What are the best Ghana braids styles?

Ghana is a famous African hairstyle that looks particularly interesting. The braids are additionally known as banana braids, pencil or cornrow braids, and they use a special braiding technique. Read the article to find the examples.


The weaving complements women with frizzy hair that’s hard to style, and it matches perfectly with all kinds of outfits. Choose the hairstyle that best matches with your preferences and give yourself a hairstyle change for the summer. Here are Ghana braids ideas to inspire you.

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Zig Zag Ghana Braids

Ghana braids styles

These red Ghana braids in a zigzag are cool. The braiding is neat and compact, which makes the hairstyle ideal for summer. As for the color, if you think it’s time for a change you should try out red. It works with any outfit, and it will instantly bring out the color of your skin.

Cornrow Braids in A Bun

This beautiful hairstyle begins in the front. The cornrows go from a fragile weaving to increasingly more prominent braids. Top off the style with a high bun to give your hairdo an extra touch of glam. The final result will surely exceed all your expectations.

Spiral Braids

Ghana braids styles

An excellent alternative to the regular Ghana braids. The weaving begins in the front thus creating a visual, spiral effect. We love the thin/thick alteration of the braids, as well as the low ponytail that add more continuity to the hairdo.

Bulky Braids & Low Bun

Bulkier Ghana braids are great when you don’t want to spend a lot of time at the salon. They’re easy to make and topped with a bun they complement perfectly any outfit. The style is excellent for women who love to wear over-sized earrings. Emphasize an original look and give your hair the makeover it deserves.

3D Ghana Braids

Embossed Ghana braids are the newest trend in hairstyling. Choose thinner or thicker braids and ask your stylist to give them a 3D effect. It's the embossing of these braids that make the style work and appear so cool. There’s no doubt that the effect created will make people turn heads wherever you go.

Blonde Braids

It’s time for a change in hair color this season. If you love ghana braids but you’d like to give them a different allure, opt for blonde braids. Cornrows, in particular, are kind of interesting; they will completely change the way you look, not to mention that they will highlight the tone of your skin in the most sublime way.

Dual Effect

Ghana braids styles

Women who are sick and tired of the old-fashioned Ghana braids should consider a fresh styling. This octopus inspired hairstyle made of thin and thick Ghana braids are absolutely fabulous. The bulkier aspect of the bigger braids blends in perfectly with, the lighter ones. The final hairdo will have a wow effect on people.

Shiny Braids

Shiny Ghana braids with a hidden bun is a hairstyle perfect for a wedding or beach party. The hairdo looks incredibly compact, and this way you have the opportunity to protect your locks from damaging sunlight in the summer.

Long, Chic Braids

Rather than cut your hair and be sorry down the road, why not have it braided in a couple of chic Ghana braids? The hairstyle featured above has a fabulous urban allure. We love the spiral effect in the front!

Neat Ghana Braiding

Ghana weaving is an incredibly stylish braiding that many African women adore. The hairstyle in the picture above looks particularly elegant and sleek. Over-sized at the top of the head and rather thinner by the shoulder, the hairdo is an excellent option for women who love the casual look.

Ghana Braids & Blue Hints

Ghana braids styles

Super sleek Ghana braids are a perfect hairstyle for elegant women too. The hairdo highlights a woman’s beautiful facial features, not to mention that it allows them to play around and wear the craziest, most new earrings.

Ghana Braids & Shaved Side

Give a twist to your Ghana braids and shave some hair in the front. This will highlight the shape of your face and bring out your best features – eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

Elevated Braiding

In the mood for super long braids? Check out these fancy Ghana braids with a nice side parting. The X in the front makes the hairdo appear even more ingenious and fresh.

Elegant Ghana Braids

Whether you’re going to a party or wedding, these beautiful Ghana braids will surely turn some heads around. The neat look of the weaving is stunning. Straightforward and chic – exactly what you need to make an impression.

Ghana Braids with a Twist

Ghana braids styles

Give a twist to your regular Ghana braids and have them braided on the sides. To make things even more attractive, opt for additional micro-braiding. The effect will make an impression.

Micro-Ghana Braiding

Micro Ghana braids are excellent if you have long hair. It is a very good hairdo that emphasizes your features and makes you feel attractive. Go for a zigzag parting in the middle, and be ready to shine!

Top Bun & Loose Locks

For an easy type of hairdo, you should try out this fresh top bun with loose locks on the back. It will make you appear taller and most sophisticated. A must-have at any beach party or social event.

Artistic Ghana Braids & Low Ponytail

Ghana braids styles

Ghana braiding can be particularly sophisticated. The weaving we can admire in the photo above is hands-down the coolest type of hairstyle we’ve ever seen. It seems so avant-garde but at the same time linear and absorbing. Top off the hairdo with a low ponytail, and you’ll look amazing!

Thin Ghana Braids

Check out these tiny Ghana braids! They will beautifully shape your head, thus emphasizing your cheekbones and jaw line. The hairstyle is recommended in the summer when women with frizzy hair have troubles keeping their locks organized.

Ombre Effects

Give your Ghana braids an added touch of glam and go for a light shade at the tips. Choose a fragile weaving to make your hairdo seem more fluid, and you’ll surely love the result.

Compact Weaving & Center Parting

It might seem unusual to have a center parting, but in this case, it just works. We love the effect created; the Ghana braids will cover your head entirely, thus making the hairstyle look awesome.

Purple Ghana Braids

Ghana braids styles

Purple is such a trendy color, regardless of the season. It works perfectly with braids as it will genuinely bring out the chocolate color of your skin. Wear the braids loose by the shoulders or tied on the back.

Side Braids

These sided over-sized Ghana braids are perfect in a day time. They’re simple but chic, which will allow you to pair them with the most sophisticated outfits. If you’re searching for an easygoing, playful hairdo, this is it!

Turban-Like Ghana Braids

Nobody will even know you have Ghana braids! This elaborate hairstyle gives the impression that you’re wearing a turban on your head. The distance between the braids is almost inexistent; which is exactly why the hairdo is so appealing.

Classic Ghana Braids

Sometimes the coolest hairstyle is the simplest. Just like in fashion, in hairstyling less is more. The hairdo presented in the picture above is impeccable. If you have an absolutely round head and a pronounced jaw line, then you must try it out. Complemented by a little bun on the back, the looks is both elegant and chic.

Make yourself stand out this season and give your hairstyle a complete makeover. Ghana braids, in particular, are ideal if you have curly or frizzy hair, and you don’t want to spend hours on a daily basis to style it. The hairdo is incredibly original; it can be designed differently, so you have a wide variety of choices. Pick the one you love the most by checking out of Ghana braids suggestions and prepare to embrace your new hairdo. It will suit your personality perfectly!

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