What are the most fashionable male hairstyles in 2016?

What are the most fashionable hairstyles for men in 2016? How to understand whether the trendy haircut will be suitable for you or not? How to ask for the new hairstyle in a barbershop? Find out this and other useful information in this article!

most fashionable male hairstyle

Picking the right hairstyle for the men is always challenging. Men’s fashion changes very fast and following the trends is not easy. However, it is very important for the man to make a good first impression. Therefore we have created a list with the most popular hairstyles for men in 2016. The guide describes different styles as well as tips on how to ask for each haircut at a barbershop.

1.    Pompadour


This haircut is one of the most popular hairstyle trends of the last 50 years. Pompadour is unique because of the large volume of hair in the front that gradually recedes towards the back.  Overall, this haircut features short hair on the back and sides with long hair on top.

Elvis Presley made this hairstyle for men very attractive in the 1950s. After that, many other celebrities followed him.


How to get a haircut: Your haircut totally depends on how you want to style the sides. If you want to slick back your sides, leave the hair longer (about one to two inches). To create the pomp on top, leave your hair long enough to flow back, gradually trimming the hair in the middle and back.  If you prefer short tapered sides, tell your barber to make low, medium or high fade that is blended into the top.

Talking about the top length, you need to determine how much height you want. Extreme pompadour requires hair that is six inches long. However, it is better to keep the haircut between three and six inches to look trendy and stylish. 

2.    Fade


The fade hairstyle was very popular for many years. This haircut also became a part of the undercut and pompadour hairstyles, which feature long hair on top and fades on the sides.  The fade has various forms such as a classic, high, mid and low cut.


How to get a haircut: If you want a classic fade, ask the barber to cut the sides and back short with clippers. Most fades start with shaved sides and taper toward the top of the hair. Overall, the length of the cut depends on your own preferences.

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3.    Man Bun

 Man Bun

Interesting to know that the man bun exploded onto the fashion scene in 2015.  This haircut will not suit everybody. Therefore we recommend you to ask friends, family, and barber if you are right for the look.  Also, your decision of making a man bun depends on whether or not you can pull it off.

Man Bun

How to get a haircut: The man bun requires a long hair all around, so you will be able to pull all of your hair to the back of your head and tie it up in a bun. Even though the haircut seems to be easy to achieve, it has one big challenge – growing out your hair and keeping it clean and healthy. Keep in mind not to be confused with the top knot, which features faded sides.

4.    Side part

 Side part

Although there are many modern variations, the side part will be suited perfectly for men with thick straight hair and is harder to achieve for a man with curly or thin hair. This haircut is a classic and timeless. Because of the fact that it offers the clean and professional look, the side part is a great choice for the workplace as well as all occasions.

Remember that the side part differs from the hard part, because the hard part involves an immediate transition to a longer length on top as well as high fade on the sides.

the side part

How to get a haircut: We are sure, that if you just mention the  “side part” to your barber, he will understand what haircut you want. However, you also can specify some details. If you want a classic side part, ask for some kind of taper on the sides with longer hair on top. If you prefer the conservative look, ask for a low fade.

In order to sweep your hair on the side, you will also need a decent amount of length and volume on top and at least a couple of inches in the front.

5.    Undercut


One of the best features of this hairstyle is that it will perfectly suite all types of hair – wavy, curly or straight. The undercut offers men styling flexibility, including combing the hair over. Slicking it back or living it loose and natural. Overall, the undercut may be characterized as a “long on the top and short on the sides” hairstyle.


How to get a haircut: There are two main options of undercut: faded and disconnected. The main difference determined by whether or not you blend the shorter hair on the sides into your hair on top.

Disconnected Undercut leaves your hair one the sides one length. As a result, there is a contrast wth your hair on top. Whereas the fade undercut tapers gradually until you reach the top. The rest of the undercut depends on what length you want to cut and how you ask your barber to style the hair on top. 

If you don’t like any of these hairstyles, watch the video and choose what you like.

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