliver children.

Miss USA

Miss Universe
Nia Sanchez, 24. When she was a young girl her parents split up and she stayed with her mother in a women`s shelter. Despite obstacles and difficult young ages in the shelter, she made to The Miss Universe.

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Universe

Gabriela Berrios used to have a weight of 80 kilogrammes. Supposedly, her overweight condition was a reason why she had been bullied around for some time. Thanks to the help of parents and her real friends, of course, not without her own strengths and willingness, she lost 30 kilogrammes. She is proud to represent her country in the contest.

Miss the British Virgin Islands

Miss Universe

Jaynene Jno Lewis who is 25 years old spent over 5 years in Navy. It was brave not to serve her country but also to overcome sexist stereotypes. So, it may be a story for a real Soldier Jane.


Miss Universe

The Miss Universe 2015 is also remembered by a non-traditional variant of the end. The host of the show, Steve Harvey misread the results of The Miss Universe 2015.  According to his first announcement, the crown of the Miss Universe was taken by Miss Colombia. When the blue crown with diamond topaz which cost $ 30 000 was placing on her head, Steve Harvey claimed apology to her and all viewers as he read the results wrong. The actual miss universe crown winner was named miss Philippines.  Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach accepted the crown and Steve Harvey once more apologised before the audience. Miss Colombia broke into sobs as she had to give the crown to another lady. Still, in her post interview, she expressed her best wishes to Miss Philippines and accepted the apologies of the host of the contest. The previous owner of the Miss Universe, Donald Trump admitted the mistake of Steve Harvey. Trump also provided the opinion as it might have been no mistake as Philippines and Columbia both could share the crown of the Miss Universe, but the rules forbid this result.

Miss Universe

Nevertheless, the stories of The Miss Universe contestants along with The Miss Universe occurred mistake may teach people that everything is possible if you do not only dream but make something for this dream.

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