What are the best bridal makeup styles for Nigerian beauties?

How to choose the best bridal makeup style? What is the most beautiful makeup style? Find out many interesting ideas and makeup pictures in this article!

 the best bridal makeup

You can tell a lot about the woman just looking at her makeup. Therefore, it is important to choose such makeup for your wedding which matches your personality.  Before you decide what makeup look to choose, consider following tips:

1.    Start planning earlier. Start to take special care of your skin, hair and nails six weeks before the wedding.

2.    Choose the makeup artist. Start to do it as early as possible. Look at different photos and select the artists, whose work you like most of all and then contact them.

best bridal makeup styles for Nigerian

3.    Choose colors. The colors of our makeup should complement your bouquet and wedding dress colors.

4.    Choose style. The style should be chosen according to your preferences and the time of the wedding.  Choose such style which suits your personality. The time of the wedding is also important to consider.  If the wedding is arranged on the morning or afternoon, choose lighter and more natural look.  And if it's in the evening then go for a bit dramatic look.

best bridal Nigeria

5.    Decide what you want to highlight. One of the most important tips is that you need highlight something one: your eyes or your lips.  For example, if you make your eyes bright, then make your lips light. Also, make your brows as sharp as possible. To make the effect of a facelift, add the color to your cheeks which blends with your skin color.

best bridal makeup beautiful

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And finally, after you have considered all these tips, it is time to choose the makeup look.  Keep in mind that it is better to try applying the makeup before the wedding. Choose what you like and take photos to show them to your makeup artist. Here are some ideas.

1.    Nude


If your skin is the good condition and if you are confident to try something unusual, this makeup is for you! For this makeup, you should use the new Dramatic Chromatic eye shadow pigment from NYX in “mocha”. It will keep the eyes subtle and highlight them at the same time.  The eyeliner will add some drama to the look. For the best effect, use Mac’s “fluid line” gel liner.

2.    Glitz ‘n’ Glam

Glitz ‘n’ Glam

This makeup would be suitable for both white and traditional wedding. If you are fond of glam and glitz, this style is for you! You will need NYX’s ‘natural’ extreme lip shine in the middle for a slight ombre effect and Nouba’s Millebacci liquid lipstick in 66. Besides this makeup features a glamorous cut-crease accentuated by gold glitter from NYX.

3.    Electric

.    Electric

This make would be the perfect choice for the bride which likes to attract attention. The eyes are the main focus of this look. To create these awesome eyes, use the Makeup Forever electric eyeshadow palette and pink glitter from NYX. Apply NYX’s lip cream in ‘Candy Land’  for your lips. It will not look too bright, so the eyes will not be overshadowed. This lip cream will give your lips gorgeous pink shade.

4.    Purple Diva

Purple Diva

This makeup is created for a real diva who is not afraid to be playful and use such bright color as purple. Use NYX’s Purple Rain lip liner as well as Mac’s Candy Yum Yum and Dose of colors in Petals to create the ombre lips. The eyes feature colors from Urban Decays electric palette.

5.    Nefertiti


This look is sophisticated and sensual at the same time. Use the gold pigment on the eyelids from Inglot and Mac’s “fluid line” gel liner for the double winged eyeliner. To make the illusion of luscious plump lips, choose  NYX’s Glam lipstick in “Aqua Luxe”. Your cheeks are also important, use The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer to bronze them.

6.    Bold


This makeup is for a glamor stylish lady. The look is daring and bold on the waterline, but neutral and soft on leads. Apply Nouba’s Millebacci liquid lipstick in 45 on the lips and  Mac’s Candy Yum yum to create the ombre effect. To make your eyes so beautiful, use pink glitter from NYX in the inner corner of the eyes and purple from Urban Decays “Electric” eyeshadow palette on the waterline.

We wish you to shine on your wedding and enjoy yourself!

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