What are nigerian fashion color trends in 2016?

Do you want to be fashionable? Read this article to find out what is trendy now.

top 10 colors

Nowadays most of the people are willing to follow the fashion. So what are the colour trends in Nigeria in 2016?

According to the New York Fashion Week experts, there are a lot of intriguing colors which are extremely popular today. The designers around the world had a meeting where they discussed the color palette for this season.

They figured out the 10 best colors. Therefore, all their future collections will be made according to their decision. If you want to follow fashion, look for the clothes of the right color.

The designers are really satisfied with their choice. They are sure that the customers and fashion followers will also appreciate their decision. So if you want to be trendy, listen to the opinion of the experts.

The fashion designers describe the colors as perfect combinations of tenderness and passion. They say that 2016 is a special year.

The palette is supposed to make you feel loved and really impressive. You will feel very comfortable in these colors. The only thing you need to do is choosing the right kind of clothing. A little bit of work and you are going to look just like a model.


These top colors are truly unique. They are established specially for the next season. All the famous and expensive brands are going to use it in their collections. Some of the nicest colors are Peach Echo and Iced Coffee.

Another great thing is that both men and women can wear these colors. This year it’s the unisex palette. That allows you to have more options not depending on what your gender is.

So what are the trend colors in Nigeria in 2016 and what are you going to wear this season? Check your favourite stars’ outfits!

Unique Unisex Palette

The colors are very pleasing. They symbolize the happiness and never-ending optimism.  That’s exactly what you need for this summer 2016. Both men and women can choose the similar clothes, which is really exciting.

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Rose Quartz is a calming color. It will remind you of some nice romantic moments that you experience during summer. Long nights, sunrises, beautiful flowers.

You will feel a lot of pleasure and it will even make you help some more nice memories.


Peach Echo

It is also a tender color. It is also bright which will symbolize the son and all the energy you have in your soul. It will bring you the playful mood and a lot of positive moments.


It will remind you a lot of the summer vibes. Do you remember how you were lying on the beach and looking up in the sky after enjoying swimming in the sea? It symbolizes the power of nature. You should definitely go for it.

Snorkel Blue

This color is the symbol for the sea. However, not the calm sea. It is the energetic sea with the waves. It will remind you of the fun times you had with your friends. A lot of laughing, teasing each other and a true love!

Limpet Shell

It is the calmest color of the collection. It is the freshness, getting rid of the prejudices. It will make you feel more confident and satisfied with your life. Try it on as soon as you see it in the shop!



Fiesta is also a special color in the collection. The designers chose it because it’s the sign of being curious and ready to have an unforgettable adventure. It will make your summer 2016 fashion clothes collection complete.

Green Flash

Green Flash means the new beginning. The summer just started and you are feeling excited of this entire atmosphere. It also symbolizes nature and running away from your everyday life filled with work and a lot of other stresses.

There are even nicer trendy colors which can make your outfits look fresh and fashionable. So if you are not ready for summer yet, take your wallet and go explore the world of fashion!

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