What are the best Nigerian hairstyles with attachment for women?

What is the technique of African hair styling? What are the ways of doing it at home? Read the information below to learn more info about it.

Nigerian hairstyles braiding

Nigerian hairstyles braiding

Anyone has the feeling when there is a desperate wish for changes. But it is very terrible: if the new hairstyle won't be suitable for you? However, there is a way to change you considerably without risking, and the main thing is that it will be allowed returning to the habitual shape at any time. So you can think about African braids. The reasons, for which it is necessary to do African braids:

  • If you want to attract attention of people around,
  • If you want to look much younger,
  • If you have no time for daily hair styling,
  • If you have bothered to wash the head five-six times a week,
  • If you don't want to color your hair, but dream to change the color.

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 Braids and Nigerian hairstyles with attachment

If at least one of the listed points suits you, think that maybe it is worth making African braids. It would be a mistake to think that to have many African braids, it is necessary to have an impressive stock of own hair. It is quite enough to have the hair reaching 3 – 4 centimeters in length as the braid is made of artificial fiber. If your own hair is long, then they are interwoven into a braid together with this fiber. Owners of a long hair can ask a question whether it is possible to do braids from your own hair. It is possible not always. In order that the hairstyle was really African, it is necessary to have thick and dense hair, not becoming practically flat right after braiding. But the synthetic material, which fastens at the basis of hair with the special knot, easily copes with this task and then it is braided well. If you do a hair at the skilled master, you shall not worry about the quality of braids. They won't fall off. Especially such manipulations as the washing of the head or hair styling don’t threaten the safety of a hairstyle. Correctly braided braids will sustain everything, therefore if the master refuses to give a guarantee for the work, it has to confuse you. Theoretically, African braids keep very long. However, the real term of wearing those depends on the growth rate of your hair. On average hair grow is 1 centimeter a month, therefore, in 3 – 6 months the hairstyle will look not accurately, and braids should be removed. However, it depends also on the chosen color of the artificial fiber.

If it precisely coincides with your own, then the difference between the grown and braided hair won't be evident and braids can be worn as long as you find it suitable. However, braids are a unique opportunity to experiment with color, without being afraid for the health of own hair. Those who have long hair can highlight braids, having picked up artificial fiber on several tones lighter or darker than natural hair. The bound hair will create the effect of highlighting. Besides, such braids look much more natural, than absolutely monophonic. It is preferable to spin braids in house conditions also because in the first several hours after creation of a hairstyle the headaches connected with the unusual tension of muscles are possible – you’ll have the whole bush of hair on your head! However, you shouldn't be frightened – further such headaches won't disturb you. Heavy hair will influence only your bearing, making it straight. Besides, it is better to do braids not on fresh-washed hair but already on slightly soiled – it is quicker and more reliable. After you have done your hair, the head can be washed as usual. However, you will adhere to the habitual schedule of washing of the head no more than one or two weeks, following it just as a habit, as really need for water procedures with such hairstyle arises not more often than once a week though there are also those people, for whom it is enough to wash the head once a month.

Nigerian hairstyles

Braids and Nigerian hairstyles with attachment – how to do?

It is possible to fix each braid in the different ways:

  • threads,
  • elastic bands,
  • a special gluing structure.

You will need a thin hairbrush. For giving of length and volume to a hairstyle, it is desirable to get an artificial hair, which doesn't do harm to own hair, has a high quality and a variety of color scale. There are different types of Nigerian hairstyles:

Way 1

  • Carefully comb hair and divide them into zones with the hairbrush in an occipital part in the horizontal direction. Allocate the first line of hair and divide it into small squares of desirable width (influences density of braids).
  • Take the first preparation and divide it into three parts. Fix the side locks with little fingers, and central with forefinger and big fingers.
  • Work as at doing of a standard braid, turning hands up. Enclose locks one under another through a bottom. Pull hair evenly.
  • Fix the end of a braid in the chosen way.
  • Work until all hair is collected in braids.

Way 2

It is made as previous, with one difference: synthetic fibers are added to the native hair. It is possible to braid only after an attachment of thread at roots. After that, it is necessary to work with hands as it is described above.

Nigerian braids hairstyles gallery

Nigerian braids hairstyles gallery

  • Beyoncé

This is a simple, but the effective option of a bunch. Similar hair can be done in few minutes. It is good for universality.

  • Brandy Norwood

The naughty look, which such hairstyle gives, will suit courageous and self-assured girls. With such tail image of the captain of cheerleaders is guaranteed to you.

  • Jill Scott – a combination of Nigerian hairstyles weaving.

A half is braids, and another half – a voluminous bright hair. A similar style is recommended to extraordinary persons.

• Naturi Naughton

This braid differs in the thought-over negligence. At the expense of it, additional attractive volume appears.

  • Regina King

The remarkable option of figured weaving. Hair is combed back that makes an image sexual and strict.


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