What are the most fashionable bridal bouquet ideas?

Planning a wedding? Looking for bridal bouquet design ideas? Read this article and find out more about bridal bouquet styles and ideas.

So beautiful

Wedding bridal bouquet is one of the essential attributes of the celebration. In recent years, its importance has increased dramatically - it happens that bouquet becomes the brightest, contrasting elements of the wedding image. Beautiful bouquet for the bride - is not only a tradition, but also a luxury accessory, an integral part of wedding attire. And like any other accessory it should be up to date and trendy.

White bouquet

What will it be? Tender, juicy, small, fragrant, unusual - it depends on many factors. Flower arrangements are selected according to the style of the wedding at the bride's request, depending on the time of year, the colors attire.

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What is it, a wedding bouquet in 2016? Each year, florists surprise us with new beautiful trends. But do not worry...the classical bouquet compositions also haven’t been canceled! What a bunch you choose for your ceremony - classic or trendy – it is up to you to decide. The main thing is to choose the color and decide whether it can be combined with an external view of the bride, and the general atmosphere of the wedding.

The dream

And one more rule: wedding bouquet should be ordered to be made only by a talented professional florist (unsuccessfully created bouquet for bride can spoil the mood at the wrong time). Some years or dozens of years ago, cream or white roses were the foundation of every other bridal bouquet. Nobody thought about the fact that the composition can also consist of orchids, tulips, peonies and lilies of the valley. These bouquets are suitable for the gentle, the traditional image of the bride.

  • Orchids – ideal flowers for a bridal bouquet

In the wedding bouquet made of orchids there many advantages. Orchid represents a symbol of refinement and fertility, perfection and gives impetus to the young family. Bridal bouquet of orchids – is the top of chic, elegance and beauty. Bride with delicate orchids looks at the wedding as a white flower. Orchids are loved all around the world for good reason - indescribable beauty of inflorescences and long flowering duration.

Rosy peonies

  • Peonies – indispensible part of making bridal bouquet

Peonies are very popular among brides all over the world. And this is not surprising, they add a romantic image to the bride, tenderness, lightness. But, unfortunately, peonies - are seasonal flowers, a bouquet of them can be made only from April to July. At other times, it is difficult to do it.

Brides appreciate peonies for their natural charm and romance. The color palette is very delicate and airy. They look great in mono-bouquet and in combination with other colors. During the wedding day peonies may behave differently. Therefore, when making the bouquet you need to take into account the peculiarities of the selected varieties of peonies, the air temperature and the duration of the wedding celebration.


  • Irises – creative bridal bouquet idea

Having created a combination of these plants, the bride won’t mistake, because irises have some essential advantages:

Low odor. Irises have thin and subtle flavor, this kind of flowers with its gentle smell is suitable even for women, who can’t tolerate both harsh and bright aromas of flowers.

Neat and nice

A great palette of shades. Pale rosy, bright blue, lilac, white - is not the whole amount of rich diversity of species of irises. Each participant of this honourable occasion can choose the shade that will perfectly comply with wedding decorations and, especially, dress.

Many florists say that to create a bridal bouquet it is necessary to use natural flowers of blue. Blue is one of the most favorable solutions. And thanks to the wide range of different shades of blue color, you can create the most delicate and incredibly beautiful blue bridal bouquet, which will be the main highlight of the entire celebration.

How cute

Blue flowers are very beautiful combined with white flowers, these two colors complement and enrich each other. You can add a little green leaves or grass stems. You can combine different shades of blue in a bouquet. Blue forget-me-not flowers, cornflower, hydrangea, iris. Very original is bouquet of muscari flowers or lavender.

  • A bouquet with a brooch

One of the latest fashion trends. Flowers decorated with brooches, and sometimes entirely consist of decorative elements. Very extravagant.

  • Wine shades

What to do without marsala - Queen of the colours? This noble color can complement the image of the most demanding fashionable bride.

Blue flowers

  • Cascading bouquets

 Several layers flowing at each other. The length can be of any request of a bride. Contemporary bouquets – these are original bouquets, which are created in such a way that it seems that flowers are attached to each other by accident. In fact, here lies the creative idea and the most careful calculations in the creation of the bouquet. The most popular color of flowers - white, pale pink, red, purple, blue, pastel shades.

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