What are the best ankara styles of 2016?

Every lady wants to be in trend... What are the best ideas to look fashionable? What are the best ankara styles of 2016? Find out from this article!

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What is Ankara?

Ankara is a new fashion trend that originally came from the streets of Lagos. After many years as a traditional African fashion style, Ankara has now become a worldwide trend being seen on catwalks throughout the world. As countless celebrities have been spotted wearing gorgeous Ankara designs more and more people have adopted this new style as their own. Now, you can see Ankara everywhere on the streets and in the fashion boutiques, as these bold fabric designs have become increasingly more popular. Ankara prints come in a wide variety of colours and pattern styles.

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Ankara is a Type of Printed Fabric

Ankara is the word used to describe the bright printed fabric that is inspired by African fashion. For this reason Ankara style is not just found in clothes but also on bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Now that Ankara is in the mainstream, the perception of “what Ankara is” has changed dramatically. In the past, Ankara fabric was produced primarily in Africa as for the manufacturing of traditional garbs. Now, everyone is making their own version of Ankara prints for clothing and other purposes.

Ankara styles 2016

The popular Ankara is so beautiful that you can make any design from it other than the conventional ”Iro and Buba” style. Skirt, skirt and blouse, gown, flare dress…you name it. You can do a lot with any type of Ankara material, as seen in some recent men Ankara designs. It’s the people’s favourite because of it’s incredible fit on different body shapes and sizes. All you need is the right shoes and bag to match. Depending to the style you choose, it can be worn to almost all events or occasions.

If you love African prints or Ankara, you will lust over African prints Maxi skirts – you can style in many ways – whether with a tee, tank, blouse, layering and a suitable accessories. From dressed up fancy to a little bit funky, work appropriate to playful weekend ensembles, flip through to see the 30 different ways you can style your favorite maxi skirts for any season. You can thank us later, but don’t forget to tell us your favorite style.

Here are some beautiful Ankara styles for women which we selected specially for you. Be in trend!

woman in ankara

lady ankara

red ankara

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