What are the prettiest Nigerian wedding hair accessories?

Planning an unbelievable wedding? Want to know more about the most chic wedding hair accessories? Read the article to get a vast choice of ideas about your wedding accessories.

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Weddings in Nigeria are always plentiful. In this rich celebration participate more than one thousand guests. All outfits are selected by the family of the bride. Often you can come without invitation to the wedding - this is a common practice in Nigeria. "The biggest problem is to leave.

Dresses of the bridesmaids must comply with registration of the banquet hall. Duty of the bridesmaid is to collect the money thrown at the newlyweds during the dance. This ceremony is not welcomed by the Government as it is considered abuse of the money. However, without it can't take part any wedding ritual, it symbolizes wealth and abundance of the new family.

Families of the bride and groom are always giving presents to guests.

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For example, one of the wedding gifts is a huge bottle of detergent, decorated with a portrait of the newlyweds. Guests also often financially assist the preparation of the wedding. The groom and groom friends should fall at the feet of the bride's family before they will accept it. Hostess of the wedding in Lagos wearing dresses made of the same fabric, which is used to decorate the chairs. Families of the bride and groom are exchanging with food and gifts.

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Now it is time to talk about the best wedding accessories. First of all let’s represent you the variety of accessorizes which may be suitable for your unbelievable wedding.

  • Tiaras

Looks pretty

If you consider them rather outadated, then you are completely mistaken.  Wearing them you will be the most fashionable ever.  Just add a pair of chic earrings and cute necklace and your outlook will be fantastic.

  • Hair chains

Do you remember the star, who made them extremely popular? Yes, you are right – Kim Kardashian. Despite being popular long time ago, she made these wedding hair chains a kind of a trend. It would be an ideal option for beach wedding, don’t miss the chance to try.

  • Hair combs


It is so easy to find a variety of combs of different sizes and shapes. Don’t get puzzled at the sight of such a big variety. They will perfectly complement your bridal outlook.

  • Feathered Wedding Hair Accessories

Putting on feathers will make everybody’s outlook really fabulous.

  • Headbands

Want to look like a princess? It may be rather white and simple or gorgeous colourful one.

  • Veils


This stunning accessory will impress everybody. How elegant it looks! Get inspired and decide where to put all these stunning hair accessories.

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