What are the most unusual women's accessories across the world?

The owners of strange women's accessories: who are they, fashion victims or style gurus? Read the article to learn about the weirdest accessories ever. 

unusual women's accessories

Do you feel uncomfortable in your old pants or in not that trendy dress? Please. Real comfort in the world of fashion is the very contingent concept. So even top-models in fancy garbs don't feel at ease. Sometimes even the most respectful fashion artists expand the frontiers of their brainwaves, creating something really crazy. Let's take a look at few examples. 

The acne ring

Nowadays it's hard to surprise someone. For example, fashion jewelry includes the accessories with the dead insects and the rings made of human hair and teeth. But this acne ring is special. They call it “the most disgusting jewelry ever” (despite the noble metal of which it is made).

women's accessories ring

Apparently, the ring by Winona Johnson is designed for those who prefer to feel a disgust for the accessories they wear. The ring showing the inflamed pimple is made of silver, copper, enamel and pearl white.

The acne ring costs 163 US dollars. 

The sporty handbag 

Are the handles of all of your bags in permanent disaster? Now you've got a good option. For example, you can buy this Chanel hoop handbag, a queen of modern handbags. Yes, it's Chanel! The brand which is famous for its great accessories. By the way, last years accessories make the main financial incomes of Chanel. But not grace to this one. 

women's accessories handbag

The creator of this miracle is Karl Lagerfeld himself. He doesn't explain how and where to wear this oeuvre, but gym may be the best place for it. Why not? You can use you hoop-handbag as a hoop or as a handbag. Let's hope that Karl won't draw his inspiration from any other training apparatus. 

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The candy hat 

If you used to the hats that must be just the hats, forget about it. This hat is also a perfect example of accessories multitasking. Wearing this strange candy hat will help you to feel full all over the day. It's scientifically proven, that thanks to the sweets on your head you feel more confident and happy. 

women's accessories hats

Maybe the candy hat designer should propose his services to Karl Lagerfeld and sign a contract a Chanel. Together they can create “don't-get-fat” collection: firstly, you wear this candy hat, then you take a hoop handbag. Good choice for those who are afraid of sweets. 

The demoniacal monocle 

They say monocle is the window of the soul. Wait for it... Don't they say it about the eyes? Kristen Phillips, an artist of Safari Anomalous, doesn't think so. 

women's accessories monocle

She created a collection of demoniacal monocles for women. The accessories are handmade of latex and decorated by the parts of steel and antique copper. The glass monocle element can be a mirror, just black or decorated like a crystal ball. It costs from 45 to 65 US dollars at the official store of the company. 

The diamond belt 

Talking about women's leather accessories we usually mean a line of leather with metal clasp. But fashion dictates its rules. Now this usual dull belts are forgotten, think creatives of Gucci. They propose to their clients a belt with a price of... 250 000$! 

women's accessories belts

It's not a joke, a limited collection of Gucci really includes 250 000$ belt. In fact, only two belts like this are created. The letter “G” (which serves as a clasp) is encrusted with 30-carats diamonds! It is the most expensive belt in the world as for now. 

The earrings for eyes 

Indian designer Anthony Miller created entirely new women's accessories. They look like normal lenses, but they are adorned with real Swarovski crystals. So your eyes shine bright like a diamond in every meaning of these words. But if a guy makes you a compliment about diamonds in your eyes maybe you should tell him that they are just the crystals, not the diamonds. 

women's accessories eyes

But Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek decided to modify and the idea of his Indian colleague – and created the eye lenses with long decoration.  Dental floss, decorated with Swarovski crystals, mounted in the center of the lens and hanging out of the eye.

women's accessories earrings

They are like the earrings, but for eyes. Let's call it eyerings. Creation of Dutch designer is not that popular so far. But Eric himself assures, that his accessory is absolutely comfortable and safe. But we know what the word “comfortable” may mean in the fashion world, Eric. 

The furry shoes 

That is exactly what they mean when they say; that fashion may be comfortable! Surely, in warm countries, you barely need something like a pair of these furry shoes. But maybe one day you'll go to the snow resort in the Alps. And then you will need them. 

women's accessories shoes

A French high fashion house Celine presented a collection of the furry shoes a few years ago. And it's still popular! The women around the world find these shoes funny and, yes, comfortable. Maybe it's the first case in the history of fashion when a designer is not an executioner, but a friend of the clients. 

The list of extraordinary women's accessories is endless actually. It doesn't matter how weird, stylish or ordinary your accessory is. If you like it, and it fits you perfectly, then it's an excellent adornment. And don't forget that the best accessory ever created is your sincere smile. 

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