What are the most fashionable bridal shoes in 2016?

Do you know what bridal shoes are the most fashionable in 2016? What did famous designers present on the bridal expos this year? Let’s find out together here.

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A bride has to be perfect. That is why ladies spent hours and hours looking at the most fashionable bridal magazines and visiting all kinds of bridal expos available. In 2016 alone a lot of bridal shows and expos took place all over the world signalizing the rising interest of girls and women to look perfectly well on their wedding day. That is why the number of such events is growing along with the increasing number of visitors of these shows.

However, in this article we will have a look at the wedding shoes brides will be offered in 2016. We will choose the most popular ones from the long list of available shoes in the world of fashion.

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We will start with the perfectly beautiful shoes by Beverly Feldman with a gorgeous rose placed on the heel. With these shoes, no bride will look ordinary no matter of the dress.

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The next ones are entirely white shoes on high heels with a nice white bow on the front part. These shoes were presented by Stuart Weitzman and had since gained immense popularity.

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Our favorite shoes are submitted by Kate Spade. They come in glitzy gold color and have a darling bow on the side to draw attention to beautiful legs of a bride dancing in them.

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Let’s move on to our next shoes made by Loeffler Randall. They come in white color and look as if they are meant to dance in. They have this modern look no bride can resist.

bridal shoes 2016

The bridal shoes number five are done by Jason Wu, and they look gorgeous. They come in a stunning golden color and are extremely fashionable. Moreover, they are comfortable enough for you to walk a whole wedding day in them and still feel your legs by the end of the day (most brides know how important it is to pick comfortable shoes).

bridal shoes 2016

Another pair of bridal shoes of 2016 is done by Aruna Seth. They are slightly pink and have glitterish bows on the front side which make them look like princess shoes after all (and brides want to look like princesses on their most important day of their life).

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We have one more bridal shoes with flowers to tell you about. These ones are white and have a beautiful flower on the peep toe. They are high heels as well and will match to almost any dress. The author of these shoes is Butter heel.

Now as you know the most fashionable bridal shoes that were presented on the bridal expos of 2016, you have all the reasons to start dreaming about getting married in these shoes. So maybe check them online and get on of these babies to make you look even more stunning on your wedding day. Remember it is your day, and you should be perfect. These bridal shoes can help you with that.

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