What are the most fashionable eyebrows styles today?

Thin or thick? Nude or saturated? Which eyebrows style are in the trend today? Read the article to choose your brows style. 

eyebrows style

The women often underestimate a real importance of eyebrows in creating the perfect look. In fact, the eyebrows style may utterly destroy or absolutely improve the whole image. Let’s take a look at the most stylish eyebrow shapes. 

They aren’t here

In a world of high fashion almost nude forehead becomes a very meaningful trend. A few years ago the eyebrows styles like this one might have been misunderstood, but now the absence of eyebrows is quite appreciated. 

eyebrows nude

If you want to choose this look, you haven’t to delete them. Just tone the eyebrows with tonal crème and powder to align their color with the skin. They usually wear this style with smoky eyes and dark lips. But, remember! No bright colors! 

Pale tale 

This option gives you a chance not to mask your brows completely, but to make them less visible. Use a good powder to tone the eyebrows on their exterior angles and leave internal angles in the contrast with the pale part. 

eyebrows colour

It the best way to style your brows for nude make up.  You can even allow yourself to color your lips with red, but not very bright lipstick or glow. 

Double brow 

New fashion trend from world podiums is a double brow. The idea is to distinguish a natural brow with another fake one. This bottom eyebrow must be preferably made of rhinestones. Or at least some silver gel eyeshadows may be used. 

eyebrows glow

Of course, you can’t wear it with a daily makeup. But it’s quite an original look for cocktail dresses and even evening gowns. 

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Thin black line 

The perfect eyebrows of young girls are thin. Actually women over 40 can’t afford this style as it will look too unnatural and even vulgar. But for younger ladies, it’s a good way to create a daily look.

thin eyebrows shape

Here the shadows for brows, powder, and tone fluids aren’t enough. You should tweeze the eyebrows each week or two. Be attentive and look after your brows shape carefully as even a few fine hairs can destroy your perfect eyebrows. 

Wild and sexy

It’s another extreme of eyebrow styling. Wild wide brows are more than popular among a lot of celebrities. This style is capable of creating a look by itself without any additional makeup. It emphasizes your personality much better than any other cosmetic tricks. 

eyebrows celebrities

You can try to create a look like this with a help of comb, getting all the hair your brows higher. Then use a bit of dark shadows or bronzer (for evening look) on the internal angle of eyebrows. Fix your creation with a gel for brows. 

Natural is new fashionable 

For a long time, an absence of makeup on brows seemed to be inappropriate. They said it made a look incomplete. But times are changing. Therefore, natural brows without any makeup on are considering as a new style. 

eyebrows makeup

You can choose a gel depending on your eyebrows color (or try colorless gel) and use it daily. It will give you more precise line and color. Or just look after their shape and comb them each day. 

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