What are the best curly hairstyles for round faces?

Curly hair looks beautiful. Especially if the curly hairstyle fits woman image, the features of her face, the figure, and the whole image. What are the best curly hairstyles for round face? Let's find out the answer to this question!


Often curly hair by nature was always the envy of girls with straight hair. And at the same time, they're almost a punishment to their owners, who just dream how to make them smooth and manageable. It`s harder to take care of curly hair than the straight. By the way, curly hair often has more delicate and brittle structure. As a result, they are easier to get tangled up, and put them in a neat hairstyle is much more complicated.
It is a fact that curly hair visually enhances a round face, making the cheeks and chin more convex and rounded.
Curly hair has their advantages which should be used wisely in the formation of your image. This means that you need to choose right the haircuts for curly hair and face shape.

Curly hair and round face: what type of hairstyle to choose?

In general, basic tips on choosing the haircut for girls with curly hair not different from advice for girls with straight hair. You should be guided in selecting hairstyles according to the following features: 

  • the shape of the face; 
  • the structure of the hair; 
  • facial features and body type.

round face

If you focus your attention on tips, it won`t so hard to choose the hairstyle. It isn`t so hard to choose the hairstyle if you focus your attention on tips which can help yours in selecting.

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The importance of face shapes for curly hairstyles

Face shape is considered to be a fundamental factor in the choice of hairstyles. The ideal is an oval shape. Almost all types of haircuts and any hair length can suit the oval face shape. However, if a girl has round face with curly hair, she needs to be careful. It is known that volume hairstyles and haircuts of medium length more accentuate the roundness of your face. If a girl has the triangular shape face, it`s best to avoid short curly hairstyles because they will further draw attention to the tapered chin.

face shape

Facial features also play a significant role in the selection of hairstyles. If a girl has protruding ears, it is better to avoid hairstyles that will be able to handle them. Short neck is not necessary to emphasize by a medium length of hair and long nose well-disguised by short fluffy haircut of curly hair. Also, it is worth to remember the features of a body you have. Cheap fragile girl with green, long hair seem even smaller and smaller, but a big girl with the same hairstyle can visually make a proportional.

Hairstyles and face shape

Naturally many women have curly waves which are so suitable for round-faced beauties. The girls can have any layered haircut for long and medium hair that is, starting below the chin.
The situation will be a little bit easier if you prefer short hair. The primary volume should be at the top of a head, visually make your face longer. Many people believe that it`s better to forget about short haircuts for curly hair with round face, but actually, all depends on the correct choice of the level of the bottom cut.

For wavy hair, the ideal haircut is blunt bob. However, it is necessary carefully remove excess hair in the area of the cheeks. For such type of hair, it`s necessary to do hairstyles without bangs or with extended oblique bangs. These hairstyles make round face more elongated.

curly hair

However, if you have a resilient and strong curly hair, it's difficult to choose a hairstyle. The main rule for such hair and round face shape is to try to grow their hair below the chin. Also, many stylists recommend doing a layered haircut for curly hair.

If the hair is curly and thick, it is desirable to slightly thin out the hair over the entire area of a head. It is important to know that all round-faced girls with curly hair, has to make their haircut on the dry hair in the salon. This method allows you to accurately make a cut without violating the structure of naturally curly hair and see the accuracy of the location of each layer.

curly hair

To reduce the hair volume in your cheekbones, curly hair has to straighten using a flat iron or a special gel, removing thereby the pomp haircut. However, the end of hair can be left slightly wavy. This will help you to lengthen the face shape, visually bringing it closer to the oval type.

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Such haircut will create a romantic and slightly playful image. It is considered before that short hairstyles are not suited for curly hair, but fashion dictates otherwise, short curly hair are becoming a very popular trend.

#1 Eton crop hairstyle

Such kind of hairstyle is suitable for girls with thin and small features of a face. This hairstyle requires oval or rectangular shape of a face. At the same time, owners of this haircut can for a couple of minutes transform unruly curls into a sleek strict hairstyle using different remedies.

eton crop

#2 Bob hairstyle

Bob is one of the most successful examples of short haircuts for curly hair. This haircut will be a real decoration for girls with round face – it will make it visually thinner and neater.


Hairstyles for long curly hair

They are radically opposed to long curly hair. They immediately added tenderness and gracefulness.
Long hair with trimmed cascade suited to owners of slightly wavy hair. But this hairstyle will look beautifully if your hair is thick and heavy – then the curls will not be jammed, will hold shape and will look beautiful.

long curly hair

The only thing that should be forbidden is short bangs. It won't lay as smooth as nature hair, and also, with constant pulling, it will look unnatural against the rest of the curls.

Hairstyles for medium curly hair

Usually, they are very popular because care for them is easier than long hair, but they look more feminine than short.
Curly hair shoulder-length easy to keep in order, and if desired they are quickly transformed into stylish haircuts in time of 20 years with wavy oblique bangs and clear big curls in light and fluffy mess of strands in the style of Meg Ryan.

medium curly hair

The hairdresser is slightly modified – by making asymmetric. Enough strands from one side of the face to make a little shorter. And the overall image will become more daring and attention-grabbing.

If you have curls, you will have to pay attention the choice of haircuts and hairstyles carefully. Since improper hair styling can emphasize the massiveness of the face, making it flat and round. Also, try to comb bang to the side, putting her in waves. This will allow you to narrow and elongate a round face shape visually.

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