What are the best 3D tattoos ideas?

What parts of the body are the most popular for tattoos? What are widespread drawings among men? Read the information below to learn the best ideas for decoration of your body.

3D tattoos artist

3D tattoos ideas

Art of skin painting promptly develops. With addition of new tools, paints and growth of skill of 3D tattoos artist periodically new styles appear, and old ones receive the second life. 3D tattoos are one of the most difficult, rare and laborious directions of painting on skin. It is difficult to call a volume tattoo full-fledged and independent style. The aspiration to make plots of animals, birds, and insects and so on existed always. But long time to do such work wasn't possible because of its complexity.

Today 3D tattoo became reality. However not in each salon there will be a master who is capable to make 3D tattoo with a spider or butterfly as it will be conceived by you. Such works demand great art skills, enormous experience and good imagination. Looking at photo of 3D tattoos is difficult to understand at once, whether it is real being or just drawing. But there is also a reverse side of it.

3D tattoos images

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Firstly, process of tattooing with a large number of details, flowers and effects, as a rule, is more painful. Degree of feelings depends on place for tattoo, but almost always the master is forced to work long on each centimeter, and impact on skin is strong. If you want to make a volume tattoo, be ready to suffer much. Secondly, 3D tattoo is as a rule, carried out with use of a large amount of saturated colors. It means that over time as a result of paint tarnishing, correction can be necessary for you. But in practice it doesn't cause difficulties. Small color correction is a commonplace for any tattoo salon.

Specialists in a tattoo do their works of art, using a body, like a canvas for arts. As a rule 3D tattoos images are done in the form of color image with maximum specification in volume prospect. Volume drawings can be applied on body in different styles, subjects, and also to cover many genres. The main place here is taken by the level of skill of performer and imagination of the customer wishing to be done by the owner of similar tattoo. We present to your attention some examples.

3D tattoos pictures for men

3D tattoos pictures for men

Characteristic 3D tattoos for men are drawings in the form of insects and various monsters. Original images of various real injuries of skin, scars and other marks are also popular. Despite of not absolutely positive look, even very menacing, such tattoos look effectively, brightly and brutally. Tattoos for men in the form of florid abstract geometrical drawings are also actual. The images done in this style will manage to fascinate and draw attention for a long time.

Tattoos in the form of the scorpion are in a huge demand. Such images are applied sometimes by those men who were born in constellation of scorpion. Tattoo of dragon also looks very effectively and stylishly. Extraordinary brightness of palette of color of mythical being is emphasized with penumbras, shadows and patches of light, which in power to create extraordinary volume. Tattoo for men can be made in any size and style. The unusual visible effect of the volume image on body won't remain unnoticed.

3D tattoos designs for girls

3D tattoos designs for girls

Representatives of charming half of mankind in the majority seek to avoid a subject of various monsters and human mutilations. Therefore, tattoos for girls in 3D are gentle and graceful. Flowers, plants, snakes, and insects are the main motives. The similar drawings made in juicy color scale, certainly, will draw attention of people around. The most demanded and beautiful choice for women is 3D tattoos butterfly. Juicy colors of the image, and also skillfully executed processing of shadows are capable to create an unsurpassed image of the real flitting butterfly. Volume inscriptions go following in popularity. They differ from habitual tattoos with beauty, effect and life. Realistic female tattoos are attractive by boundless quantity of forms and ideas. Rather new direction is regularly replenished with creative decisions and ideas.

Places for 3D tattoos

Places for 3D tattoos

As practice shows, volume tattoos are places on parts with special mobility of muscles: hands, forearms and biceps. So, muscle work can give to the image tremendous mobility. It helps to allocate tattoo with unusual realness and similarity with natural subject. 3D tattoos sleeves, which cover all hands and look as clothes elements, also gain popularity. It is extremely often possible to meet tattoos on hands in 3D. Images on wrists and forearms, thanks to the showiness and brightness, will always get to the center of attention.

As the place, which is extended for tattoo, serves a breast. This area gives a chance to make and image of considerable size. It is also possible to create drawing symmetry. The excellent choice to place a tattoo is back. This area differs in small morbidity, significant area and relief. Special popularity among young girls was gained by waist. In this area, it is possible to put the drawing of any size and subject.

3D tattoos sleeves

Making tattoo is also acceptable on legs. Now it is incredibly stylish and progressive tendency. Such tattoos allow following the established dress code in view of the fact that they without problems can be hidden under clothes. Besides, for girls it is an excess opportunity to emphasize the symmetry and to draw attention of people on their stunning legs! Tattoos on face are not so popular. However, some girls like to do 3D tattoos eyebrows, which imitate natural shape and color of it.

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