What are leggings Dos and Donts?

Did you know that most women are wearing leggings in the wrong way? How to wear leggings to look sexy and stylish? What you should do and what you should always avoid? Find the answers here!

black leggings

According to the research, most women wear leggings in the wrong way. However, this is an indispensable piece of clothes for every woman. Therefore you definitely need to know how to wear leggings and look gorgeous.

Leggings Don’ts

1.    Don’t wear leggings which are too short. If you wear too short leggings, they will cut you off, and you will look short. Overall, one of the purposes of leggings is to elongate your legs, so never wear short leggings unless you are going to the gym.

leggings which are too short

2.    Don’t wear short tops with leggings. This is the primary rule of wearing leggings. Never wear short tops! Always remember this rule.

3.    Don’t wear too tight materials or see through materials. When your leggings are too tight, it begins to stretch and becomes lighter. And otherwise the more leggings stretch, the lighter it becomes.

too tight materials

4.    Don’t tuck in when you wear leggings.

5.    Don’t wear colorful or graphic patterns and wrong colors. You need to choose the color of your leggings carefully, because if you don’t you have a slutty look.

colorful or graphic patterns

6.    Don’t expose your butt or wear anything short on your leggings. It’s wrong, because when you show your V line, it means that you are doing something incorrectly.

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Leggings Do’s

1.    Wear light underwear. Always wear very light underwear with leggings, choosing seamless panties or G-strings.

light underwear.

2.    Always check the length of your leggings – they shouldn’t be too short.

 length of your leggings

3.    Wear long shirts with leggings. You would not look stylish if you were crop tops. Otherwise, wearing long shirts will make you look matured and sexy on leggings.

long shirts

4.    Choose your shoes carefully. It is better to wear pointy toe pumps and boots if you want to look beautiful. Pick a pump which is couple of inches high  and you will look very stylish.

 Choose your shoes carefully.

5.    Wear less unflattering colors. Choose pleather instead of awkward skinny leggings.

6.    Always wear something longer on top.  Try dressing in a long blazer to cover your butt instead of the short tank top.

 longer on top.

7.    Wear long sweaters to have a fantastic modern-day retro look. Also, you can choose boyfriend jackets.

Hopefully, our tips will help you to wear leggings in a right way and look sexy. Watch the video to learn more tips!

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