What are the prettiest African hairstyles?

Willing to have African braids or dreadlocks? Interested in the prettiest African hairstyles? Read the article and find out more about the hairdo popular on the African continent.

Beautiful hairstyle

Today, very often we can come across boys and girls with African hairstyles. 20-25 years ago African style fashion, to the surprise of many people, has not faded, and such hairstyles have confidently occupied its niche among the modern methods of making hairstyles. The most popular of them - African braids and deadlocks.

What to choose?

Of course, to have a luxurious and lush hair without proper care is almost impossible. The material used for their usual hairstyles is kanekalon that appearance and structure similar to natural hair. Since the colours of kanekalon hair are very diverse, with the help of them you can "paint" the hair in any color: from the fantastic to the soft natural, resembling a slight weave. Adding artificial strands allows to solve another problem - no matter what the length of your own hair is, hair can be made arbitrarily long: to the waist or even lower.

To make around 300 braids - the task is not simple, even the experienced master can spend on it from 5 to 10 hours. Just imagine: you go to rest somewhere at sea, and in your suitcase there are no styling products or hair dryer or curling gadgets. Just because there is no need in them, anyway your hair is perfect. All care - is washing your hair once a week with shampoo.

African hair

What will happen to your own hair after African brides - probably the main issue of concern to those who are trying to mentally try on this hairstyle. So, provided that the braids were made in a proper way, the unpleasant consequences of these surprising hairstyles will not arise. But the joy, comfort and satisfaction of this striking appearance to those who are not afraid of experiment and has got such hairstyle is absolutely guaranteed.

So, there are several options of African hairstyles. One of them - usual pigtails, which are quite possible to do at home. For this you need a comb, brush, hair clips (the beads).

Making African braids – step by step:

  • Wash your hair with a balm, because the head is not recommended to wash a week after weaving.
  • Dry and comb strands.
  • Part  your entire hair – forming squares.
  • Secure the separated strands with pins.
  • Capturing one of the strands, plait it into a tight braid, beginning from the roots of the hair and secure it at the end with a clip or a special bead.
  • If you want to weave artificial curl, plait the braid a couple of centimeters below the root.
  • Number of braids you can define on your own, but usually, the amount of one hundred looks better as the hair appears thicker and bulkier. The result of your efforts will be luxury African braids, as in the photo.

So lovely

Twisted strips are suitable for more extreme girls. With this hairstyle, you certainly will not go unnoticed. The main difference is that African braids twisted strips consist of not three, but two strands. The special material used for its creation is - kanekolon, which is also used to create dreadlocks. A special feature of the braid is that the strands bend and retain a well-defined shape, allowing their owner to experiment with hairstyles. What’s more, you can’t fail to be pleased by a vast range of colors, the ability to create unusual patterns or harmonious color combinations. Number and volume of braids in this case depends on the material used and the thickness may vary from twenty to one hundred braids. In general, they will last you for about two months. In addition, there is no such problem as untwist African braids - bundles are removed quickly and easily.

  • Bantu knots

This type of hairdo can also become one of your favourite despite being a little bit out-of-date. Such knots are made by twisting two strands, rolling them and then securing them with a pin to a hair portion on the head. However, some people may call them as “Zulu” or “Nubian”.

Enjoy the style

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  • Low cuts

This is an ideal option who is fed up with the daily hairstyles and suitable for those, who are in seek of an easiest way of taking care of your hair.

  • Natural Straight Hair

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