What are the best tips on how to make the nose look smaller?

Sometimes ladies feel like making their nose look smaller. But do you know the best way to do that? We have an answer, so keep reading to learn how to do that right now.

How to make your nose look smaller

Girls need to feel the confidence to feel good about themselves. It is hard for a girl that feels insecure for any reason to achieve new heights and strive for the best. Therefore, in case she is insecure about the way she looks, especially about the way her nose looks like, she can try to solve this issue. There are many ways to make your nose look smaller either with or without makeup.

Keep in mind that there is always a possibility to have surgery done on your nose. It will fix the size and shape of your nose once and for always. But you should note that the surgery is a painful process and can have different consequences depending on a doctor that did it on you. Moreover, surgery is expensive, so it will take your time to “fix” your nose.

Therefore, we highly recommend using our advice on how to make your nose look smaller with makeup or without it, as it is pain-free and just a question of skills and patience. We shall start with a way to make your nose look smaller with makeup. There are certain techniques you need to follow to make your nose thinner and more attractive.

How to make your nose look thinner

You need to start with choosing the shade for the makeup foundation. You can try to figure what shade you need by working with regular eyeshadows on your face. Then go to the store and choose three things: one foundation that is 2-3 shades darker than your face, the other that is 2-3 shades lighter than your face skin and finally on that is the same shade as your face skin.

The next thing you need to do is make sure that you have enough tools for makeup. You will need to be brushed of different shape, a sponge, etc. You can get a whole set that will save your time choosing the perfect one in a store. If you already have necessary tools clean them with soap to kill all the bacteria and remnants of the powder and creams that you used with them last time. Before starting putting a makeup that will make your nose look smaller, you need to make sure that your face is not oily. Oil that appears on your face when you sweat, especially in summer, can prevent you from wearing your makeup throughout the day without having to fix it.

After cleaning your face, take your foundation (the one with your skin color) and start putting it on your face. Next, take the powder that is slightly darker than your face shade. Draw a line with a brush on each of the sides of the broad nose. Remember that you do not need to much powder, as it can lead to the rash on your skin. So be sure to get rid of the excessive powder when drawing these lines. Then take the foundation you got that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin color and make a “shadow” with it around your nostrils. But make these shadows very nice and not too bright.

how to make your nose look smaller with makeup

The next thing you might be willing to do to make your nose look smaller with makeup is drawing an arrow tip for your nose, especially if it is wide or big. Making it look sharp you also make it look smaller. Then move to working on the bridge of your nose. Take a lighter foundation and use it on the bridge to put an emphasis on it. You are almost there; the only thing left for you to do here is to blend all the lines carefully with a sponge, and your makeup that will make your nose look smaller is dine.

However, if for some reasons you do not wear makeup, you can still make your nose look smaller without it. What you need to do then is to switch the focus from your nose to a different part of your face. For instance, if you have oily skin, it first appears on your nose, which attracts much attention to it. On the contrary, enough care and attention given to your skin will prevent than much attention given to it so that you can feel more comfortable about it. You should either use to eliminate the shine or use special powder throughout the day to cover the oily parts. Whatever you choose, make sure to deal with it.

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You can also try by letting people focus on your eyes. You can choose to wear the eyeshadows that are of the same color as your eyes, which will make your eyes stand out and attract attention. You can get a liner to experiment or try different styles depending on the place you are going to attend with that makeup. However, if you do not wear makeup much, be careful, as you might use wrong shades and colors and that will make you feel even more insecure.

how to make your nose look thinner with makeup

You can also try paying more attention to our hair. For instance, you can get a better hairstyle that will keep the focus. The haircuts with the hair on one side are better for people that do not like their noses, as the nose in this situation looks smaller. You can experiment with your hair as long as you trust the choices of your stylist. It is commonly known that haircuts can help making your nose look smaller without makeup.

Adding more volume to your hair is also an option. Gorgeous hair leaves no space for you to worry about your nose. You do not necessarily have to go to a stylist to add volume. All you need to do is to choose new products that will make your hair healthier and thicker. The care style you choose depends on your hair. Therefore, girls with curly hair need less effort to add volume. That is why a regular mousse can be an answer here. Try to wear your hair without making any hairstyles or braiding it, as it seems to have more volume this way.

how to make the nose look smaller without makeup

And finally, if you want to make your nose look smaller without wearing makeup, you can try wearing bold accessories. Try to accentuate your ears if you like them, of course. Moreover, the style professionals recommend switching to lenses instead of glasses to draw more attention to your eyes instead of the nose.

Taking all things into consideration, it is possible to make your nose look smaller even without having to have surgery or wearing massive makeup every day. All you need is to learn some basics in makeup and sticks to them. And do not worry, it is never hopeless, you just need to add a bit more effort to your general look.

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