What are the most trending eyebrow shapes in 2016?

Dream to get perfect fashionable eyebrows? What eyebrow shapes are on top? How to do perfect eyebrows make up at home? Everything you wanted to know about fashionable eyebrows is here!

eyebrow shapes

Basic principles of eyebrow makeup in 2016 are presented for you here. Check up popular eyebrow shapes and types of staining and stay fashionable! Women pay a lot of attention to their appearance, spending hours applying makeup, painting each line. Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows, this season fashion has changed. To be trendy, follow these basic rules and check up eyebrow shapes pictures.

Terms of fashion eyebrows in 2016

 eyebrows in 2016

This year you should forget about brows-strings. Of course, a similar phenomenon was popular in the 20s of the twentieth century. But now large wide brows are in trend. It does not mean that you have to forget about the tweezers and do not take care of the eyebrows.

Fashion trends in 2016:

fashion eyebrows in 2016

You do not need to do eyebrow-strings. Natural forms are at the peak of the popularity. If nature has awarded you with thick and wide eyebrows, you're lucky. This year, you will have to do almost nothing to look amazing. Owners of thick eyebrows need to comb hair and fix them. Eyebrows, which have darker color than the hair, are in trend. But keep in mind, it is not necessary to paint the blonde eyebrows in black. This is a sign of bad taste and trash. On the fashion catwalks some designers even decided to remove the line above the eyes. They camouflaged dark hair with powder or light shadows. Thus, it was almost colorless

Fashion trends in 2016

Choose the form that suits you best. To do this, consider the size, color and direction of the corners of the eyes. Also eyebrow shapes for round faces and, for example, eyebrow shapes for oval faces differ This year, the famous actress Keira Knightley and Lucy Hale moved away from their ‘fine lines’. They tend to be in the trend and can now boast chic bushy eyebrows.

The most fashionable eyebrows in 2016

ashionable eyebrows

This year, fashion forms are:

  • Skaus. These are boyish, wide eyebrows with hairs around the perimeter of the main line. Now accordingly, it is not necessary to pull every hair around the line. Remove only really unnecessary hairs. Much attention is paid to the top line. It should be ideally smooth. This form is suitable for adolescents and young women with type of face called spring and summer. Such women’s edge is usually light brown or brown, so excess hair is almost invisible
  • Perfectly-groomed eyebrows. In this case, you have to constantly take care of your brows. And it can be done in two ways. For taking care you will need a brush and styling products. Use the brush from mascara (washed) combing the hair on the line of their growth and fix with the wax. But if you have natural very long eyebrows, then in its head, they will look poorly maintained. You need to comb the hair on the line of growth, and in the head area to pick them up. All unnecessary hairs must be cut

Remember! No need to cut the entire length of the eyebrow. Cut only a ‘head part’

How to make a fashionable eyebrow 2016 at home?

fashionable eyebrow 2016

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Well you can always use eyebrow shaper kit… But what if you do not have it? You should start with the type of eyebrows. You want to look like a young girl? And you have a low height and slim figure? In this case, grow your brows.

  • To do this you need to forget about tweezers for 1-3 weeks. It is necessary that the area above the eyes is completely overgrown
  • Now, with the help of tweezers remove the hairs that look much out of the general picture. No need to remove the hair below the main line. Pull out only the nose and the area of ​​the upper eyelid. Only those hairs that are located as close to the eyelid
  • If you do not have the natural broad eyebrows, do not worry. You can make them thick and fashionable with the help of make-up or caring agents. Regularly lubricate the hair before going to bed with castor oil
  • Sometimes use fat cream

How to color fashionable eyebrows in 2016?

How to paint fashionable eyebrows

For coloring the eyebrows, choose a suitable paint. Keep in mind, not to use coloring paint you use for hair. It is bad taste. This season, you cannot do that.

Painting procedure:

make-up procedure

  • Select the paint. If you have dark hair, choose one tone lighter paint. If you are blonde, paint needs to be one tone darker
  • Apply a rich eyebrow cream. Draw a white pencil border
  • Apply coloring mix with a cotton swab. Remove excess with a damp cotton wool
  • Leave it for 15-30 minutes
  • Only after painting proceed to correction. So, you will see the small hairs that become darker or lighter

Is eyebrows tattooing in trend in 2016?  

eyebrows tattooing

This year the tattoo should be abandoned. The fact that the tattoo looks unnatural, you will not be in the trend. In addition, not all masters can perform procedure well. But what if the eyebrows are very light and rare? In this case, you have to work hard.

  • Before bedtime lubricate hairs with castor oil
  • Do not tweeze hair a couple of months
  • When you have enough overgrown eyebrows, take dark pencil, draw a loop, according to your desirable form
  • Use henna to color it two shades darker
  • Correct form after painting

Tattooing is very difficult to withdraw. You will need some time to visit saloon and remove the dye with laser. The cost of the procedure is high and the result is not always perfect. Think a hundred times before you start toning permanent.

Fashion eyebrow makeup in 2016

eyebrow makeup in 2016

Now the Nude makeup style is at the peak of popularity. This make-up emphasizes the naturalness. But at the same time, the face must be perfectly smooth and all the lines must be smooth and expressive. That is, you must create a make-up, but without imposing a ton of makeup. It is quite difficult. If you choose to create an image in the style Nude, then eyebrows must be correct and natural.

Rules for eyebrow make-up in 2016:

eyebrow make-up

  • Apply foundation on your face. That is the foundation, powder and blush
  • Use two eyebrow pencils for makeup. First is dark and the second with the lighter shade
  • Draw a head with a dark pencil and tail with a light  one
  • Paint bending line with dark and light pencil at the same time. This is a kind of transition
  • Use hard pencils and never draw a solid line
  • Be sure to apply the finishing touches in the form of dashes on the hairline
  • If you have very thin eyebrows, use a special method. Using gel brush eyebrows down to the eyes. At the tips paint a pencil line
  • Brush eyebrows up again, fluff them. In the resulting line draw strokes. So, you simulate hairline
  • Apply a light shade under the eyebrow

Are the broad brows fashionable in 2016?

broad brows

Yes and yes. This year, all the actresses have refused to clear the lines and make natural edge. You do not need to put on tons of eyebrow makeup and trying out to paint Skaus from the ‘threads’. Leave them alone for a while. Lubricate them with the engine of growth. Then just bring them in neat condition.

Notice: form is chosen according to the natural one. If it is necessary, it can be corrected, but not with tweezers, but brush and pencil. If you want to make slightly curved or raised eyebrows, simply brush hairs up to the line of refraction (the highest point), and then comb down. So, you get the bend without tweezers and a pencil. If you want to finish it paint some missing strokes with a pencil.

How do men's fashion eyebrows look in 2016?

men's fashion eyebrows

This year, much attention is paid to male eyebrows. It is necessary to forget about fused ones on the edge of the nose. Men will have to turn to the salon for help. Master will remove the hair on the nose and thin out the entire area a little. No clear lines around the perimeter. This will give femininity to a man’s face. If you are missing a certain brutality, but you want to look like a male, you can make eyebrows flatter. Remove the hairs on top, trying to make the line even without a distinct high point. It is recommended to use a styling gel to the hair, which is not sticking out in different directions.

How to pluck eyebrows in 2016?

pluck eyebrows

Completely abandon of the use of tweezers is not necessary. But adjust only that part which is closer to the nose. Remove only those hairs that are knocked out from the crowd.

To pluck eyebrows properly, follow these instructions:

  • Take the white pencil and draw the contours of the future eyebrows
  • Now define the head, top and tail
  • Top line is carefully thin out by removing excess hair. The line of the eyebrow should not contain superfluous hair
  • Use tweezers, removing the excess from the bottom. The most important thing is not to overdo it. At the bottom there is no need to remove the hair until the flat line
  • Brush the head up and excess cut 2 mm above the hair line

How to make a fashionable eyebrows in 2016: tips and reviews

How to make a eyebrows

This year, the girls with chic wide eyebrows do not have to exert much effort to look good. Now there is no need to use wax strips and shugaring to obtain a perfectly flat line.

  • Allow your eyebrows grow as they want
  • Only slightly adjust the shape and occasionally paint the hairs
  • Regularly use the gel and combs
  • If necessary, use the shadows and colors
  • fashionable brows

As you can see, taking care of eyebrows in 2016 a snap. Difficulties arise in women who are accustomed to ‘threads’. Now to look stylish it is necessary to grow eyebrows.

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